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Good morning, friends! As you might remember, I am working with Kohls on their Make Your Move campaign, which is all about moving more, stressing less, and eating and sleeping better. For my first post, I shared how I plan to move more in 2015, so this next post is devoted to how I plan to stress less. It actually has a name: The Happiness Board!

The Happiness Board

The Happiness Board is actually something Mal and I started around the holidays. We had a tough few weeks and realized that so much of our life was consumed by the negative things happening, so we decided to focus on the positive by writing something on the chalkboard in our kitchen that made us happy. What we wrote was anything really… something serious or funny, big or small, something we were grateful for, or something personal and sentimental or totally weird and random. It didn’t matter as long as it was something positive that made us happy.

The only other “rule” to The Happiness Chalkboard was that we took turns writing something on the board, so the other person could “find” it. The surprise element has made it so fun and a great way to de-stress, especially if one of us has had a bad day or wake up in a cranky mood. Walking into the kitchen and seeing something funny/sweet/wonderful written by the other person instantly changes things. I’ve definitely snapped out of a bad mood when I stumbled upon something written on the chalkboard. And simply sharing the things that make us happy encourages me to take a step back and appreciate all of the wonderful parts of our life.

Here are just some of the things that have appeared on our chalkboard recently…

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photo 3 (29) (600x800) photo 4 (19) (800x600) photo 4 (18) (800x600) photo 1 (3) (800x600)

While this post is sponsored by Kohls, I decided to personally host a giveaway, so one lucky reader can win a chalkboard to make their own Happiness Board (up to $100). I’ve really enjoyed highlighting the happy in our lives on a daily basis, so I thought you guys might too! The_Happiness_Board

To enter: Check out the chalkboards on and leave a comment on this post about which one you like the most + what you would write on your Happiness Chalkboard. I’ll randomly pick a winner on Monday. Good luck!

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Kohl’s.



  1. I like the ‘Sheffield Home Chalkboard & Memo Board 3-Opening Frame’ I would write that I’m thankful my parents live close to me

  2. I LOVE the chalkboard décor style with the flower design on the top. It is so cute! I think I would leave messages that remind me of how lucky I am. Even if I don’t have everything that I want, I absolutely have everything I need…lots of love and a wonderful family!!! Just to be reminded of that would put me in an excellent mood. Oh, and pancakes would work too! 🙂

  3. The Happiness Board is a great idea! I really like the Mixed Company Wall Chalkboard from Kohl’s. I think my husband and I would use it similar to you and Mal. 🙂

  4. i love the mixed company walk chalkboard!! i’d write a message each day about something i’d like to accomplish or a way i’d like to feel

  5. I love this idea! Sometimes little things are the best things. I like the Chalkboard Decor one. I would write something good that happens to me that day or something I am thankful for. Then at night, when I talk to my boyfriend, we could discuss the good of the day.

  6. I love this idea! I really like the Vintage Wall Chalkboard! It’s perfect to put by the entryway! The first thing I would write on my Happiness Board is “Spending time together after a long day of work”.

  7. I like the mixed company board for its classic look. I would want to stick with your idea and write something positive or happy. I can get sucked in to anxious, negative thoughts and this board would help me remember the other side.

  8. I love the chalkboard caddy and the chalkboard shelf. I would definitely want to do a “write your high of the day” and try to get creative with other options too!

  9. Love this idea! I can’t wait to implement it at home and in my classroom. I really like the everyday wall chalkboard, and the color matches my livingroom/kitchen perfectly!

  10. Ohh boy do I love chalkboards AND happy messages.

    I would write things to cheer up my roommate and start her day off right like “yassss” (from the cat video?? seriously..look it up) haha!

    I like a lot of them, but my fav is the “vintage wall chalkboard”

    Thanks for making all of us happy!

  11. i love the mixed company board and I would write “Smile” as a daily reminder to smile in this happy life I live!

  12. I love the personalized chalk board! Sooo stylish! The first thing I would write is “College Acceptances!”

  13. I love the mixed company wall board. My husband and I are very busy on two different schedules all the while running 3 kids in 3 different directions. This would be a great way to reconnect each day with a saying or message to each other along with any notes about what’s going on that day (so nothing falls through the cracks). What a great idea for a give-away! Thanks!

  14. The decor therapy (rounded arch design) one is gorgeous! I love the ideas, as one of my goals for 2015 is to be more positive.

  15. I love the Chalkboard Wall Decals, it comes with 4, which is perfect, 1 for each family member. I would HOPE to have each of us try to write on a daily basis something that made us happy! I would have to ask the kiddos and write for them, but eventually they could start writing their own 🙂

  16. Love the Mixed Company Wall Chalkboard! I would use it to remind myself of all the things I have to be grateful for!

  17. I’m torn! I really like the Vintage Wall Chalkboard, but I also like the Decor Therapy Hanging Chalkboard Wall Decor because it has more room to write! I would have to ask the BF to make the decision which goes better with our current decor.

    Awesome idea by the way…I could use surprise pick-me-ups throughout the week 🙂

  18. I love the mixed company chalkboard and I would write this quote from C.S. Lewis: “You are never to old to set another goal or dream a new dream”

  19. I love your happiness board! What a great idea! I love the mixed company wall chalkboard from Khols. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. This is so hard! I really like the New View 3-Opening Burlap Frame With Chalkboard because not only can you write something positive but you can put pictures that you love and see them everyday. I also really like the Mixed Company.. it is pretty rustic and my husband and I love rustic.

    But since I have to choose, I think I would l choose the New View 3-Opening Burlap Frame With Chalkboard. My husband and I would write lots of funny things, most probably wouldnt make any sense but would make us both laugh. We would also write little love notes to each other so that when we are having a bad day we can read what the other wrote and know that we are loved. 🙂

  21. I love the mixed company chalkboard. I would write one thing I’m looking forward to that week or day. I love how you use yours too!

  22. Ohhh..lots of good ones, but I think I’d go with the Mixed Company chalk board. Love the simple but kind of classic look that it has! I would write reminders to myself and notes for when guests come over welcoming them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. I was just lusting after this chalkboard at Kohl’ before I read this post! (Chalkboard Decor)

    We just found out our chimney needs a ton of repairs, so I can’t spend and “fun money” right now or I would’ve already purchased it! 🙂

    If I won, the first thing I would write on it would be “Be Thankful”… I know we’re past “Thanksgiving season”, when that message is trendy, but I believe any negative thoughts, feelings, or emotions can be driven away by looking at what we have to be thankful for.

  24. My favorite chalkboard was the Decor Therapy Hanging Chalkboard Wall Decor. The first day I’d have it up, I would write “hot water”, because that’s what makes coffee and showers so fabulous. 🙂

  25. I love the 3-Opening Burlap Frame With Chalkboard–would be nice to put by our front door to see on the way out in the AM!

  26. I like the Sheffield Home Chalkboard Shelf! The first thing I’d write on it to my husband would be “Our daughter’s smile makes me blessed to have you both!”

  27. I’m a teacher, and happiness is hard to come by these days. I’d write about the little things each day — to remind myself why I want to do it!

  28. This entire idea is awesome! I personally love the vintage wall chalkboard! I would always write an inspirational quote or uplifting quote of the day on it. Such an easy way to spread happiness.

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