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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I still can’t believe how quickly today flew by! Yowsahs! 😯 I feel like the day totally got away from me. But, I finally updated my House Tour page on CNC! I added a lot of ”˜before’ photos of our home, so I will continue to update the page as we finish decorating rooms, so be sure to check back occassionally!



Somehow, dinner turned out really well tonight. As I was preparing it, I wasn’t sure how it would taste. I found a recipe for Mac & Cheese Lite, but it only called for 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese. Most Mac & Cheese recipes call for a lot more, so I wasn’t expecting anything special.

_MG_9180 (640x426)

Well, I was wrong. Even though this recipe wasn’t super cheesy, it had a ton of flavor!!! You wouldn’t know it was a slimmed-down version of Mac & Cheese at all.

_MG_9177 (640x426)

On the side, I served roasted brussels sprouts.

_MG_9175 (640x426)

For dessert, I ate a bunch of chocolate chips cookies. Mal asked me to make him some “unhealthy” cookies, so I went all out with the butter and the sugar in these babies. YUMMMM!

_MG_9202 (640x426)

Up next: Watching American Idolwith my boys then picking up Dave and Marie from the airport. Those lucky ducks have been in the Dominican Republic for the past week. I’m so jealous!



  1. Sounds like our days had a lot in common….I was home due to the snow….my day flew by….I also had roasted brussels sprouts with my dinner…and that mac and cheese looks great!

  2. A healthy mac n cheese recipe is a true gem. Thanks for the recc, i am always worried lite recipes won’t ‘taste that good’ when it comes to something like mac & cheese. also i roasted BABY brussels sprouts last night! I wanted to pinch their little cheeks they were so cute 🙂 and delicious…

  3. I might finally have to break down and try roasting brussel sprouts. I just have bad memories of their smelliness from when I was little 🙁 I hear they’re better roasting than steaming though so we’ll see how it goes! 🙂

  4. I haven’t had mac and cheese for ages and I don’t tend to like mine super cheesy, so I really should try this recipe!! Have a great night Tina! 🙂

  5. I was reading the newest Runners World and there was a recipe for Mac and cheese that used pureed cauliflower. I was thinking of trying that recipe but I may use the one you used. Sounds like it has a lot more flavor.

  6. Hmm..Cookies!

    I look forward to looking at your House pages. I love before and after pictures. I’m addicted to those kind of shows on HGTV. 🙂

  7. Hmm I wonder how GOAT MAC n CHEESE would taste~ brussel sprouts are probably one of my fave veggies! Even without anything–just roasted. Have a good niiiiight and hopefully you’ll wake up to a sunny morning? 🙂

  8. ‘Kay, everything about that dinner looks delish–adding this to the To-Try list.

    What do you think about American Idol this year? I think there’s some really moving personal stories & great (young) talent!

  9. did you halve the recipe to make only two servings? the original said 1 cup of reduced fat cheddar cheese plus 1/4 cup of parmesan… do you often just cook for two with no leftovers? it certainly does sound good!

  10. Mac and cheese! It’s my favorite meal of all meals. I find that you actually don’t need a ton of cheese for it to be flavorful. I use Greek yogurt, a little cheese and a tbsp of hummus (adds a great tang) in my healthy version.

  11. I’m so excited to try this recipe… I just made homemade Mac& cheese for the first time this winter & it was fantastic– not a light version by any stretch of the imagination, though 🙂 … It would be good to have a healthier version in my repertoire! PS: Loved the new “house tour” photos. Your house is lovely & I’m excited to see what you do with your space!

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