The Most Stressful Part of Murphy’s Day

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So, this is actually the second time I am writing this blog post since the first one got eaten up by the WordPress app on my phone/it doesn’t agree with the server at Dreamhost. I don’t know what happened exactly, but I finished this post at 3:45 AM this morning and when I went to publish it this morning, it reverted to the old version. *Sigh* It was super annoying. Anyway…

On Monday, I ended up having a super active day! Q and I ran 2.5 miles at Southfield and then we went for a 45-minute walk with Murphy (it was such a beautiful day) and then I went to CrossFit that evening. Holy activity, right? And, of course, I stopped for an iced coffee on the way home. Local readers: The White Chocolate Chip (milk, one sugar) at 1st Stop Coffee on route 18 is the BOMB! I think it’s even better than Marylou’s!

photo 1 (800x800) (2)

After a super active Monday, I decided to take it easy on Tuesday, so I took a leisurely 2-mile stroll with Q and Murphy at the dog park. I listened to podcasts and enjoyed the morning. It was quite a lovely way to start the day!

photo 2 (9) (800x600)

Murphy and me at the park  (800x400)

photo (9) (800x800)
(He’s looking for treats.)

On the way home from the park, I grabbed an iced coffee and then spent the rest of morning hanging out with my favorite little dude, who turned 3 months old yesterday.

photo 3 (3) (800x800)

Unfortunately, the afternoon actually ended up being kind of stressful for us since Q had a meltdown (thank goodness for strollers and nice weather!)…


And Murphy had to deal with the mailman and the FedEx guy. I know, I know… his life is so hard.

photo 1 (8) (800x800)

Mail deliveries to our house are quite stressful for the pug.

photo 5 (2) (600x800)

When Murphy hears the FedEx/UPS truck coming, he immediately runs to the door and starts barking like a freak. Mal and I have tried so many times to correct his bad behavior, but it hasn’t really worked. Murphy just gets SO EXCITED and won’t listen. The mailman actually seems to like Murphy and sometimes gives him a Milk Bone, but the poor FedEx and UPS guys… I feel so embarrassed every time they come to the house and Murphy spazzes out. So, yea, that was the most stressful part of Murphy’s day.

photo 4 (3) (800x800) photo 3 (2) (800x800)
photo 1 (3) (800x800) photo 2 (7) (800x800)
Please note the bottom two photos. Murphy is STILL barking at the FedEx guy even as he drives away. What a freak.

Questions of the Day

What’s the most ‘stressful’ part of your pet’s day?

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  1. Both our pug and our boxer find it stressful for Kenzer to get the school bus in the morning. lol They insist on waiting outside with us in the driveway, but then when the school bus pulls up they either 1- try to get on the bus with her, 2- bark like crazy and their hair stands on end, or 3- wimper as she drives away.

    I actually find it kind of cute. lol

  2. My dog acts the same way Murphy does when we get UPS/FedEx deliveries–and yes it is super embarrassing! It’s like she doesn’t even hear me trying to calm her down.
    I wish there was a coffee place in my area tha made white chocolate chip iced coffees! They sound so delicious and every time you post about one I want to try it!

  3. First, Q is soooo unbelievably cute – such big and beautiful eyes!

    That story about Murph and the UPS man cracks me up, but I think many dog owners have pups that do the same thing. My uncle’s lab mix has an “excited pee” problem… when anyone new comes to visit, or anyone in general haha, she gets so excited that she involuntarily pees a little. It’s a little gross, but somehow adorable at the same time?

  4. Most stressful time of day for our pup is when we leave the house, he has separation anxiety and it kills me. I wish he would understand that we will be coming back. I am a little nervous because once the baby arrives (our 1st) in November I hope it doesn’t make his anxiety worse when we leave the house with the baby and not him, hmmm…we will see!

