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Good morning, friends! As you might remember, I am working with Kohls on their Make Your Move campaign, which is all about moving more, stressing less, and eating and sleeping better. For my first post, I shared how I plan to move more in 2015, so this next post is devoted to how I plan to stress less. It actually has a name: The Happiness Board!

The Happiness Board

The Happiness Board is actually something Mal and I started around the holidays. We had a tough few weeks and realized that so much of our life was consumed by the negative things happening, so we decided to focus on the positive by writing something on the chalkboard in our kitchen that made us happy. What we wrote was anything really… something serious or funny, big or small, something we were grateful for, or something personal and sentimental or totally weird and random. It didn’t matter as long as it was something positive that made us happy.

The only other “rule” to The Happiness Chalkboard was that we took turns writing something on the board, so the other person could “find” it. The surprise element has made it so fun and a great way to de-stress, especially if one of us has had a bad day or wake up in a cranky mood. Walking into the kitchen and seeing something funny/sweet/wonderful written by the other person instantly changes things. I’ve definitely snapped out of a bad mood when I stumbled upon something written on the chalkboard. And simply sharing the things that make us happy encourages me to take a step back and appreciate all of the wonderful parts of our life.

Here are just some of the things that have appeared on our chalkboard recently…

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photo 3 (29) (600x800) photo 4 (19) (800x600) photo 4 (18) (800x600) photo 1 (3) (800x600)

While this post is sponsored by Kohls, I decided to personally host a giveaway, so one lucky reader can win a chalkboard to make their own Happiness Board (up to $100). I’ve really enjoyed highlighting the happy in our lives on a daily basis, so I thought you guys might too! The_Happiness_Board

To enter: Check out the chalkboards on and leave a comment on this post about which one you like the most + what you would write on your Happiness Chalkboard. I’ll randomly pick a winner on Monday. Good luck!

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Kohl’s.



  1. I like the mixed company chalkboard and the umbrella talk chalkboard. Such a cute idea to put a smile on your face when you are having a not so good day! I would leave notes for my boyfriend, quotes, and jokes that make me laugh!

  2. I love this idea! I’m someone who tends to think negatively (it’s how I’m wired), and so it definitely takes effort for me to change my mindset towards realizing the positive. A happiness board would help me do that! I love the Sheffield Home Chalkboard or the Chalkboard Décor. Thanks for a much needed reminder, Tina!

  3. Very cute idea! I love the vintage wall chalkboard. I’d write some cute notes to my husband, quick reminders, meal plans, and maybe even attempt to be artistic and write a favorite motivational quote.

  4. I like the one with teal wood around the edges because it would match my room! I love to think positive thoughts and I have a quote of the day everyday!

  5. I love the “chalkboard decor”! The other one I like said it’s not available any longer 🙁 (the Sheffield chalkboard shelf). As I was reading this, I was already thinking what a wonderful idea this is and thinking of the things my witty fiance would come up with on a daily basis (or every other day). So, win or lose (this giveaway), we’ll be starting this. We take for granted all the things in life we do have and focus on the not-so-positive.

    I’d write that my wedding is in 52 days!!

  6. I love the Sheffield home chalkboard shelf. I would put inspirational quotes that I love as well as things that I love about my fiance and kittens. And of course a wedding countdown!

  7. My favorite is the Chalkboard Decore’. Kohls makes it simple and easy to decorate! I would love this chalkboard because I’m a Kindergarten Teacher (rough stuff) and my fiance has children as well. I think a silly/sweet message would brighten up all of our days!

  8. I really like the Sheffield Home Shutter Chalkboard Wall. I would write something I am grateful for every day.

  9. What a fantastic idea! It’s so easy to get bogged down with the daily grind”¦ the Happiness Board is a great pick-me-up surprise! I love the multipurpose functionality of the Chalkboard Caddy”¦. it looks like a great wine bottle holder :)!

