The number on the scale is ONE measure of progress, not THE measure of progress

The number on the scale is ONE measure of progress, not THE measure of progress.⁠⁠
For years I would wake up, strip down, and step on the scale. I would note if I was the same, less, or (gasp!) more than I was the morning before.⁠⁠
If I was less, I’d celebrate!⁠⁠
If I was more, well, clearly, I’d messed up somehow.⁠⁠
But what did I mess up?⁠⁠
I ate right, I exercised, I drank water, I got my rest.⁠⁠
What was I doing wrong?⁠⁠
Weighing myself every d*mn day. That’s what I was doing wrong!⁠⁠
You see, scale weight is only ONE measure of progress. And weight is fluid. It changes literally minute to minute.⁠⁠
Scale weight is influenced by so many things including time of month, amount of food consumed, water retention, frequency of bowel movements, stress levels, lactic acid in the muscles…I could go on.⁠⁠
To fixate on the number, and not take into account all the other ways you’re improving, is selling yourself short.⁠⁠
Here are great things to focus on, other than scale weight, to track and celebrate your progress:⁠⁠▪️Improved strength⁠⁠ (PRs in the gym)
▪️The way your clothes fit⁠⁠
▪️Stamina and endurance⁠⁠
▪️Lower stress levels
▪️Compliments from others⁠⁠
▪️Getting better rest⁠⁠
▪️Feeling happier⁠⁠
▪️Fewer energy slumps
▪️Increased confidence⁠⁠
▪️Improvements in digestion, skin, etc.
If you stepped away from the scale and took a look at the many, many other aspects of your health journey, what would you see? What are some of the non-scale related ways you track progress for yourself?⁠⁠
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