The Cost of Your Health

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning!! :mrgreen:

First things first: BREAKFAST! I started my day with two slices of toasted carrot raisin Manna Bread with Barney Butter spread on top. Melted Barney Butter is pure heaven to me.


On the side, I had a few slices of watermelon. I also plan to drink a glass of iced coffee with soy milk as no morning is complete without one! 😉


Cost of Your Health

So, I had no idea what to blog about this morning. Most mornings, I wake up with a zillion ideas running through my head, but not today. I just stared blankly at my computer screen. I wrote about “splurging” at the grocery store over on Trading Up Downtown this morning, so I thought it’d make for an interesting Question of the Day on CNC.

If you regularly read Trading Up Downtown, you know that I am a total cheapskate. I’m always looking to save money and I don’t easily part with my hard-earned dollars. But, when it comes to my health, I’m more likely to spend. I do, however, make an effort to save where I can. For instance, I’ll shell out extra bucks on a Garmin because I know that I’ll use it A LOT, but I save on workout gear. I buy shorts and pants from Old Navy and Target and cheap tank tops and socks from Walgreens and Kmart. (That stuff just ends up sweaty and gross!) In the food department, I splurge on Greek yogurt and sometimes organic produce, but I save on my grocery bill by meal planningbuying reduced/damaged produce, and cutting coupons. For me, being healthy doesn’t need to be expensive, but sometimes my health is worth the splurge.

Question of the Day

In what ways do you splurge and save on the cost of your health?



  1. I splurge on things like heart rate monitors when it comes to fitness, and organics when it comes to groceries. But I only buy organic fruits/veggies that are on the “high risk” end. Otherwise I’d be one broke student!

  2. Splurge: Lululemon Athletica workout gear, Garmin Forerunner 305… my sneakers Nike Freedom Lite’s, Starbucks, J.Crew clothing…

    I used the Nike+ system before (don’t bother… it’s so innacurate) and bought a Garmin. Love that. Sure it was expensive, but it’s worth it it.

  3. For me, when it comes to fitness… I splurge on the things that make me feel better: organic apples, Lululemon Athletica clothing, and a Garmin Forerunner 305. When it comes to everything else, I try and watch it. Yes, I like Starbucks but recently learned that coffee really upsets my GI tract therefore I won’t have it.

  4. I’ve learned that making my own coffee saves me SO much cash! Also my health insurence reimburses me $150 a year towards my gym membership.

  5. I totally splugre on food too… Mostly organic food!
    But I also try to watch out for good deals and discounts!
    And I buy ‘damaged’ or prepacked produce too!

  6. I definitely splurge on my health. I love buying new DVDs and weights for home, and my gym is one of my splurges. To me, it’s just worth it.

    And, as far as food goes, having a blog has provided me with a GREAT excuse to splurge more, ha! 🙂

  7. I realize that eating healthy is more expensive than getting food from Walmart, but I know that more healthy food means less visits to the hospital so in that way I think I’m splurging and saving

  8. From what all my friends say I have a GIANT grocery budget – so I will say we splurge on food. I’m not saying we sit down to a 7 course meal everynight (or any night) but we do have fresh, healthy wonderful meals every night. Nothing worse than working all day and coming home to an empty fridge!

  9. I definitely splurge on healthy foods.
    This season I got a CSA share that is a good amount of money up front for vegetables and some fruit but it ends up being about $19/week, which isn’t too bad. It might actually end up being cheaper because I make less frequent trips to the grocery store so I probably don’t buy as many random things I don’t really need.
    As for exercise gear, I try to keep it cheap. I agree, being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive

  10. I buy healthy food. It *can* actually cost less at the grocery store because I’m not buying bags of chips, etc. and that all costs money. But I definitely save when it comes to workout gear, socks and some toiletries. It’s all about the coupons!

  11. I think it is worth it to spend money on good QUALITY workout clothing. With all the washing that it goes through, it needs to be durable and hold it’s shape.

    I once bought a pair of cheap workout pants from cost-co and one day when I was running on the treadmill they split right down the front crotch! I was showing off my panties to the hole gym!!


  12. Food is our biggest splurge, I try and buy the highest quality ingredients and as organic as possible because of my children. I have splurged on a garmin, and my running shoes but the rest of my work out gear is inexpensive.