  10. I love the mixed company walk chalkboard in white.
    We are building a new house so I’m sure our happiness board would be filled with things like “1st floor subfloors”, “framing”, “plumbing”, etc. Haha!

  11. The burlap one is adorable! I LOVE this idea, and think I’ll steal it even if I don’t win 😉 Today I would write running the farthest I have in over a year this morning!

  12. I think I need the heart chalkboard, just for Valentine’s day! This idea will definitely cheer me up each day – the little things make me happy. 🙂

  13. I love this idea! I like the Mixed Company Walk Chalkboard & would write something daily that I’m grateful for on it.

  14. I love the Decor Therapy Hanging Chalkboard Wall Decor. Every day I would post a countdown message for my wedding 🙂

  15. My favorite is the Shoreline 3-Panel Chalkboard Wall Decor. I would want each of us to write something that we are thankful for each day.

  16. I love this! Such a great idea and a great way to stay focused on the good! I love the shutter chalkboards. I’d love to write about something that made me smile each day!

  17. I love the Personalized Double Hearts Chalkboard, so cute, I am quite partial to hearts! I would write encouraging notes to my son to start his day off on a positive thought!

  18. The Sheffield Chalkboard Shelf. I would put it near the scale in the bathroom and keep updating it with my weight loss and inspirational quotes to remind me of my progress. I heard tonight on the Biggest Loser a great quote “The Journey is Long, The Journey is Hard…And in the end The Journey is Worth It” by Sonya. I already wrote on post-it note at place on mirror!

  19. I love this idea! I did a journal for a whole year, writing down one good thing each day. It may have been anything from an amazing cup of coffee to a fun trip. Great for keeping things in perspective.

    As for chalkboards, love the mixed company wall board.

  20. I like the plain rectangle. I would be tempted to use it to keep track of the week’s meals. But, hey, food makes me happy!

  21. Love the mixed company chalkboard! Would love to write encouraging messages. The world tells us we’re never good enough….definitely need daily reminders that we are!

  22. I like the Sheffield Home Chalkboard & Memo Board 3-Opening Frame. Love the color and different aspects of organizations!! I would write lists and lists and lists on it!

  23. I like the Towle Living 3-pc. Chalkboard Caddy Set but I have no use for it, haha! Maybe the chalkboard/memo board with the three photo frames up top would be more useful.

  24. What a perfect idea! I love the Mixed Company Wall Chalkboard and watching my puppies play together makes me laugh every day

  25. I’d put the chalkboard right near my front door somewhere and write affirmative quotes every morning before I leave the house. That way when I come home, and anytime I go in and out through out the day, it’s there for me to see. I like the one with hooks.

  26. White Mixed Company Wall Chalkboard + TACO SALAD NIGHT!
    Me and the hubs just moved to a new city (7hrs from home) and Taco Night is something we are both SO happy to have together!!

  27. My favorite is the Decor Therapy Hanging Chalkboard Wall Decor! I would write motivational quotes, such as “Nothing Tastes as Good as Being Good Feels,” as well as notes to my sweet notes to my hubby & kids!

  28. How ironic because a resolution my fiance and I made for the New Year was at the start of every morning we started telling each other what we were thankful for that day. A chalkboard would be a great way to document what we’re both thankful for. It’s a great way to start your day off positive! Some happiness thoughts are “falling asleep and waking up to you everyday” “starting my day with you and coffee” and “being healthy and alive today” I think writing this down and seeing it would be a great constant reminder of the good things in life and to always find the positives!

  29. I loved the mixed company walk chalkboard, perfect for our vintage/eclectic home;) My husband and I always do “favorites” at the end of the day when we are brushing our teeth together, it would be great to add another layer to this when he is deployed…and keep doing it just for me;)

  30. This is such a fantastic idea! I would love for my husband and I to do this. If I won I would write on the mixed company wall chalkboard “my 38 week pregnant belly!”

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