The Good & Bad Side of Murphy

Good afternoon, friends!

After breakfast yesterday, I spent the rest of the morning work, work, working and then took a break for lunch around noon. The morning flew by, so I didn’t even realize it was lunchtime until my stomach started to grumble.


On the menu for lunch: a leftover Italian “hot plate” with grated Parmesan cheese on top. Quick, easy, delicious, nutritious. Leftovers rule.



A little while later, I snacked on a Date Nut Sweet Potato Muffin and a handful of pecans.


After that, Murphy and I headed out to make a therapy dog visit to the senior home where we will be visiting weekly. We saw many of the same people we saw last week, including a gentleman, who told me he once owned “that type of dog.” I wasn’t sure if he was just saying that because there was a pug in front of him, but Murphy really liked him and let the man pat him for quite awhile. I wonder if Murphy sensed that he was a “pug person”?

058 (750x563)_thumb

It was a nice visit and Murphy definitely cheered up a bunch of people. It seemed like there was a cold going around the facility and a bunch of people weren’t feeling their best, so it was nice to share some pug happiness with them.

Speaking of pug happiness, here’s a little glimpse into the good side of Murphy. (I’ll explain why I’m highlighting his good side in a minute.)

He’s really good at cuddling.

IMG_4785 (750x563)

He’s generous with his kisses.

IMG_0014 (640x480)

He’s gentle and sweet””not aggressive in any way.

IMG_0039 (640x480)

He can take a joke.

IMG_0012 (500x375)

He enjoys life to its fullest.

IMG_6864 (750x563)

And here’s a glimpse into the bad side of Murphy:

He’s lazy.


He has an obsessive personality.


one track pug mind

He always wants to be ON your lap.

_MG_7625 (640x426)

Sometimes, he doesn’t listen.

muddy pug

He creates potential weapons out of his toys.


Can we talk about this? Murphy created a shiv (!!!) out of his Naylabone last night. Should I be worried?


Health News & Views

For me, Super Bowl Sunday isn’t just about the game””-it’s about the food!

Buffalo chicken wings, seven-layer taco dip, and cheese-covered casseroles”¦ obviously, the typical fare is fun to eat. My favorite dishes, however, are not very friendly on my waistline, especially if I snack all game long, so I created a healthy and relatively low-calorie guacamole recipe to enjoy next Sunday.

It’s made with an all-star cast of ingredients-avocado, Greek yogurt, fresh basil, garlic, and onion-which amp up the nutrients, satiety, and flavor profile.

This dip is so rich and delicious, you won’t even know it’s been healthified!

Healthy Basil Guacamole for Super Bowl Sunday

Question of the Day

Does your pet have a “bad” side?

P.S. Just heard about the Sandy Hook Run for the Families and wanted to pass along the link, which has more info about the race.


  1. Hahahhaah these all made me laugh. Very cute! I think all dogs have a good side and a bad side. I’m sure Murphy is quite the heartbreaker in the senior home!
    I totally partake in superbowl festivities for the food. I’m working on some healthier recipes of decadent meals with my roommate. Homemade chicken fingers ftw!

  2. hahahaha omg I absolutely love when you write about Murphy. He’s adorable lol I always make my cats have little personalities too lol I like pretending to say what it looks like they’re thinking– secretly I think they’re judging me 😉 hahaha

    Thanks for the Sandy Hook run link!! I’ve been wondering about that

  3. My parents have a dachshund and he does what he wants. he is as stubborn as can be but is so gosh darn cute it doesn’t matter. I LOVE that he made a shiv. Don’t cross him….

    I am hoping to make buffalo cauliflower as a vegetarian version of hot wings for the super bowl, but first I have to find a place to go. Otherwise, I’ll eat them by myself 😉 I’ll probably make some guac, but mines pretty low-cal as is cause I just use avocado, chopped onion, chopped garlic, chopped tomatoes, salt and pepper. It’s to die for 😉 I could eat my body weight in guacamole. I like to refer to that as “running a train on some guac” …. 😉

  4. haha this is so cute! Our dog has an obsessive personality too….it drives me crazy! He will sit and cry at the stove for hours when we make anything involving pumpkin/squash until we give him some. He loooves it! So weird!

    I always think about getting our dog certified to be a therapy dog. Do you like doing it so far?!

  5. That pic of Mal under the sink with Murphy on his lap had me cracking up! My cat is pretty awful sometimes, like when she does a running vomit and there’s a puke streak a mile long on my hallway runner. Good thing I love her cause that stuff gets old real quick!

