The Friday 5

Hi friends, happy Friday!

It’s time for another round of The Friday 5! Today I’m sharing the blue light blocking glass I wear, a clean beauty product I can’t live without, my favorite tote bag, safer tampons (yes, really!), and more!

You can watch or read The Friday 5 below – have a fun, safe and very HAPPY Halloween (did you know it’s also a full moon tomorrow night? Only in 2020, right?!)!

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1. Maxwell Blue Blocker Glasses

Even though my career is run online, meaning I’m always in front of a computer or screen, I brushed off blue-light blocking glasses for a while. It wasn’t until Mal started online learning and was complaining about headaches and eye strain, that we decided to both give it a shot. We got the same pair from Diff Eyewear in two different colors. I’ve been wearing them at night while we watch TV, and I’ve already noticed a significant difference in how well I’m sleeping. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or the glasses, but I’ll take it!

2. Brilliant Brow Gel

I am obsessed with Beuatycounter’s Brilliant Brow Gel. My eyebrows are on the sparse side and don’t stand out at all. Once I discovered tinted brow gel, and how easy it is to use, I immediately fell in love. It changes the look of your face, and makes you look more put together instantly. I’ll throw it on before heading to the gym or running errands, without any other makeup, because it makes such a huge difference. Beautycounter‘s brow gel comes in a handful of different shades, too!

3. Cuyana Classic Leather Tote

I have had this bag for years – before Quinn was born – and I use it a ton to this day. Whenever I’m out and about, I regularly get asked where this bag is from. It’s a quality leather tote, and while it’s a bit of an investment, I can attest that it’s held up very well after years of consistent use. It’s a big open bag, so it’s easy to find items inside easily. Plus, I think it’s super cute and goes with most anything. Love, love, love! Highly recommend – would make for a great holiday gift as well!

4. Organyc Organic Cotton Tampons

I’ve tried some of the other “fancier” organic tampon subscriptions, but realized it wasn’t very sustainable to be spending $12 a box on tampons every month – that adds up. I found this alternative on Amazon, and it’s much more affordable. Many conventional tampons are made with bleached cotton and other chemicals; once I found that out, I made this safer swap.

5. Hex Bar

We got this piece of equipment for our basement home gym during the pandemic. Since so many types of fitness equipment have been sold out or hard to find, we were excited that this was actually available. Since I have back issues (scoliosis), and Mal has thrown out his back a couple of times from heavy deadlifts, we feel a lot more comfortable using this bar for deadlifts. It puts your body in a bit of a different position (less back, more glutes and quads), and our bodies feel much better using this.


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