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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Greetings from Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Home of the Cheeseheads!


(I’m seriously considering buying a cheesehead hat before I leave Milwaukee. I would totally wear it at home. I <3 cheese.)

Thankfully, all of my travels went smoothly today: Home —> Taxi —> Boston —> Detroit —> Milwaukee —> Taxi —> Hotel. Not a single travel hiccup.

IMG_0001 (600x450)


In Boston, before I boarded the plane to Detroit, I grabbed lunch at Fresh City.

IMG_0002 (600x450)

I was really in the mood for a sandwich with lots of veggies, so I ordered the Farmer’s Market wrap.

IMG_0004 (600x450)

Inside was lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, edamame, shredded carrot, cheddar, and ranch dressing, and it was wicked good. I love the idea of edamame in a wrap. And ranch dressing.

IMG_0005 (600x450)

On the flight to Detroit, I finally finished Inside of a Dog. Not that it was a bad book by any means””I actually really loved it””I’m just not a huge book reader (magazines are a different story) unless I am traveling. I always try to read before bed, but I usually crack open my book, read for 2 minutes, and then pass right out. Obviously, I don’t get very far with my reading.

IMG_0008 (450x600)

On the plane, I ate some Biscoff cookies, which were, of course, amazingly delicious. Confession: I love flying Delta solely because of the cookies.

IMG_0009 (600x450)

When I landed in Detroit, I had a brief layover (about an hour), so I called my GI doctor to touch base about my medications. I finally made it down to 2.5mg of Prednisone last week, but, sadly, I started to see blood again yesterday. *Sigh* Let’s just say it was “fun” talking about my bowel movements in a crowded airport. Holy awkwardness.

Reminder: Everyone poops.

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I had a major craving for fruity candy and a little time to kill before my flight to Milwaukee, so I bought a magazine and some Starburst. It was a lovely way to pass the time.

IMG_0011 (600x450)

I arrived safe and sound in Milwaukee about 45 minutes later (super quick flight) and then met up with SkinnyRunner at the airport. She’s in town for the same event, so we hitched a ride together to our hotel.

As soon as we pulled up to the hotel, we bumped into Kelly. Ok, it wasn’t a totally random meeting (we made plans to get together for dinner later in the evening), but it was still funny seeing her as soon as we arrived. Perfect timing!

IMG_0023 (450x600)

Once SR and I checked in and got settled in our rooms, the three of us walked around Milwaukee for a little bit and then headed to dinner.

IMG_0021 (600x450)

IMG_0022 (600x450)


We decided on an Italian restaurant called Louise’s, which served pizza, pastas, and salads.

IMG_0025 (450x600)

As soon as we sat down at our table, a basket of delicious cheesy bread with olive oil was served to the table, and I immediately dug in. I was much hungrier than I expected.

IMG_0027 (600x450)

For my entrée, I ordered the Four Seasons Pizza, which was a pizza divided into quarters, each with different toppings: bell pepper and zucchini, pesto and goat cheese, sausage and Fontina cheese, and fresh tomato and basil. It was awesome, and I ate so much of it. I definitely left dinner feeling pretty stuffed, but it was worth it. Holy yum!

IMG_0030 (600x450)

Post-dinner pic with Kelly and SR!

IMG_0031 (600x450)

Questions of the Day

Have you ever visited Wisconsin?

What is your state known for?

Should I buy a cheesehead hat?



  1. Wisconsin is lovely! We went to Milwaukee for a wedding a couple years ago and had a great time touring around the city. I love the waterfront too!

  2. This is a really random question but I just got curious, does SkinnyRunner not post her actual name on her blog ? I just noticed that you put “SR” whereas you put Kelly’s actual name.

    Hope Milwaukee is great!

  3. Um…YES you should buy a cheese hat! Maybe they make tiny ones for pups too? 🙂 Every time I fly I go through at least 3 magazines per flight. It’s really the only time I read them, but it’s a necessity when I’m in the air!

  4. I grew up in of course I’ve been to Wisconsin 😉 Only a few times though, and Milwaukee is gorgeous! The state of IL is known for corrupt politicians… two of our governors are imprisoned. The city of Chicago is known for pizza 😉

    As a Chicagoan and Bears fan, I say “no” to the cheesehead hate because it is synonymous with the Green Bay Packers.

  5. It’s my home state! I’ve lived on the east coast for 6 years, and I miss Wisco daily…and cheese curds. Fresh ones. They squeak when you get them fresh…oh god, I’m feeling homesick!

  6. We live in WI and I LOVE going to Milwaukee for food! You should check out the Rumpus Room…. Bacon jam…. just saying! The Public Market has some fun stuff, Old World Third St., the cafe at the art museum…., La Merenda, Braise, I could go on and on! Did you stay at the Pfister? The ceiling looks familiar. Glad you had a good day/trip.

  7. I live in Madison, WI and lived in Milwaukee for a summer- its great! If you have time rent a bike or take a run on Lakeshore Drive right a long lake Michigan- beautiful! A cheesehead hat is a must! You will find use out of it, I promise 😉
    P.S. If you want some really good coffee check out Alterra! Also a cute restaurant is Cafe Hollander off of Downer St. Have a great time!

