Exercise and Your Menstrual Cycle

As a woman, your body goes through significant changes each and every month. Those changes can influence many things including how well you metabolize food, how well you sleep, how much patience you have with your kids (LOL), and how effective your exercise routine is.⁠

In fact, because the changes are so significant, I often recommend that my 1:1 clients not only track their cycle, but also alter their nutrition and exercise routine based on the phase of cycle they’re currently on.⁠

During the follicular phase, which begins on the first day of menstruation and ends with ovulation, your estrogen levels are higher which means you have a higher carb tolerance. Now is the perfect time to up your carbs a bit and balance yourself out with HIIT, running, and strength training workouts.⁠

During the luteal phase, which begins during ovulation and ends about two weeks later, it’s important that you support your progesterone balance. During this time, your carb tolerance is lower so monitoring your carb intake and keeping your exercise moderate with yoga, barre, and walking is key.⁠

By monitoring your cycle and its phases, then eating and exercising according to your body’s specific needs, you will have better hormonal balance leading to improved long-term results.⁠

Do you monitor your cycle? Did you know there are different phases? Do you already modify your nutrition and exercise based on your cycle?⁠

This is something most of my clients learn with us. What questions do you have about cycle monitoring and lifestyle adaptation?⁠

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