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Last night, Mal and I went on a date to The Fat Cat in Quincy Center.

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Over the past several months, I’ve heard all sorts of great things about it, so I was really excited to check it out for myself.

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The Fat Cat is “an engaging, warm, industrial-style restaurant.” It’s quaint and cozy inside with a gorgeous bar on one side of the restaurant and an open seating area on the other.

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IMG_0034 (500x375)IMG_0035 (375x500)

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Mal and I were pleasantly surprised with the beer menu at The Fat Cat. There were lots of great choices– from local selections to imports to “funky stuff.” Mal was especially happy about the variety of IPAs.

IMG_0044 (500x375)

As an appetizer, Mal and I shared an order of the Fried Dill Pickle Slices, which were served with a thick Cajun Remoulade. The pickles were so delicious, we eventually had to push them away from us, so we could save room for our entrée. We just wanted to keep eating them!

IMG_0045 (500x375)

For my entrée, I ordered the Cajun Seared Ahi, which was served with wasabi, pickled ginger, and a sweet sesame sauce. The tuna was thick, meaty, and very flavorful. I really enjoyed it, especially with a big glob of wasabi on it!

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After dinner, Mal and I headed across the street to Blue 22 for Stump Trivia with our friends Elizabeth, Nick, and Nick’s brother.

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IMG_0051 (500x375)

Mal and I arrived a little early, so we had some fun with self portraits.

IMG_0057 (500x375)

I love my husband.

IMG_0061 (500x375)IMG_0052 (500x375)
IMG_0053 (500x375)IMG_0055 (500x375)

Once everyone arrived, I ordered a dirty vodka martini to enjoy during trivia. It wasn’t the best martini, but I drank it anyway.

IMG_0062 (500x375)

Over the course of the night, our team, “2 Girls World Cup,” did fairly well. We were actually in first place going into the final round, but we lost the lead on a beer question. A beer question!?! The horror! (FYI: The top import beer to the US is Corona. We said Heineken. Boo.)

IMG_0064 (500x375)

We ended up coming in third place and winning a pitcher of beer. I didn’t end up drinking any, but I was psyched about our win!

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