The Great Gym Debate

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Woah, it’s Monday already!?!  😯 How the heck did that happen?! Did I even have a weekend!? All I know is that I want the work week to fly by because Mal and I are going on a mini vacation this weekend to celebration his birthday. I.cannot.wait!! :mrgreen:


For breakfast, I had a toasted whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and banana slices.



I added more peanut butter to the remaining banana. I <3 peanut butter. It’s one of the only foods that truly satisfies me. I love how it sticks to my ribs!



As always, I enjoyed some iced coffee + soy milk with breakfast. I’m rocking the Birthday Cake flavor this morning. It has a sweet, buttery, vanilla taste– just like frosting! 😀


The Great Gym Debate

I’m hoping you guys might weigh-in on my great gym debate. So, when Mal and I moved to a new apartment a few months, I joined a new gym. Now don’t get me wrong, I like my new gym. It has Body Pump, the staff is really nice, and it’s very affordable. But, I’m not getting my bee-hind there as often as I’d like.

Besides Body Pump, my new gym doesn’t have all that much to offer. The equipment is old and there’s not a lot of it. (I’ve definitely had to wait for an elliptical more than once. 😕 ) It’s also a good 10-15 minute drive for me, which isn’t that far, but I’m all about convenience when it comes to a gym. If it’s not easy to get there, I just don’t go.

So, now I am considering joining another gym in addition to my current gym. This other gym offers a ton of classes and it’s much closer to my apartment. It is, however, almost double the price of my current gym, so I’m not sure if I want to pay for two gym memberships. I think I can afford it, so if I’m going to use both of them, maybe it’s worth it?

Ok, let me lay it all out…

Current Gym

  • Pros: Body Pump, staff and instructors, cost of membership
  • Cons: Location, not many classes, old equipment

New Gym

  • Pros: Classes, location, all-women’s gym
  • Cons: Cost of membership, possibly crowded?

Am I being stupid considering another gym membership? I’m not going to cancel my current membership because I’m obsessed with Body Pump and the new gym doesn’t offer it. But, do I really want to pay for two gym memberships? Is it worth it? Should I just make the best of my current gym?

What would you do?

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Enjoy the day, guys! 😎

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  1. TALK TO THE NEW GYMS MANAGER, See if he will give you a 6- week trial run. Explain the benefits of blog exposure! Sell yourself – JUST LIKE YOU DID TO NUVAL!

  2. I used to have 2 gym memberships – one close to home, and one close to work. If you can afford it, your health is worth it (since you don’t really go to the first one that much and will go more if you had 2 membership).

  3. I wouldn’t get two memberships. The gym I go to offers hardly any classes as well. So I decided to make my own “class”; I make a playlist, grab a whole bunch of free weights/equipment, find a little corner, and work my butt off. I find that I like my own “class” better because I work out exactly what I want, how I want, when I want, and don’t have to bother doing exercises that to me, are boring. If your current gym has decent selection of free weights/weighted balls, etc, I would stick to that gym and keep access to your body pump classes.

  4. The extra cost is probably worth the savings in drive time and the stress of possibly not going as much because of the “cons.” I can relate – I found a Pilates studio that is blindingly expensive, but I do it because I feel AMAZING and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my body and attitude. It means I have to scrimp on other luxuries (i.e. wine, Anthropologie and Lululemon clothes) but – as you know! – investing in your health is rarely a bad decision. My old gym offered a “limited” membership where you paid half the monthly price but could only go on certain days of the week – maybe you could negotiate something?

  5. Hi Tina… from one recessionista to another 🙂 Skip the 2nd membership…the Summer breeze will be calling out your name & you won’t want to be stuck inside a 2nd gym! You can workout, outside….then use your extra money saved on a special gift to yourself….it is your 30th afterall 🙂

  6. does the new gym have a similar class? Or does another location of that gym have body pump?? I go to BSC and they have body pump at some locations…..

  7. Could you lease an elliptical? Not sure how much space you’ve got in your new place or how much workout equipment really costs, but if you’d be joining a second gym just for the cardio stuff, it might make more sense to get one piece of equipment for home…no wait times, no excuses for not getting in a workout because of external factors that way!

  8. You should talk to the new gym’s management about adding Body Pump to their regular rotation. If Body Pump is the only thing stopping more women from joining their gym, they will realize money for the equipment and instructors is a sound investment.

