The Last Walk

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Murphy and I enjoyed our last long walk around the neighborhood this afternoon. Tomorrow, we’ll have a whole new neighborhood to explore.


The walk felt bittersweet to me. I know that I will miss the neighborhood, but I’m looking forward to being a homeowner and getting to know our new neighbors.


Murphy also felt a mix of emotions on our last walk.









I think Murphy will miss the neighborhood too, but not everything about it! 😉

The movers arrive bright and early in the morning. Wish us luck!



  1. Man, could Murphy get any cuter!?!?
    Good luck with the move! Theres nothing like spending your first night in your own house…and thinking “we own that wall, and that cupboard, and that shelf, and that door” hehehe maybe that was just me! 🙂

  2. Funny story…when we moved to our new house we had problems with our dog “going” to the bathroom. In the backward of the old house he had a certain area along the fence where he went but with the new yard he was lost! My dad ended up going back to the old house and retrieving a piece of his poop and placing it along the side of the fence at the new house so he would have a new area to go. That seemed to do the trick 😉 With that said good luck tomorrow!

  3. I love how Murphy ALWAYS looks so concerned. hehe. I think that’s his permanent “pug face.”

    I’m excited for you. I know you’ve been dying for this house for so long. Looking forward to some Young House Love type posts. 🙂

  4. Haha I was about to say that Murphy probably won’t miss THE DONKEY lol. I’m excited to see what freaks him out in your new neighborhood.

    That sounds bad but he’s so cute when he’s confused! 🙂

  5. Awww Murph, his last familiar walk for a while!! He’ll have a whole new stomping ground 🙂 Best of luck with the move, hope it goes well for you guys!!

  6. I’m sure you really enjoyed that walk. Whenever I’ve moved, I’ve always taken some time to say goodbye to my apartment and neighborhood… reminisce, write in my journal in the empty space before leaving for the last time. It’s wonderful closure.

  7. Congrats on the house and BOOK! So cool. I have a question for you or any of your readers…

    Have you tried the Silk ‘NOG’?
    Wondering if its worth a try…

  8. Ahhh good luck! My fiance and I have just bought our first house and move in tomorrow too! I have the same concerns as you, I’ll miss our current neighbourhood but looking forward to getting to know the new one 🙂

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