  5. I was all “awww, how cute, Murphy is checking in on Q” and then saw he was looking for treats and busted out laughing. Typical doggie! 😉

    Our dog used to have a serious anxiety problem when company was coming over, not when they arrived but anticipating them. I know, weird how she could sense that, right? Well, turns out the culprit was the Mr. After she passed, I noticed *I* would then become anxious when company was coming and I realized it was because HE was pacing and constantly checking the door!!! I said “no wonder our dog was neurotic! Your fault!” HA!

  6. My fiance and I have a two year old puggle named Charlie. Charlie is like Murphy- mailmen and delivery people super stress him out. He barks until they are out of sight (and then some) and his hair stands straight up on his back. We call him pugasaurus when he does that because he looks like that spiky back dinosaur! Big bags like purses and toolbags also stress him out – he’ll bark and cower at them. Pugs are so silly and weird but so cute!

  7. The most stressful part of my dog’s day is not being able to lick all the dishes in the dishwasher in time before it closes….talk about stress 😉

    Can I just say Q is too cute for words!!

  8. My dog Nutmeg does the same thing! She’s learned the sound of the UPS truck and even if it just drives past our house to stop somewhere down the street, she still freaks out. I had to post a sign on our front door asking FedEx and UPS to stop ringing the doorbell when they leave a package because it would make her go absolutely CRAZY!

  9. Poor Murphy – He has such a hard life! That FedEx guy must be scary 🙂 I think the worst day of my dog’s life is when I tell him that he can’t have a treat. He waits by the cupboard every morning thinking he’ll get one!

  10. our french bulldog wants to be BEST FRIENDS with any one he comes in contact with. I try to make people avoid eye contact with him when we are walking because he just thinks he is a celeb/diva and it is so embarrassing! He gets so frustrated when we have to keep walking!

  11. Ramsay, our rescue mutt, absolutely HATES it when my husband and I leave for work. He will park himself in front of the door like “listen lady, ain’t no one leaving this place on my watch.” I think he assumes we are never coming back, because then he stares at us out the window with sad eyes as we drive away. It makes coming home exciting though, because he always acts like he hasn’t seen us in DAYS.

  12. Lol. The most stressful part of my pups day is when the neighbors let their dogs out and mine can’t go out and bark at the fence!! They also hate the mail man and bark when he comes. The problem being our mailman also hates them. If I just have the screen door closed and not the real door he won’t deliver our mail. I didn’t know they could make that choice especially if im sitting right there with my dogs!

    1. @Kim@ FITsique: Our mailman doesn’t deliver our mail if it rains before he arrives. The strip before our mailbox does get muddy; but he could totally get out of the truck, since he delivers lots of mail in our neighborhood on foot. Mailman-resident relationships are so complicated.

  13. We have two cats and I’m pretty sure the most stressful part of their day is when we’re actually home. I think they much prefer a quiet house for sleeping away the day in their favorite sun spot. We’re pet sitting a dog this week and by far the most stressful part of her day, while staying with us, is when I work out in the living room. She stands in the corner watching me and looking absolutely terrified. Ha.

  14. I’ve heard that dogs persistently bark at service people like that because in their mind they’ve “won” when the truck leaves. Truck shows up. Dogs gets offended/excited/whatever and barks. Truck leaves. Dog feels a sense of accomplishment because they “scared away the bad guy.” I imagine it to be difficult to break the behavior given their association to the situation LOL

    My husky mix just turned a year old at the end of May so she’s still a baby…just a very BIG baby 😛 She does well to not jump on us and *most* of the people who visit, but we have family members who visit and sometimes encourage her to jump and be excited so it’s taking longer than it should to teach her to be calm. I’m just thankful her “excited pee” stage is over. Big dog = big bladder :/ It’s more people training than it is dog training 😉

  15. Most stressful time for our kitty is after dark when it is time for him to come inside. He eats his food, then immediately wants to return to the outside to get eaten by a fox (which is why we keep him in!). He cries and cries. Then as soon as the sun even thinks about coming up in the morning, the crying starts again so you can wake up and let him out!