    If not, I wouldn’t join it. Fitness is what you make of it, and you could easily turn that 10-15 minute commute into a 30 minute run! We often convince ourselves we need amenities, and forget we only need our bodies.

  9. Two memberships to two gyms is a complete waste of time and money. Bail on your current gym and join the newer gym. There. You can now justify the higher memership fee.

  10. In my family, taking care of yourself is not considered a waste of money. I know not everyone can afford two gym memberships but if you think you can I think you should go for it. Right now I have one gym membership plus I do yoga at another place which cost different money. I mean obviously don’t do it if you won’t go to both, but I think you will.

  11. I had a similar decision last month. I love the yoga at my old gym but they don’t have much else to offer but are $19.99/mo. So another gym opened in Cambridge equal distance from my apartment and they offered body pump, zumba and a ton more classes plus newer equipment BUT the yoga classes weren’t like the ones at my old gym (not as good). I hemmed and ha’ed over over it and finally figured that it was worth it to do both, crunched the numbers and paid a new member fee at the new gym to secure a life-time $19.99/month rate. So I’m paying about $45 per month (factoring in the membership fee spread over a two year period) combined for both gyms and have so many classes to choose from. I hope this will work out well for me…it’s definitely cheaper than going to a yoga studio @ $10-15 per class. Do you have BCBS for health insurance? If so, you probably know to use the $150 membership benefit but thought I’d mention it anyway!

  12. I think that you should try it once, see if it is crowded, how you like it, if you think you’ll go more. Most gym offer trial period… If you are confortable there and you like the other gym better well do it! For sure is better to spend your money in a gym membership where you go then on some pair of new shoes… 😉

  13. I know a lot of times we cut back on expenses like gym memberships but when it comes down to money to be healthy, maybe its worth it! If you feel like youll work out more with your added membership Id go for it.
    I know for me I have to get myself to classes in order to work out as hard/often as I need to be. So I think its important that I shell out cash for them 🙂

  14. I would stay with your current gym. Its finally warm so maybe you could continue body pump there for weight lifting then do most of your cardio outside and re evaluate in the winter? Just an idea. I currently belong to an over priced women’s only gym and I never go, I instead use the free gym at my office. I can’t wait until my membership is up.

  15. I’m frugal, so I would keep the current gym membership only and opt to beef up my home gym. If you like weights but the machines are outdated or crowded, invest in some weights to use at home. If you want more classes, buy some workout DVDs to do at home. If you spent a little money for some things to use at home, you could maybe save in the long run and still get in good workouts.

  16. I would say to stick with your old gym and keep just one membership. It seems silly to spend money on two memberships. Use your old gym for the excellent body pump classes and enjoy the summer weather and run or walk/hike outside for your cardio needs. You could also invest in a few at home DVD’s as well, just to mix it up. I’m all about being frugal when it comes to these things!!

  17. I can’t get enough PB too. Im in Las Vegas for a conference this week, and all I want for breakfast is a PB sandwich, and here I am stuck eating boring conference food (i.e. gross continental pastries!)

  18. Will any Summit tickets be given away on blogs like they were last year? Just wondering.
    Re: gyms, in your situation, I would stick to that better-equipped/more convenient; but you indicated that Body Pump is invaluable to you, so it is mainly a personal judgment call at that point… unless, of course, both can be (guiltless-ly) afforded!

  19. i don’t really think it’s worth it to have two gym memberships. you should check out it has a ton of awesome workouts that require little to no equipment. they’re super challenging and FUN! i do them about three times a week and look forward to every single session.
    if you have workouts that you enjoy and can do with limited equipment, having that one gym membership will be fine!

  20. I’ve actually been thinking about joining a second gym too. One gym is closer to my house and the other is closer to my office. My current gym is a lot cheaper but I think the extra convenience is worth it to me. Can you do a trial or short-term membership at the new place to make sure you’ll use both?

  21. I personally would try the new gym in addition to your old gym for a month and see if it is worth it….hard to know wthout actually going and testing out how often you go…who knows, you might find the plethora of other classes might find that you don’t miss body pump so much….or you might find you just hate the new gym….I vote for a trial…and keep track…. Good luck

  22. I am all about the classes at my gym…I say go with both. At least check out the new place, see if you can get a week pass; check out the times you would be mostly likely to go and see how busy it really is! let us know what you do!

