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I’m hitting publish on this post a day early. It’s been a busy week playing catch-up and getting back into the swing of things after being in Phoenix last week and weekend for a Beautycounter conference and then, as soon as I got back, getting strep throat with an insane 103.5 F fever that would just not break. Ughhhh, it was miserable. BUT, on the positive side of things, my time in Phoenix was an incredible couple of days, and I learned SO MUCH. I also loved connecting and finding inspiration from other consultants. The women at this conference were truly something special. The energy was so motivating and positive, and the experience made me so excited to take what I learned and run with it!

It also made me realize just how lucky I am to work when I want to work. Strep kicked my butt this week (the photo below was just too real and funny not to share), so I am so incredibly thankful to have a job that is so flexible.

Being a Beautycounter consultant is so much more than discounted products and a paycheck (but that’s nice too). You truly have the ability to control your own success – the more effort you put in, the more you get out of it. It’s connections, advocacy, working when you want to work, and carving your own path. And, most importantly, it’s an opportunity that I’m glad I didn’t say ‘no’ to.

Since the conference, I’m committed to growing and coaching an awesome team of women. I felt so overwhelmed when I signed up, but now I feel like I have a clear game plan to help newbie consultants. If you’re someone who is motivated and coachable, I hope you consider becoming a consultant. It’s amazing because you can work from anywhere at anytime! If you’re interested in learning more (or just want some products recommendations), send me an email at, and we’ll chat.

Now it’s back to business which means it’s time for another edition of The Friday 5 where I cut to the chase and share my top 5 favorites from the week. (Five is also my lucky number!) Without further ado, here’s The Friday 5…

1. Lucky Brand Women’s Kyndra Sandals (via Amazon) – I took them on my work trip to Phoenix, and I can tell that they’re going to be perfect for summer date nights, too – I love that you can dress them up or down. They’re super comfy and go with everything! Amazon shopping makes me happy. I seriously find the best deals, and you can’t beat the 2-day Prime shipping! I also bought this pair for just $16.50 – such a steal! 

2. Dew Skin – If you haven’t tried Beautycounter‘s cult-favorite tinted moisturizer, you are missing out! (I’m shade No. 2 for reference.) I wear this every single day of the year. It gives you sheer coverage with a dewy glow and has SPF 20 (so it’s especially a must for Spring and Summer)! I honestly just feel more put together when I wearing it: it evens out my skin tone and makes me look more awake. For more coverage, you can always mix Dew Skin with Tint Skin.

3. The Book with No Pictures – Quinn is loving this book. He cracks up SO HARD, which it makes it all the more fun for us when we’re reading it with him. It’s written by BJ Novak of The Office, which guarantees it’ll be humorous. What books do your kids like to read on repeat?

4. Classic Leather Tote – This classic leather tote from Cuyana never fails me. I’ve shared a video review of it and always get compliments when I’m totting it around. Not only does it fit all of the mom essentials, but it’s fashionable, too. I can throw my laptop in it when I’m headed to a coffee shop to work  and will even throw my sneakers in there too when I’m headed to the gym. It really is the best bag and has held up so well over the years. In fact, it still looks great despite some serious abuse from me!

5. Patagonia Bivy Hooded Down Vest – While I know it’s officially Spring(!), I can’t stop eyeing this puffy vest. I’ve had it in my shopping cart for nearly two weeks, and I think I’m just going to make the plunge (it’s 30% off right now!) and save it for next Fall. I love Patagonia clothing, because while it’s not cheap, the quality is amazing and lasts year after year. Now to choose a color…

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  1. I have the Bivy from last year…I even wear it in the winter instead of a coat, in Chicago! It’s perfect if you’ve got a sweater or hoodie on and just need to run errands in the car, etc even in the cold, it’s SO warm! And I love the inner chest pocket for stashing stuff. Pull the trigger!

  2. Question: do you set your dew skin with a loose powder? I have been wondering if that would help with staying power. Thanks! Glad you are feeling better!

  3. Has your doctor ever discussed a tonsillectomy with you? It seems like you’ve had strep a bunch of times in recent years. The same thing happened to me (although honestly, I had strep a lot as a kid, too) and when I was 33 I had mine out. It was super NOT fun as an adult, but was so worth it to stop getting strep.

    1. I really think I’m going to talk to my doctor, but I’ve heard the surgery is NOT FUN. But I don’t think being on antibiotics this much is good either. Ughhhh!

      1. It definitely was not a fun recovery, but it wasn’t as bad as the stories I read on the internet either. The surgery was quick and I was prescribed magic mouthwash and liquid pain killer that both helped a lot. The worst part was basically being unable to eat anything besides pudding, Jello and popsicles for a little over a week due to lain and the bad taste in my mouth. Once the scabs came off of my throat, I was fine (although part of them did come off early so I was bleeding into my throat but I did get it to stop without having to go the ER). It was completely worth it to quit getting strep multiple times per year. My ENT did require a certain number of infections within the last year (I think it was a year time frame) before he would perform the surgery on an adult and that I have a sleep study performed.

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