The Donuts I Wouldn’t Get on National Donut Day

Good morning and happy National Donut Day!

Are you celebrating today? I sure hope so. It’s quite the delicious day!


When Mal woke up this morning, the first words out of his mouth were: “NATIONAL DONUT DAY!!!” And then, “Let’s get free donuts!” He was absolutely pumped and immediately jumped out of bed like a freak. In fact, he was so excited, he got Murphy all riled up, thinking he was coming along for the ride too. (We actually ended up leaving the pug at home because he gets SO EXCITED and barks non-stop when we order coffee at the drive-up window because he thinks he is getting a treat. A pug never forgets.)

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Anyway, Mal and I drove to the Dunkin’ Donuts on route 18 in Weymouth to get iced coffees and free donuts. FYI for the locals: This location actually makes all of their donuts in-house, so they’re the freshest and best-tasting around. Other Dunkin Donuts get their donuts shipped in from the Brockton location, so they’re not nearly as amazing in my opinion.

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On the drive to Dunkin’ Donuts, Mal and I started talking about what donuts we were going to get to celebrate National Donut Day. He knew immediately what he wanted (chocolate frosted), but it took me a little while to decide. I started listing off some top contenders, which Mal thought was kind of funny because, apparently, according to him, I like “old people” donut flavors, like Old Fashioned and Butternut. I felt like a boring, ol’ fuddy-duddy, so I eventually went with a chocolate frosted donut with rainbow sprinkles, which was an excellent choice and awesome way to celebrate the day.

As far as what donut I would NOT get to celebrate National Donut Day (Mal and I talked about that too), the Peep donut definitely topped my list. It was a glazed donut with magenta frosting and a Peep in the middle. It just didn’t look appetizing. Actually, pretty much any donut with bright pink or purple frosting didn’t look good to me. I’d also probably pass on the jelly- or cream-filled donuts. Obviously, I love sugar, but it’s almost like too much sugar in each bite, ya know?

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Question of the Day

Did you celebrate National Donut Day today? What flavor did you pick? 

What type of donut would you NOT get?

What are your favorite Instagram accounts for workout motivation?

P.S. Just in case you don’t have a Dunkin’ Donuts near you: 6 Free Donut Deals for National Donut Day!


  1. I speed read your post thinking you were going to say you didn’t get a donut because you went into labor before getting a chance to! I’ve been checking your blog every couple hours for the announcement…hurry up Baby H!

  2. I am not celebrating national donut day. I broke up with sugar a few months ago because it was getting a little out of control. If I were celebrating, it would be a plain old glazed donut, nothing fancy or complicated! Maybe the donuts will help with baby H!

  3. I am so glad to know it’s National Donut Day. I don’t remember the last time I had one and a Dunkin’ Donuts just opened up in town. I must go celebrate with a powdered sugar donut. My favorite!

  4. I think attention needs to be brought to your use of ‘fuddy-duddy’. It made me laugh! I am so using it today.

  5. I accidentally yelled at the guy when he offered me a donut. I’d forgotten about the holiday and I’ve been doing really good lately so having this unexpected surprise, did not bode well with my healthy eating self. Maybe next year.

  6. No donut for me today since it’s not worth the tummy troubles…but I used to love anything filled with…well anything. Pretty sure the sweet factor would be too much for me now! Do we really need a national donut day? I guess I’m probably in the minority here!

  7. Glazed are my favorites and then the chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles are next, but I won’t be getting any because there aren’t any GF options. It’s basically the one food I miss like woah!

  8. I work about a few blocks in each direction from Dunkin’ Donuts (I mean, I work in Southie…they’re everywhere!!) but I think I’m going to skip celebrating national donut day and celebrate “friday night wine with friends” instead!

  9. Oh yes, I celebrated…with glazed croissants. Holy Holy Yum! I had them after I worked out this morning, which made me feel sort of guilty (I hate ruining a workout by eating junk)…but hey, it’s National Donut Day. You gotta celebrate!

  10. I didn’t get a donut today because I am truly too stuffed from all of the birthday week desserts (you know I must really be stuffed to turn down another dessert). I have always loved Dunkin’s chocolate crème filled donut. As a little girl I selected the pink frosted just because it was pink. I also love any crème filled donut, especially from the Peter Pan bakery in Brooklyn. One donut I will never get is the jelly donut. Just never liked that whole concept.

  11. I had a chocolate donut with chocolate frosting from Dunkies 🙂 My college boyfriend was from Boston and his best friend was from Weymouth, so the Dunkin Donuts around there hold a special place in my heart.

  12. Yay! Since I am doing the #30summerdays thing, I immediately thought of donuts FIRST thing this morning! After completing a Hero WOD this morning at CrossFit Acadia, I stopped and bought 2-dozen donuts to share with my co-workers 🙂
    I ended up having a glazed donut stick!