  16. It’s when someone comes through the door. Before we moved, our old house had floor to ceiling windows on either side of the door, so our dog could see out and flip whenever anyone would come. Now, all of the windows are about waist-high (100 year old house), so the only time he freaks out is when he hears the door open. Lovable little freak dog. <3

  17. Often, our FedEx guy comes super late and we’ll return from a dinner or something at like 9pm to discover a package right outside the door. The dogs’ crates are RIGHT NEXT to the door inside, so I can only imagine the massive coronary these poor delivery guys must have when the two start losing their minds about someone being outside. We should probably think about getting a “dogs on property” sign for our gate.

  18. Clementine barks at them from her window seat but she’s just like Murphy”¦she just wants to say hi. I don’t really try to correct it, I have to pick my battles with my chunky girl haha!

  19. Our little terrier has the same barking issues. He flips out on the mailman, delivery man and usually any dog that is walking by our house and just happens to step into our yard. We started using The pet Corrector and it has been absolutely wonderful. It is just a can of air like you would use to clean your keyboard. You don’t spray it at the dog or anything like that. I just spray it away from her while giving a verbal correction and she stops immediately. We are to the point now that we just need to give the verbal correction and she stops barking. She still huffs and puffs a little bit and she won’t let them out of her sight until they are off the property but at least she isn’t flipping out.

  20. The selfie of you and Murphy is priceless – I love how he is posing right along with you! He’s just so darn cute! And Q is a doll, his personality is really shining through pictures these days.

  21. That pic of you and Murphy smiling into the camera (I feel too old to say ‘selfie’) is everything. EVERYTHING.

    My cat Papi is terrified of people that are not named my boyfriend or myself so her most stressful situation is any time someone dares to knock on the door, makes noise outside – anything. Every time the mailman comes her ears go flat and she bolts as fast as she can to my office, where she can safely hide for hours – usually until dinner. It makes me laugh because it happens 6 days/week – you’d think she’d be used to it by now. Nope. I recently hosted a girls night and shut all of the doors so my cats can come out and say hi and show off how cute they are – Mikey’s fine after a little while but after hours and hours – I finally lifted the chair to find Papi crunched up in a teeny ball with her ears flattened out and her fuffy fur sticking straight up. My friends are a very peaceful bunch so I can’t imagine what kinds of terrifying things were going through her little kitty head!

  22. On a daily basis, my boyfriend says whenever I leave our apartment, my cat sits at the door, looking up at the door knob, and meows for a solid 30 minutes.

    Whenever I leave for a trip and she sees my suitcase, she throws up everywhere and hides underneath the bed (even when I haven’t left yet!). Poor thing. The vet says she has separation anxiety and it just melts me heart (and actually kind of makes me feel good that she loves me so much).

  23. I love 1st Stop! I only like my coffee black, so I appreciate a good flavored ice coffee. Marylou’s on the corner of Park Ave and Main Street and 1st stop are THE best at brewing great flavorful iced coffee. Mmmm I want one right now!

    My dogs most stressful part of the day is also when new people show up to the house – or repeat people – or actually ANY male (doesn’t get overly excited for females actually) It’s even more stressful for us (the humans) because she is still a puppy and is an excitement pee’er! not fun… hoping she grows out of it because we can’t find anything to make it stop.

  24. The same exact thing in my house. Our Cockapoo Duffy acts like I total freak job every time UPS/ FED EX or the mailman come by. He even acts like this when they are all the way down the street delivering to neighbors! He also does not like pick up trucks driving down our street. Cars are ok but any version of a truck and his in our front window acting like a total lunatic. I think he believes it is his job. lol!

  25. OMG my dogs hate when ANYONE comes to the door. My old dog is ALMOST deaf, so when the younger one starts, the old one starts and has no idea why and is super loud b/c poor thing can’t hear herself bark. Not sure what I am going to do when baby M arrives in a couple weeks!

  26. I think it’s in the morning when i am leaving for work. It’s always so hard for me to stay composed when i see duncan curl up on his dog bed and wait for the “goodbye biscuit”. He gives me the most pathetic face (labradoodles have human eyes i swear!). I give him the treat, say goodbye, tell him i love him and to be a good boy. And then I know other than his 30 minute walk with the dog walker he won’t have company until I return from work. Sigh! Maybe it’s harder on me….

