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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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When I was at the grocery store yesterday morning, I watched two little girls play a game that my sister and I used to call “the floor game.” The goal of “the floor game” was to stay on the colored tiles as long as possible as we accompanied our mom in the grocery store while she shopped. If you stepped on a white tile, you’d lose and get eaten by sharks or something. We never really figured that part out, but the challenge was to stay on the black tiles and avoid the white ones.

IMG_9528 (563x750)

The floor of our hometown grocery store was mostly a black and white checkered pattern, so it wasn’t all that difficult to stay on the black tiles. Although, there were certain parts of the store where the black tiles really thinned out and then things really got tricky.


I actually thought my sister and I were kind of weird for playing this game, but when I mentioned it to Mal last night, he said he used to play the exact same game. (We grew up in the same town, so our families shopped at the same grocery store.) How funny is that? I guess that floor had the perfect tiles for such a game!

My sister and I played “the floor game” pretty much every time we went to the grocery store with my mom, and we played it for years. I don’t think anyone ever won, but it kept us entertained while my mom shopped.

When we were older, we played “the coupon game” where my mom basically put us to work. She’d give us each a coupon for a product and then ask us to go find it for her. This, of course, sped up my mom’s grocery shopping and kept us from bugging her!

What kind of made up games did you play as a kid? Did your parents ever keep you busy with “games” that they created?


This morning’s breakfast was my favorite peanut butter and banana wrap. I’m crazy and switched things up by putting some chia seeds inside it today.

IMG_9570 (750x563) (750x563)

After I ate my wrap, I drank an iced coffee with coconut-almond milk.

IMG_9581 (563x750)


After breakfast, I headed out to meet Kerrie for a quick loop of Pond Meadow Park. The gate was closed this morning, so we started in the parking lot and ran 2 miles. It was only 77 degrees when we started running, but, holy crap, it was humid. My lungs felt like they were about to explode on the hills! I’m so glad Kerrie didn’t want to do another lap of the park. I don’t think I would have survived.

IMG_9591 (750x563)

After our run, I headed to CrossFit. The first part of today’s workout was all about power. We had 20 minutes to find our maximum box jump height. Basically, we used boxes and plates to see how high we could jump in a single attempt. Surprisingly, I’ve always missed the workouts when do this, so I was excited to see how high I could jump. I mean, the highest box jump I had ever done before today was 24” during a WOD.

IMG_9592 (563x750)

I worked with Kerrie and we made it up to 35 inches. I was so darn close to 36 inches! I got my feet on the plate, but I was off-balance and couldn’t stand up. And then we ran out of time. Bummer.

IMG_9594 (750x563)

Mal, however, was a lot better at max box jumps. He was a jumping bean machine and worked his way up to 47 inches!



After CrossFit, I came home and refueled with a protein shake made with vanilla fitmixer protein powder (< ;— FYI: affiliate link), almond milk, water, and splash of iced coffee.

IMG_9233 (563x750)

Every time I break out the bag of fitmixer, Murphy bugs out. The crinkling of the bag sounds just like his bag of dog food, so he always gets excited-panicked.

IMG_9596 (750x563)

He jumped around and then whined a little, so I put the bag on the floor for him to examine.

IMG_9597 (563x750)

He really went to town checking it out.

IMG_9598 (563x750)

IMG_9600 (563x750)

What a weirdo.

IMG_9603 (563x750)


A little while later, I threw together a salad for lunch. In the mix: baby spinach, tomatoes, garlic hummus, and leftover Cauliflower and Ham Gratin. It might not look it, but this meal was super filling!

IMG_9608 (750x563)


As an afternoon snack. I ate a peach mango Oikos Greek yogurt with slices almonds, chia seeds, and shredded coconut mixed in. So delish. I also ate a spoonful of cashew nut butter.

IMG_9611 (750x563)

Off to walk the pug and then relax. Hope your week is off to a great start!



  1. Murphy is the cutest thing ever… I can’t get over it.

    You totally beasted those box jumps!!! And Mal too! That’s outrageously impressive. I like to stick to my short little box, 12 or 18″.

    When I was a kid, I decided to “collect coupons” which definitely kept me entertained at the grocery store, but drove my parents nuts… remember those things that were stuck to the shelves and would spit coupons out, like the numbers at the deli counter? I would see how many different coupons I could collect. And then I would BRING THEM ALL HOME. My poor parents.