  13. I haven’t grabbed a free donut today but maybe I’ll get one on my way home from work! Chocolate frosted is the way to go. 🙂 I would probably never order the old-fashion or white powdered donuts… they’re a little too blah for me!

  14. I celebrated with Dunkin’s Blueberry Cobbler donut! It is SO GOOD!

    A donut I would not get is the lemon filled. I had originally asked for a powered donut and the guy said they were out but said they had lemon and I was “NOOOOO”. hahaha

  15. I love old fashioned and buttermilk bars (glazed or chocolate for both) but there is a local place here that make a peanut butter and chocolate donut that I allow myself once a year, on my birthday!

  16. Ah, I had grand plans of skipping National Donut Day, but of course my coworkers talked me into it. I am with you, anything with frosting is totally unappealing. I got a glazed blueberry, which is like extra-sweet blueberry coffee cake – yum!

    I follow Fitfluential on Instagram, but not the others you mentioned – thanks for the recommendations!

  17. Putting off celebrating until tomorrow, but will be hitting up my favorite local donut place. Most of their donuts are vegan and all of their donuts are made with locally sourced ingredients. They had a toasted almond cake style donut that is to die for!

  18. After my 36 week appointment I’m waiting on right now I’m going on a free donut tour. I’m pretty excited. The doc needs to hurry it up!

  19. Aw–I thought you were going to say you weren’t getting one because you were on your way to the hospital. Haha, never mind!
    I wouldn’t get any because there aren’t any that are GF. 🙁 I used to prefer Munchkins to donuts and my favorite was the glazed. I agree that the Peep one looks gross. I’m also not a fan of jelly-filled. I’m more old fashioned like you. 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  20. I got the Boston Creme this morning. I always order chocolate glazed but also felt like I should do something more special to celebrate. It was so good, too!

  21. I snagged a peanut donut for my husband and I kept the iced coffee 😉 I’m not a big fan of donuts, but I really don’t like the jelly filled. Too much sugar for sure.

  22. Chocolate chocolate and more chocolate. And sprinkles for color. I hear eating different colors is healthy 😉

    ALSO. Wanted to share that I’ve begun crossfit. Holy shirts and pants it’s TOUGH. just like I knew it would be. Needless to say I’m angry with how out of shape I am and LOVING every second of crossfit. Will pull-ups ever be in my future…

    1. That’s awesome!! Pull-ups will definitely be in your future! Probably a whole bunch of them. Just keep at it! 👍💪😄

  23. I really do not get donuts very often and the closest place to me is Safeway so I’m not that desperate. BUT, my all time favorite one is from a shop called Frost that is 45 minutes away from my house. It’s the Salted Caramel. Handmade caramel tops an Old Fashioned doughnut and sprinkled with local Saltworks Snowflake Salt. It’s quite delicious! My husband likes the maple bars that are topped with bacon.

    Thinking this weekend is a good time to have a baby!!!!

  24. I wouldn’t eat a donut with any jelly filling. I’m not a huge donut fan so I’m not celebrating. (I know, what kind of person am I?! lol) If I were to celebrate, I would get a chocolate donut with sprinkles. I love sprinkles!

  25. I celebrated and had a blueberry cobbler donut, but removed all the filling and ate the outside. Total weirdo! T I’m totally with you on the peeps donut. So unappetizing!

  26. UGH, I read the title and thought you might not have gotten a free donut because you went into labor! Ahh… hahah still waiting 🙂

  27. totally did not realize it was national donut day, but after spending tue/wed morning in the ER and passing a kidney stone last night. I felt like I deserved a donut with my iced coffee on the way to the doctor’s. I went to a local place in the Merrimack valley called heavenly donuts and I got a chocolate cruller. I guess you could call that a ol’ fuddy-duddy donut since older people tend to get crullers a lot lol!

  28. Unfortunately we didn’t celebrate….although that doesn’t mean that we can’t hit up the late night drive thru. 😉 a donut sounds so good!
    Yours looks decadent. My favorite is always been the old fashioned donut but I can’t find them anywhere!! I love that cakey goodness. Second favorite is the jelly bun from Holland Farms when I visit my grandma in Utica, NY (upstate). Oh, and they have the best black and white cookies too. Dang, now I’m on a sugar tangent! Hope you go into labor soon from that donut. If not, I made these ‘ultimate’ cookie bars for 3 of my girlfriends and they all went into labor within 12 hours. Ha!

  29. I didn’t get a donut today, in all honesty I completely forgot! But if I did I would have gotten an old-fashioned haha, yes I like old people flavors too apparently! I am totally with you on the peep being at the top of my NOT getting list, and I know it is crazy but I am not a fan of glazed donuts so probably not one of those either!

  30. I’ m a dunkin girl…my faves are seasonal and they still don’t always the gingerbread or the donuts for me today, but ilike the chocolate glazed and to get multi flavors of munchkins…I like em all

  31. I didn’t know that about that Dunks. I always think that DD has the worst donuts but maybe I should head to the South Shore to get a fresh one! They just always feel stale to me.

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