  27. I live in a small town that tests their tornado/emergency siren everyday at noon…My little dog Meeka just can’t handle that. Everyday when the siren starts she freezes in place and her ears perk up, then she sprints to the front window and does this bark/howl/whine thing…I think it’s her attempt at howling like a wolf, but she’s a 7 pound yorki-poo so it doesn’t work that well 🙂 I just love our pets!!

  28. I swear Murphy is a person. His expressions are priceless! Dogs really do have it rough! I don’t have any pets but the most stressful part of my day is my commute. Traffic is horrible and Monday it took me 3 hrs to get to work with the flooding in Phoenix.

  29. Poor Murphy! It’s a tough life being a Pug 😉 I have two Puggles (half-pugs!) and they both go INSANE just like Murphy when someone knocks on the door (usually our UPS/FedEx guys too.) They immediately bark like maniacs, sprint around in circles and look at me like “MOM. SOMEONE IS AT THE DOOR. AREN’T YOU GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS?!” Every. Time. Puglife, it’s a serious business. I guess somebody’s gotta protect the house! 🙂

  30. When I was in college, we lived in a duplex that backed up to a small shopping center with a convenience store in it. My dogs would freak out over the Coca Cola delivery truck every time because it would park right against our back fence and loved barking at it. I knew it was really bad when it carried over to when I would take them running. They would see the truck going down the road, and they would speed up because they knew it was going to our place and they wanted to catch up to it. It’s pretty difficult to hold back two 80 pound dogs when they really want to get something! Their senses and quirks crack me up!

  31. There’s a few things my Chihuahua Nacho freaks out over…the two biggest ones are the vacuum which he absolutely spazzes and chases after the vacuum, trying to bite it as I’m vacuuming…and then he also freaks out over hair brushes. If I brush my hair near him, he freaks out as well. Both are pretty funny to watch 😉

  32. My cat is like a really clingy dog — she has to be near my boyfriend or me 24/7. The worst thing that EVER happens to her is in the morning when we wake up, we move her off of our feet, so we can get up. She meows like a madwoman. Haha!

  33. Dogs are so particular! We have six Goldendoodles (So so many, I know) and they all FLIP when the doorbell rings. Doesn’t matter who is there. Actually, just yesterday a repairman came to fix the air conditioner. The entire 2.5 hours he was here, the dogs were barking non-stop. I felt so bad because he was just trying to do the work we hired him for! But I guess I should be thankful the dogs are definitely protecting the house against intruders…

  34. I hope you weren’t driving in that one selfie in your car. I don’t want to assume anything, but it does look like you are in the middle of the road. Please stay safe.

  35. My cat Molly loses her mind when I open a can of chickpeas! She gets so stressed… I think she wants to eat one immediately and isn’t sure if I’ll share with her! She starts meowing like crazy and body slamming my leg. Beans are the only canned food that we eat in our house, so it’s not like she thinks she’s getting tuna or something that NORMAL cats get excited about. My husband teases that our cat is eager to eat a vegan diet like mine. I do share a few chickpeas with her, but we’re sticking with cat food for Molly and plant-based meals for me!

  36. Haha poor Murphy. My puggle has a thing about things that fly–he literally watches the sky for airplanes, birds, even butterflies and he gets super ticked off whenever he sees one. It’s kind of hilarious. I think it’s part of his Napoleon complex 🙂 BTW, Q is SOOOO CUTE! Yay for 3 months!

  37. I didn’t think I’d ever hear you say something was better than Marylou’s coffee! Ha ha. My husband and I just got a dog last weekend, so right now he is the most stressful part of my cats’ lives. They are doing remarkably well, though! (Pet mama is probably more stressed out than her pets are).

  38. I think it’s a Pug thing. We have two pugs Murphy and Bosco, they both lose their minds when the doorbell rings, animals on TV, and anything they hear outside. I am so glad to hear your Murphpy does that too. Weirdos!!

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