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Hi and happy Friday!

It’s kind of hard to believe we’re halfway through May already and summer is one month away (the countdown to Punta Cana is on!). It’s been a good, full week. I had a colonoscopy on Tuesday (fun fun), a home water filtration system installed on Thursday, and we’re planning to celebrate Friday with happy hour. This weekend will be low-key, but that’s a good thing since almost every weekend from now through the summer is booked!

This week’s edition of The Friday 5 is focused on my favorite morning beverage (hmm, wonder that could be!) with a couple other favorites mixed in (including a new functional piece of furniture).

What’s something you’ve been loving lately?

Have a great weekend!

1. Nutpods – So I’m pretty particular about how I drink my iced coffee in the morning, but I’m always up for trying something new once in a while. I’ve heard great reviews for Nutpods (Melissa Hartwig Urban doesn’t go anywhere without them), so I decided to give them a shot. Made from almonds and coconuts, they are dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free. Plus, there’s no sugar added, no carrageenan, and they come in a variety of flavors: original, hazelnut, French vanilla, and caramel. Verdict: delicious! It’s similar to half & half, very creamy, and blends well into iced coffee (it doesn’t break up like some almond milks do).

2. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System (aka our coffee maker) – I always get questions about our coffee maker since you all know we drink a lot of coffee in the CNC household. We typically use it to make iced coffee, but it also has the option to brew hot coffee, iced tea, and steam milk. I’ve found that it requires fewer coffee grinds per pot compared to our old coffeemaker. I assume it’s just more efficient with brewing, but it means we go through less coffee and save money! If you like to enjoy your coffee both hot and iced, I highly recommend investing in this coffee maker – we lovvvvve it!

3. Reusable Straws – I am totally onboard the reusable straw train. If you haven’t caught on, plastic straws are really bad for our ocean. If I can help reduce our plastic pollution by making a simple swap, I’m all in. I use both glass straws (mainly at home) and silicone straws (on the road). I travel with the silicone straws in my purse, so when I’m out and about and order an iced coffee, I can skip the plastic (or paper) straw. They are both super easy to clean, and it’s a simple way to “go green.”

4. Double Boot and Shoe Tray Organizer – We bought this shoe organizer (from Amazon, of course) a couple of months ago, and we love it for keeping our shoes and boots organized. It’s a multi-purpose rack that has enough width between shelves to store boots, and it also serves as an umbrella stand on one side and has hooks on the other for hats, reusable grocery bags, etc. Between the three of us, we have a lot of shoes so this helps keep our entry way neat and tidy.

5. $1 cards at Trader Joe’s – Have you checked out Trader Joe’s greeting cards? I’m obsessed! They always have so many cute cards for all occasions, and the best part is that they are all only $1 each. Every time I pop into TJ’s I check out their selection and usually end up buying a few cards to have on hand. They’re artistic, clever, and high quality… plus, you can’t beat the price!

P.S. Here’s a bonus favorite, so I often get questions about the pug pillow on our bed. The case reversible and washable!

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Questions of the Day

What type of coffee maker do you use? 

What’s your favorite non-dairy creamer?


P.S. Just wanted to share – since I’m so honored to be part of such an awesome group of runners: Get to Know and Get Inspired by the 2019 Brooks Run Happy Ambassadors!

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  1. I wish I had known about TJ’s 99 cent cards before I went out and spent $6 on a birthday card at Target yesterday!! LOL! Next time I will definitely have to check TJs!

    1. Yes, we were, but that was only for our drinking water. We decided to get a whole house system since our town has some really bad chemicals and chemical bi-products in it, which aren’t good for bathing, washing our food, dishes, etc., especially for Quinn. And I’m coughing up phlegm again, so we figured we should make the switch.

  2. I got a Keurig for Christmas and love it. I try not to use the single use pods and get the ground coffee I like! I’m still a sucker for dairy creamer.

  3. Love that shoe organizer! I’ve been looking for one just like it and had no idea Amazon has something like that! Definitely will be on my to-buy list! Also, the coffee maker I tend to use is my Cuisinart one I bought a couple months ago on Amazon. I believe it’s called Perfect Brew and I love it; it’s a large capacity and brews very quickly!

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