  2. I used to play the floor game too! The plain tiles were dangerous lava, naturally. You and Mal are beasts with those box jumps. I fell off the box the other day and tried to play it cool (didn’t work). Can’t win ’em all!

  3. I think Murph wants some protein powder! He says “build me up some muscles! gotta pick up the pug ladies at the dog park!!”

  4. I played that game all the time as a kid. We would also set up pillows between couches or doors and built an obstacle course. If you fell onto the carpet you were eaten by sharks. Pretty much endless fun.

    47 inches! Thats insane!!!

  5. that height is so impressive! last time i tried for 36, i totally bit it and ***may have bled***. now i’m a little paranoid about trying again but i really need to get back in there. you inspired me!

  6. Totally did the same with floor tiles. Never played a game against anyone, probably because I was usually alone w/ my mom, but always tried to stay on the black (or colored) tiles!

  7. I used to play that game! Except I was an only child so I just did it to keep myself busy ahah. I think EVERY kid probably played that game. Just like the whole “Don’t step on the crack or you’ll break your mothers back!” type thing 🙂

    & way to go on those box jumps! My max right now is 30″ which I’m proud of because that’s hip height for me hah! I’ll work my way up though 🙂

  8. Definitely played the tile game – the white tiles were lava!
    Also played gamed where you couldn’t:
    step on the floor (you’d have to jump around on beds, couches and pillows)
    let the ball/balloon hit the floor
    step on the cracks in the sidewalk
    …man, there was a lot of lava in my childhood.

  9. I am totally impressed with your box jumps (and Mal’s too!). I did box jumps for the first time at CrossFit on Friday (I’m a CrossFit newbie) & was jumping on the tiny boxes.

  10. It boggles my mind how high you guys can jump. Those are some huge boxes, anyway, but adding things on top? CRAZY!
    If I ever get the guts to go to CrossFit, I shudder to think how lame my jumps would be. I couldn’t even jump that high in dance. Good luck with hitting 36 inches!

  11. That WOD looks like one of the many reasons Crossfit would be such a great workout. I would be so afraid of falling backwards off those boxes and they definitely seem to teach you to conquer your fears or any doubts you have about yourself.

  12. Yep my siblings and I definitely played that same game! Only we named the colors squares ‘rock’ and if you fell off into the while tiles you fell into the lava haha

  13. Well, it wasn’t a game, but the house that I lived in growing up had mural type design on one of the walls (It had cloud-like designs and squiggly things on it- It was the 80’s… lol), and my brother and I used to pretend to be “weathermen” and take a wooden rod and do the weather!

  14. My sister and I totally played the floor game! And I just asked my husband and he did it with his brother and sister too. I think all kids must have played it.

  15. I grew up in NYC so I used to play a version of the floor game with crosswalk paint. I would only let myself step where the paint was, which was very difficult on roads that hadn’t been maintained in a while and the paint was sometimes scarce. The unpainted parts were lava, obviously.

  16. I used to play that game all the time…glad to know I wasn’t the only child out there jumping across the grocery store. Speaking of jumping, DAAAANG, you and Mal are super-jumpers!!

  17. AMAZING work on that jump Tina! I do NOT like to think about how pathetic mine is. Crossfit and the stuff you do in it makes you realize that you might be “fit” in one way but miss out on so many other aspects. Amen for that! It looks like you’re pretty fit all around–inspiring!

  18. I totally played the floor game with my niece (she’s like my little sister) when we were younger! Haha, and we were in the Philippines when we were growing up, so I guess it’s like a universal thing. 😉 I miss having that big an imagination! It made things so much more fun!

    You and Mal are like crazy high jumpers!! I swear, you guys remind me of frogs! 47 inches?! My goodness!
    Haha, I DO know this one guy at my gym, though.. I think he does about 35-40 inches while wearing a 25 pound vest!
    I WISH I had powerful legs like all of you!

  19. I totally used to play that game! My favorite game with my sister, oh geez so nerdy…we would put the Star Trek/Star Wars (they’re equally epic) soundtrack on and run around the house like crazy, then we’d meet in the living room and spin around until we couldn’t anymore. Finally, we would collapse on the floor and watch the ceiling spin.

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