How to Reach Your Fiber Goal

Fiber is an often-overlooked weight loss powerhouse…⁠⠀
Because it keeps your gut bacteria healthy, it influences how food is digested, how fat is stored, and whether you feel hungry or full. ⁠⠀
If you’re not getting enough fiber in your diet daily, you’re more likely to create an unbalanced gut which can cause a weight loss stall or even a weight gain.⁠⠀
Getting fiber in can be a challenge, especially if you’re currently eating a diet high in processed foods. Many women, myself included, have to be very intentional about choosing fiber-rich foods each day, to maintain a healthy gut and highly efficient digestive system.⁠⠀
Some of my favorite go-to fiber foods include:⁠⠀
Cruciferous Veggies⁠⠀
Chia Seeds⁠⠀
Ground flax⁠⠀
These foods can be eaten on their own (a warm bowl of oats and berries on a cold winter morning sounds great, right?) or can be added to other foods to boost the fiber factor (tossing some beans on a chicken salad is a super simple fiber boost).⁠⠀
Fiber can really go a long way in maintaining gut health and promoting fat loss. Aim for 25+g of fiber each day as a part of your healthy nutrition plan.⁠⠀
Have you been hitting your fiber goal? What are your favorite go-to fiber-rich foods?⁠⠀
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