  13. I splurge on food – healthy stuff can be so exspensive, but I think it’s (for the most part) worth it. I save o exercise though – running is free and home workout DVDs are so much cheaper than a gym 😀

  14. I buy lots of frozen and canned veggies/meats. I insist on frozen, but if they’re not on sale I will opt for canned as long as it is the no-sodium or low-sodium varieties. Also, if I want to splurge on a treat, I make it myself! I don’t buy cookie dough or brownie mix anymore – I get down and dirty and do it from scratch. If I’m craving banana bread, I’ll make it and enjoy the treat even more (and for less money)!

    Also, workout clothes (as someone mentioned) don’t have to be expensive! I get most of mine at Wal-Mart, Target, or our local mega-markets (Kroger, Meijer, etc.)! I’ve gotten compliments from strangers on some yoga tops and running shorts, and when I tell them they only cost $7-$15 each, they’re amazed!

  15. I definitely “splurge” on groceries. Most would say I spend a LOT but I would rather spend more money on wholesome healthy food and save on things like buying running shirts and cute shoes. You can always find affordable cute clothes!

  16. I buy frozen veggies and make my own bread and tortillas, but I splurge on soy products (meat substitute, tofu, soy milk, etc.). Soy is MUCH more expensive than dairy and meat, but I like not having to consume so much saturated fat, hormones, and antibiotics.

  17. Ours is a little different now since my husband was diagnosed with celiac. I used to splurge on things like flax, veggies, fruits, maple syrup…stuff like that. Now, I splurge on gluten free pastas, gluten free flours…things like that add up so fast! I make most things myself because the cost of prepared foods that are gluten free are crazy! Unfortunately, our splurges are now have tos!

  18. I’m definitely more likely to splurge when it comes to my health, not just by buying healthy foods, which are more expensive than junk, or by forking over money each month for a gym membership. But I’ll also pay for doctor’s visits and medical treatments because my health is really important to me. I’m spending a lot of money recently on a treatment for my knee injuries. But it’s worth it.

  19. I splurge on organic food and some of the powders that I love, like the Trader Joe’s antioxidant powders. I always sort of cringe at the checkout, but I know that having more energy and better health leads to a more productive and happy life.
    I am bad and I NEVER go to the doctor’s. . .

  20. Splurge: good running/walking shoes, organic produce and meats, sunscreen, for my face (who wants to get wrinkly?!), good pots, pans and knives

    Save: work out clothes (agreed… walmart, target, etc), water (out of the faucet for me!), personal trainer (well I guess dogs can be expensive, but she’s worth it ;))

  21. I do splurge with Greek yogurt, too. To save, I buy lettuce greens that are not prewashed (i.e. just big heads of lettuce) and stick to the outside of the store. I try to buy as fresh and unprocessed as possible, which helps save money. Packaged goods (soups, frozen dinners, etc.) can be expensive (especially if you buy the organic/natural kind), so I try to keep those purchases to a minimum.

  22. I don’t splurge on workout gear, especially for running. I’m totally ghetto with my ratty tshirts, pedometer and non-iPod mp3 player! LOL! I did buy a GYMBOSS for my running intervals, but it was only $19.95 and I use it for every run.

    Now, food…that’s a different story. I will splurge on organics, fancy cheese, breads and yogurt. I love good food!

  23. I’m totally unable to splurge. I don’t buy stuff when it’s not on sale, it’s like my mind would not let me. For me, slpurging is buying something in bulk at Costco … While in the end its the exact opposite.

    I’ve had the same gym clothes for the last 2 years and my sneakers are so worn out, they might as well be considered as Flip Flop hehe.

    I’d need to get on Extreme Makeover – Bank Account edition!

  24. My only real weekly splurge is almond milk and protein powder. I love it so much, I have to have it! Greek yogurt’s too expensive, so I just buy the big value tubs of plain and mix in protein powder, which saves money in the long run. I also got Barney Butter in my Easter basket this year as an extra special gift, hahah!

  25. I definitely splurge on produce 🙂 I eats lots of spinach so I buy in bulk at Costco. I’ve found that searching the circulars and going to several grocery stores can help decrease the amount of money I spend on food. Whole Foods can have some good deals with coupons plus their 365 brand is amazing!!

  26. I save by buying on sale first, but I also like to buy locally. The farmer’s market often has some great buys, and this time of year picking your own produce is doable. This weekend I picked a ton of strawberries for a great price, and then made jam and froze a bunch of them. I just posted my Strawberry Jam with Honey recipe, and I have to say it’s pretty good!

