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Hi, friends!

Happy Friday to you! 🙂

What a week, right? My head is still spinning from the post-new year craziness and my one million item To Do list. Yeehaw! Thankfully, I had some time to put together this blog post with my top favorites from the week. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Chatting with Taylor about ALL things macros on The Trillest Podcast – I was recently on the The Trillest Podcast talking about macros with Taylor (one of the co-hosts). She signed up for one of my macro plans with me as her coach, so she shares her experience in this episode. Tune in to see what she had to say!

Chocolate Donut Seasoning – Zero -calorie Chocolate Donut Seasoning? It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, this stuff is the bomb, and I love putting it on apple slices, rice cakes with peanut butter, and so much more. If you like chocolate and donuts (I mean, who doesn’t?), you need this seasoning in your life!

Touchup Skin Concealer Pen – This product is definitely one of the unsung heroes of the Beautycounter makeup line. For real. Click, cover, correct! Easy as that! I use this product just about everyday along with the Dew Skin, which is the perfect combination for someone (aka me) who likes minimal effort makeup!

The concealer pen helps cover dark eye circles, redness, acne scars, and other imperfections. What I like best about this concealer over other ones that I’ve tried is that it’s thick and gooey. You’re probably thinking: “Eww, gooey?” But, I swear, it’s a positive! 🙂 The concealer is really moisturizing, so it goes on smoothly for flawless coverage. It’s also formulated with knotgrass extract to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and photoaging, so your skin looks firmer, brighter, and more even. And, of course, the click-pen design and brush applicator make it so easy to apply. You get just the right amount of concealer exactly where you need it, so there’s no messing around.

I wear the Light shade just to give you an idea on what shade to pick. FYI: Beautycounter has an awesome return policy, so if you do pick the wrong shade, just send it back within 60 days for a full refund or just exchange for a different color.

Additionally, if you missed my blog post yesterday, I mentioned that Beautycounter is offering a great deal right now on their regimens!

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Brooks Bedlam (aka the prettiest sneakers I own) – Right? Super cute!! They’re almost too pretty to workout in, but, of course, I do – and I almost always get a compliment on them! I also love wearing these babies in my everyday life to run errands, etc. They’re supportive, but light and energizing at the same time, and I love running on the treadmill with them lately. I also wore them to a Step class earlier in the week, and they performed really well. I, however, was a total goober with my coordination! Haha! The Bedlam are definitely a new favorite!

Cuyana Classic Leather Tote – You might have read a review or two now about my favorite leather tote that I’ve had for years now. Well, I get questions about it ALL the time from people in real life and strangers on the Internet – pretty much any time I share a photo of me holding it, so I figured I should profess my love for it again! This leather tote is seriously the best bag ever. It’s held up so well over the years and still looks practically brand new. It’s definitely an awesome investment! 🙂 If you’re on the fence about purchasing it, feel free to check out my review, which includes a video too!

That’s all I’ve got for now. I hope you enjoyed this round-up, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

P.S. Here’s a bonus favorite from the week: A newly organized RECIPE PAGE! Holy cow, it makes searching for recipes on CNC so much easier. Check it out and let me know what you think! 🙂


  1. Hey! I’ve been a long time reader and I know how much of a fan you are of Brooks running shoes. I have the Launch 5, and have gotten two pairs of the Brooks Revel shoes and I as well as everyone I see in those shoes at my Orange Theory see that they rip and shred on the inside by the ankle. It is so weird that everyone that I see has had the same problem! Have you had a pair, and if so have they done this? I am a big fan of Brooks but it’s been disappointing that the past ones I have got are falling apart after 1 month of wearing them.



    1. Oh, no! That stinks! My Revels are still holding up nicely, but I only wear them for workouts once in awhile. I suppose they’re intended for occasional workouts with lifestyle wear mixed in, and maybe OTF is too intense? I’m sorry that happened!

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