Why is the scale not moving?⁠⁠

Why is the scale not moving?⁠⁠
This might be one of the BIGGEST weight loss questions women have today. If you have been doing all the things and seeing none of the results, perhaps it’s time to take a second to reassess.⁠⁠
Getting ‘stuck’ can be blamed on any one (or more) of the following things:⁠⁠
Hormonal imbalance⁠⁠
Lack of sleep⁠⁠
Poor gut health⁠⁠
Food sensitivities⁠⁠
Too much stress⁠⁠
Thyroid dysfunction⁠⁠
Blood sugar issues⁠⁠
To determine what’s causing your scale to sit in a standstill we’ve got to get the root of the problem.⁠⁠
Because, remember, your body needs to be health in order to change its body composition. ⁠⁠
Looking at this list, what you think is tripping you up when it comes to your goals?⁠⁠

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  1. Hey Tina! I love your content generally, but find posts like this somewhat confusing. You’ve posted frequently, both on here and on Instagram, about how little the scale shows us about our health and progress, encouraging people not to rely on the scale. I personally find those posts really informative and helpful. It’s confusing and seems at odds with those types of posts to then post things about, “why the scale isn’t moving.” It suggests that the scale *is* something we should be focusing on, and that it’s a problem when it’s not moving. Just a thought. No negativity intended!

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