  27. Artisan chocolates are my weakness and my splurge item! And while I’m constantly bemoaning my lack of access to flavoured peanut butters and htings like Barney Butter here in Australia, it is good for my budget. Particularly as I’ve just moved out and am entering poor PhD student life! Meal planning and lots of pasta and beans are in my future, for sure!

  28. food to us is one of thos things you just cant scrimp on. I mean, it’s food, we have to have it, so why not have good quality? there are some things we buy “store brand” of but I too splurge on things like greek yogurt, coconut water, luna bars, things like that!

  29. I tend to splurge on Soy and greek yogurt, and produce.. I hardly EVER buy clothes or shoes- or just random stuff that you don’t need- I use the library, have no tv, do yoga for free- and play outside!

  30. Does splurging on baby clothes count? I am smitten with my first baby, so if she “needs” a $40 bathing suit because she looks so adorable in it, how can I resist? I’m sure baby #2 may not have that luxury, but for now, my 6 month old gets lots of splurges! Unfortunately, I’m not finding a whole lot of ways to save these days… breast feeding, maybe? 🙂 Saves on formula!

  31. Splurges: Vitamins, Dave’s Killer Bread, choosing local and/or organic over standard, I think pretty much everything I do for my health is a splurge. But I do also cut coupons, load up during sales, and try to ration the really expensive items. Oh, and I don’t go nut butter crazy. I only buy Maranatha AB from Costco. So no Nutzo or Barney Butter or Artisan butters for me!

  32. Oh, my grocery budget is beyond ridiculous. And we spend way too much money on home renovations. That said, I always have my eye out for deals, am a gung-ho coupon-clipper, and we rarely purchase food outside of grocery stores and farmers markets (ie restaurants and coffee shops are rare).

  33. I am all about being frugal AND healthy (so much so I started a blog about it!). For me, things like fresh, abundant produce and almond butter (and other nut butters!) are totally worth it. I can’t quite seem to splurge on things like ezekiel bread or coconut butter…yet. Give me time! 🙂

  34. i dont splurge on many things.. i will on peanut butter and sneakers! but even my splurges on sneakers make me look cheap, because i will go to the Nike outlets and spend 60 dollars and cry about it..
    my workout clothes come from Target and Walmart, have had the same pair of grey capri sweats for 5 years from Walmart and only paid 7 dollars for them.. i JUST bought a workout tank at Target on Sunday for $3.75..
    i shop at Target for basics on clothes too- t-shirts, tanks, dont need to spend a bunch of money on them, there is no point!

  35. Any type of nut butter melted is amazing!!

    I splurge on my health with my gym membership, it’s expensive but I love it and I try to go as often as possible. I save by buying my organic produce at trader joe’s. I buy super healthy food all the time and rarely spend more than $50 per week!

  36. I am a total miser with most things, but when it comes to good, I’d gladly spend. I really seldom buy house-brands/store-brands/home-brands, rather spend a little more on something better researched on.

    And talking about research, researching how good expensive foods are online is excellent too. :]

    Anyhow, LOVE the blog aye. :]:]

    Cheers from Singapore.

  37. i track my spending in my account on and have noticed that over the past few months i spend sooo much less on clothing and more on fitness (the gym, trainer) and good food!! my priorities have totally changed. i think it’s okay to splurge more on special foods if you’re able to cut back in other areas. just like with eating, it’s all about the balance!

  38. I spluge on sneakers because, between teaching group fitness 5x a week and walking my two mutts daily, I wear them too damn much to not be comfortable and long-lasting. I do save on workout clothes by buying cheap and colorful tanks, tees and pants because those items get sweaty and repeatedly washed (to the point of destruction) 🙂

  39. Great post! To name a few, I’ll splurge on Greek yogurt, nut butters, produce from my local Farmer’s Market, and good sneakers. I definitely don’t spend a lot on workout gear, because there are so many cheap and cute choices out there (Target, Old Navy), and I’m all about the coupons! I’m still saving up for a Garmin, because I believe it would be a very sound investment for me, and totally worth the cost.

  40. Great question! The only thing that I really splurge on every month is food. I like to make sure that I’m eating good-quality food at every meal. That said, I save money by always bringing my lunch to work and eating in most nights.

  41. I def save on workout clothes, I buy from target and I use them until they are dead. I also try to save on produce by being flexible in my meal planning and getting the produce that are on sale that week. As for splurges, I splurge on coffee and lots of almond butter!

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