  6. He totally did create a shiv out of his bone! I’ve never seen another dog do that! You could also say “he’s good at carving bones”. 🙂 Don’t cross him!

  7. I love the many sides of Murphy, especially his living life to the fullest!
    My dog has many good and bad qualities. I’d say his best are his adventurous side and his athleticism (incredibly fast runner and high jumper)! His worst are for sure his obsessiveness (licking his paws, waiting at the fence for the neighbour dogs) and his fright portrayed as aggression to big dogs.
    Good or bad though- I love him to pieces!

  8. Haha I think all dogs (and people) have their good and bad sides. My brother’s golden retriever, Molly, is the sweetest thing, but sometimes she gets a little bored when left alone and destroys things randomly. The worst is the hole she clawed into the wall…

  9. Hi Tina!

    I’m curious, are you experimenting with adding wheat back inti your diet? If so, have you noticed a difference?

    Murphy is too cute. Always brings a small to my face 🙂

    1. I guess it depends how much you like guacamole! 😉 I’m not sure how many servings exactly, but it’d probably be enough for a small get-together. For a party, I’d double the recipe.

  10. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Your dog CRACKS ME UP!

    As terrible as it is that he created a weapon, it’s hysterical at the same time, because it’s unexpected.

  11. Too funny that Murphy does that too his bones! My Aussie mix puppy does the exact same thing!! I asked the vet because I was worried about him ingesting it, and she said in the little amounts that he chews, it will pass through his system easily and be no problem 🙂

  12. Oh my pug definitely has a bad side! SEVERAL times last week he went #2 in the house!!! He’s obviously house-trained but it was so cold that he just refused to go outside… bad dog. As soon as I look at his cute pug face, I forgive him.

  13. Um, no. My dogs are perfect…

    Ha! One of them acts like a maniac any time she sees other dogs which is completely embarrassing. The other one has a domination complex and growls at us if we baby her too much to show my other dog that she is in control.
    They are both total headcases! 🙂 But you gotta love ’em!

  14. I swear, pets have personalities JUST like people and they make sure you know when they’re mad. Example – my cat (who was majorly obsessed with me and always had to be no more than 20 ft from me at all times) got mad about me leaving her for a few weeks, so when I got home, she waited until I walked into the room and then right in front me, peed all over one of my books I had on the floor. I couldn’t believe it!

  15. Murphy is hilarious. My labradoodle’s deadliest trait is horrendous gas (seriously, what do they put in dog food?!). Also, I think it is so great that you and Murphy have been doing therapy visits. I am sure that you are really making an impact on the people you visit.

  16. Sashi does a few “bad” things. The neighbor’s dogs try to fight ours thru the wall/fence, and she sometimes instigates. She wants to play, they want to fight, and it results in a lot of frantic barking and jumping. That’s her worst bad habit.

    The other one is she waits until we go to bed to grab her big beef bone, lays on the floor next to the bed, and gnaws on it super noisily keeping us awake. I have to take it from her, and then she gives me the saddest face you’ll ever see.

    She also thinks she’s a lapdog, which is adorable, except she weighs 75 pounds!

  17. Murphy is so funny! His expressions are so priceless! I love it! My cat Virgil is extremely needy. He’s a Maine Coon, so it’s unusual that he’s a lap cat (that breed typically isn’t) and he is very loud (he “talks” to me). He’s so friendly, but he can be a little moody at times, too. He has actually hopped in the shower with my husband before, he’s just so strange! Overall, he’s a good cat and I love him.

  18. Oh my gosh this post is just too cute! Love Murphy posts 🙂 my dogs are really well behaved but being both rescues they got issues! My American staffy gets to excited around other dogs, is scared of broom and broom like objects (think she was beaten with one :-() and she compulsively licks. My fox x is just stubborn. If she don’t wanna do what youre asking her she won’t! I am definitely a dog person they’re so wacky

  19. Thanks for the laugh! Tucker’s “bad” side is his obsessive and stubborn personality and Kostas’ is his persistence–whether with drooling for food, laying on top of me while I try to do Pilates, or whining at me until I finally let him up on the bed!

  20. I have a little beagle dachshund named Mickey, aka, the Moodle Schmoodle…he is the most loyal sweet little dog, but he is so food driven that he sometimes guards the “people” food from the other dog, cats, and sometimes my husband…he knows he isn’t supposed to and always gets corrected, but occasionally he forgets. Good thing he is damn cute!!

  21. Haha! My dog Margot does the same thing with her Nylabones–they get SO sharp I have to throw them away before she hurts someone.
    Another one of her bad attributes is that she is a total bed hog. How a 16-pound dog can take up so much of the bed, I have no clue.

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