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Happy Veteran’s Day and 11/11/11!!! :mrgreen:

Last night, Mal and I met up with some friends at The Black Rose for dinner and drinks. I haven’t been to The Black Rose in years, so I was excited. It’s a really chill bar with a friendly, upbeat vibe.

IMG_0001 (800x600)

I’m also pretty sure The Black Rose is the most Irish bar in all of Boston.

IMG_0005 (800x600)

Guinness is always on draft, the menu includes traditional Irish fare, such as homemade stews and corned beef, and there’s live Celtic music seven days a week. You also hear a lot of Irish accents around the bar””from the wait staff and bartenders to the patrons themselves. It pretty much has all of the elements of neighborhood pub in Ireland. My mom’s side of the family is Irish, so I felt right at home.

IMG_0026 (800x600)

I loved that a “Pint of Guinness” was on the appetizer menu.

IMG_0003 (800x600)

I wasn’t in the mood for beer last night (the horror!), so I ordered a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

IMG_0006 (600x800)

I also wasn’t very hungry after eating such a late lunch, so Mal and I shared a plate of buffalo chicken wings for dinner.

IMG_0009 (800x600)

My evening also included a second glass of white wine.

IMG_0010 (600x800)

When I went to the bathroom, my friends Jon and Jim had a little fun with my camera:


Yes, ladies, they are both single.

IMG_0022 (800x600)


This morning’s breakfast was oatmeal and coffee. I know you’ve seen it before on CNC, but did you know that this combo is packed with nutrients that speed recovery and boost your immune system? According to Runner’s World, “Steel-cut oats provide loads of carbs to refuel muscles. And research shows that pairing those carbs with caffeinated coffee boosts glycogen stores even more than eating carbs alone.” Pretty neat, right? All the more reason to enjoy oats and coffee for breakfast!

IMG_0028 (800x600)

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Be Thankful Challenge

I’m thankful to live near my mom and sister, so we can get together fairly often. (They’re both coming over for brunch on Sunday!)

Question of the Day

What’s your family’s heritage?

P.S. My friend Jon designed these sneakers, and I really want a pair! Either Dexter or Breaking Bad!



  1. Great breakfast combo!! Regarding heritage, my mum is Canadian and my dad is Scottish, but there’s some Irish in my mum’s side so I’ve got a bit of that in me too! My dad looooves Guiness so he’d be loving the fact that it is on the appetizer menu at that pub!

  2. That bar looks like fun! I tried Guiness for the first time last St. Patrick’s Day and I was actually surprised how much I liked it. Happy Friday 🙂

  3. I’m Scottish with some German and English mixed in. Of course, now I just say “I’m American”. Ha HA

    What a fun bar though. Would you believe that I have never eaten buffalo wings simply because they are called buffalo wings? I’m silly that way. 🙂

  4. I’m Irish, too! My dad’s maternal grandmother was born and raised in Ireland and my mom’s mom is Irish, as well.

    I love oatmeal but I just cannot drink coffee. Every time I see a picture on your blog of iced coffee it looks so good and I want so badly to like it but I just don’t. I get my caffeine fix from Chai tea.

  5. I don’t think I’ve been to the Black Rose since my days at BC. Oh, memories… 🙂

    I used to work with Jon back in our CSN days – your post reminded me I need to catch up with him! His sneaker designs are awesome! My husband would get a kick out of the Walking Dead ones (so gross).

  6. My great great great grandfather used to be a “seaman” (that’s what my grandfather called him) and would spend a lot of time in the Black Rose. It makes it so much more special when I go there!

  7. My family is mostly Italian, except for one side of my dad’s family who was born in India but not Indian and we have no idea where they were from! We think Syria or somewhere in the middle east. There’s no family left on his side so it’s kind of a guessing game.
    That RnR deal is super tempting!

  8. My family’s heritage is Polish (my dad’s side) and French Canadian (my mom’s side). We don’t do many of the traditional things for either though, and never really have.

    Mmmm Guinness. I love pubs too, in their own charming non fancy little ways. Also, yumm chicken wings!

  9. I was just telling a co-worker yesterday that when I was in school, I had to make up my heritage for multicultural days at school. One year I was Swedish, another year I was Russian… only now do I have a clue, all thanks to!! p.s. why don’t you want the walking dead chucks? aren’t zombies the coolest?!

  10. Good deal about the oatmeal! I have been on a major kick lately since it is the easiest thing in my nearly empty kitchen.

    And I have to echo another comment: You have some very cute friends!

  11. Haha, I didn’t realize 11/11/11 was going to be such a buzzed-about day! It’s actually my birthday, so any additional excitement surrounding the day is totally fine with me. 🙂

    I’m about 75% German and 25% Italian. I think I ‘look’ more German than Italian, but I know the Italian side of my family better, so I’m more prone to cook Italian cuisine, read books about Italy, etc. That said, I do want to travel to Germany very soon, though! I’ve never do so, and it’s on my list.

  12. 25% slovene
    25% polish
    25% swede
    25% austrian
    I like the cuisine on my mom’s side (Polish & Slovene) better that’s for sure.
    Happy Nigel Tufnel Day from Providence!

  13. I LOVE the Black Rose!!! My fiancé and I go there all the time! It’s where we had our first date and where he proposed last year!!!

  14. I’ve passed by that bar so many times, but I’ve never gone in. Maybe one day I will lol. My dad’s side is Italian & my mom’s is Polish. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the nice olive Italian skin, so I’m stuck with being pale. 🙁 lol

  15. I am about half German and then English and French. My husband is 100% German, he’s only second-generation born here so he and most of his family still speak German. It’s been very funny through knowing him and his family to see all the little German things that stuck in my family – a love of liverwurst, sausages, and stinky cheeses as well as a very terrifying book on gnomes that the cartoon David the Gnome was based off of.

  16. I love the Black Rose! Thanks for posting the pic!
    On my dad’s side I’m Russian, Romanian and German, with English and, yes, Irish on my mom’s side. I’m married to a Filipino fella, so our kids are half Jewish/half Christian, Filipino, Spanish, Russian, Irish, English, Romanian Germans.

  17. Have you been to Mr. Dooley’s? That’s my favorite Irish pub in Boston. 🙂

    I’m 50% French Canadian from my mom’s side and a bit of Swedish, Norwegian, Irish and English on my dad’s side.

  18. You just made me miss home so much! We used to go to the Black Rose all the time! I’ve been in LA for over a year now, but when we were home over the summer we hit up the Rose. And you’re right – it’s definitely the most Irish bar in Boston, and there are a lot! I don’t think I’ve actually eaten there though – just gone out to party 🙂

  19. Hi Tina. Any place that considers Guiness an appetizer is a place we’ll have to visit it we ever get to Boston!!! My background is pretty straightforward. I was born in England, as were both of my parents, and their parents etc etc etc. Have a great Friday.

  20. Oh my God! I LOVE the Black Rose! I don’t get there that often nowadays but it used to be my stomping ground back in the day. And the band that was playing in your photo (Celtic Clan) was my fave band there.

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