  23. My advice is see if you can get a one month free trial at the new gym (hey you never know if you don’t ask!) Tell them you already are a member at a great gym but you would like to give this one a try. I think they would be happy to try to steal you away. And/or ask if you can buy just a 3 month trial membership for a good price to try it out. Say you don’t want to commit to long term because you already have a gym membership, they might be very accomidating in trying to get you!! I used to work at a gym and ‘special’ deals happened ALL the time, but you have to ask for what you want and try to seem strong about it. They want to get as much money as they can, but their goal is long term members. It may take you more than one month to figure out if it is worth having 2 memberships in which case a three month trial might work best. WOW! That was long 😉

  24. Hi Tina,

    I read your blog (love it!) and usually don’t comment but felt the need to comment on this one! Like you, a gym membership is very important to me! In fact, I drive a good 15-20 minutes to go to the current gym (24 Hour SUper Sport) I go to now rather than go to the same “level” gym (also a 24 hour Super Sport) near my house only 5 mins away.

    I choose to go further for a couple of reasons. First, the further gym offers MANY more classes. I find I enjoy having the option to attend these and have taken full advantage of the Body Pump classes as this gym as the gym closer to my house doesn’t offer Body Pump. Second, the “energy” at my current gym (the further gym) is SOOO much better, hands-down night and day difference. I find that this energy makes a big difference in my workout. For example, people work-out hard at this gym, everyone is getting it done! They are not afraid to sweat, do funky moves, and you can tell people are really pushing themselves when working out. This is not only motivational but also makes me feel comfortable as I am not afraid to ‘get my sweat on!’ Whereas the gym goes closer to my home is full of a bunch of zombie-like folks who aimlessly stair in front of tv screen on cardio equipment (harsh but true!). So my advice to you is, GO WHERE YOU WANT! Where you know YOU can get a good workout in and be sure to consider the energy of the gym 😉 Take care and keep up the great blogging!

  25. I dont think that you are crazy for having two gym memberships. My family has memberships to two gyms in the small town that I live in. One gym offer better classes and has a better comradery when working out and the other place has better machines, but I dont always feel as comfortable there. My brother and my dad prefer the machines and dont often attend classes, so they usually attend the gym with the machines and I go to the gym with classes, because I LOVE Zumba, Pilates, and Strong (Similar to Body Pump)!! So if you think that you can afford it and you will use both memberships, I would recommend that you go ahead and sign up for the other gym, because come summertime it might be too hot to workout outside!! :p

  26. What about asking about the cost of just the Body Pump class? Is that an option. I personally find it silly to pay for 2 gyms only to use 1 for just 1 class but then again you may find it completely reasonable. If you have the money to do it then do it! What about googling body pump classes for your area first, seeing who else offers them and going from there? Just a thought. I myself would never pay for 2 gyms. I’d either find one that offered what I want or pick the best of the ones I have a choice of! That’s my 2 cents! LOL

  27. If it was the winter, I’d say go for the two gym memberships – but now that the weather is nice, you’ll have more opportunities to work out outside, without paying another hefty monthly fee. I’d say stick with the one gym for now, and revisit buying the second gym membership in the fall.

  28. I am a little late responding but I will anyways! Since the summer months are approaching I am going to say wait on this new membership. You have a membership that includes BP which is your GO TO workout! All other workouts at the gym would include cardio right? or wrong? Since it is light out past 5 AND warmer these days many ppl (maybe yourself included) will be spending more time working out outside and less at the gym which should free up treadmills and ellipticals!

    Question, does the new gym offer good classes that could potentially sub for body pump???

    Good luck!

  29. I say definitely go with the gym that is most convenient for you. I’m an expert when it comes to coming up with every excuse under the sun for skipping a workout. Luckily my gyms are very convenient for me so the excuse making doesn’t happen that often.:-) If you can afford two, without a doubt, go two!

  30. I know this is late, but seeing the deal on the coupon you got for the other gym, I’d say go for it and test out the new place. Maybe one of the classes there will be one you enjoy more than the Body Pump at your old gym? Also, I would maybe see if it’s possible at either gym to get a discounted rate for maybe access only to classes or access only to equipment to try and save money? Sometimes with smaller gyms you can negotiate things like that. 🙂

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