  8. YES you should by a cheesehead! I love your blog and I think it’s funny that my office building is in the picture that you took of St. John’s Cathedral (it’s the blue, glass building in the upper right hand corner). I could have waved at you!
    I’m so glad you went to Louise’s! Best. Bread. Ever.

    If you ever come back, I suggest a trip to the Historic 3rd Ward to see the Milwaukee Public Market. So much delicious in one place!

    Glad you had a great trip 🙂

  9. Born and raised in Wisconsin! I live right on the Minnesota border, 30 minutes away from the Twin Cities and I LOVE IT! I am a die-hard Packer fan, my family used to own a Cheese Curd stand, and of COURSE I love cheese!! 🙂 So happy you got to actually visit us! have fun!

  10. My parents used to live in Wisconsin, and I was surprised by how much I liked Milwaukee — it’s actually a cool little city!

    Also, I give a hearty AMEN to the People magazine while at the airport motif. Whenever I fly, I hit up the celeb gossip mags like it’s my job. 🙂

  11. I love Wisconsin! I went to UW-Madison for undergrad! You need to visit Madison! Best city in the state!

  12. I live in Milwaukee and absolutely love it! You need a cheesehead! You should go to the Wisconsin Cheese Mart on Old World 3rd Street. They have cheese samples and all the cheese gear you may possibly need. They sometimes have cheeseheads for babies there, and I think Murphy would look great in it!

  13. Hi,

    Just a friendly question — since you have GI issues, have you thought of giving up gluten for a few weeks to see if that makes a difference? It seems to have changed my life!

    I started reading “The Immune System Recovery Plan” and recommend it.

  14. I live right next door to Wisconsin in Minnesota! I have several friends in Wisconsin, and I visit the near and far parts of Wisconsin often! For camping, Wisconsin Dells, holidays, etc. I think you’d look cute in a Cheesehead hat!

    My state, Minnesota, is known for our many many many lakes (way more than 10,000 per our license plate), we are one of the healthiest states in the US, we battle it out often with Colorado. We love our 4 seasons and utilize them fully everything from skiing and snowmobiling to boating, SCUBA diving and camping!

  15. I’m from Illinois, about 40 minutes from the wisconsin border and Illinois and wisconsin have somewhat of a rivalry (or maybe I just was raised to hate wisconsin and they’re completely indifferent…)
    My state is known for corn but Chicago is known for delicious pizza, bbq, italian beef sandwiches, music, gangastas, and all around awesomeness.

  16. Hey Tina!

    I’m from Wisconsin originally and lived in Milwaukee the past 8 years. Please let me know if you need any recommendations on good eats and visits!

  17. You were in Detroit! That’s my city. That movie Up in the Air (w/George Clooney) was filmed in the McNamara terminal (if there was a big fountain in the “center,” you were in McNamara). So obviously, Michigan is my state. I guess we’re known for lakes and ruin porn (Detroit – even though there’s quite a revival going on).

  18. I have visited Wisconsin more than once. My state (Kansas) is known for wheat. and a big negatory on the cheesehead hat.

  19. I also live in Milwaukee! Take a run or a walk down by the lake… you can actually run along all of the piers, through the parks and in front of the art gallery. Plus, it’s supposed to be beautiful outside all week 🙂

  20. I spent 4 glorious years at Marquette University in Milwaukee. It was a great time! I wasn’t much of a runner in college (I was on the rowing team for a year and then mostly stuck to the elliptical after that), but I wish I had been – running by the lake would be amazing. I’m looking forward to putting in a couple miles when I’m there later this month for a wedding.

  21. WI is my home state… my sister lives in Milwaukee & I currently live in Oshkosh, WI. And NO, we don’t actually walk around wearing goofy cheese hats (well, except at Packer games). 😉 I hate how the Milwaukee airport portrays us as a bunch of redneck cheeshead, cow tipping schmucks. LOL I’ve never been to Louise’s, but that pizza looks amazing!! Yum!!

  22. I’d been offline for a couple of days…that’s why I was so surprised to see you today!
    Great meeting you in person.
    Safe travels back East.

  23. Don’t buy a cheesehead hat and expect to show up in Chicago : )
    We go to Wisconsin often and i love it up there! I’m not sure exactly what IL is known for…Lincoln maybe?!

  24. Never been to Wisconsin, and I hope you bought a cheesehead hat! :0)
    I have been living in MD for 15 years now. My mother was born and raised in Baltimore but I wasn’t. She married a military man (my dad) so we moved around a lot and after getting married and hubby getting out of the Navy, we settled here. Anyways, the point I guess, I should start to consider myself from MD and MD is famous for Blue Crabs and MD Crabcakes.

  25. First off, that pizza looks divine. As for Wisconsin, my best friend lives there, and I went to visit her on a quick trip last year. I really didn’t get to see the city at all, as we were driving at night from staying in Minneapolis. I will go visit her again sometime & make sure I get to see the state. I hear it is beautiful. I live in Nebraska, and my state is known for…corn, steak (Omaha Steaks) and that’s about all I can think of. It’s so much more than that though. People think we live in a cornfield. I rarely see cornfields, unless I’m outside the city. I would pass on the hat, but that’s just me.

  26. I just flew home from Detroit yesterday on Delta and totally agree with you on the cookies! My boyfriend didn’t believe me how good they were, so the flight attendant was nice enough to give me two packages and I reluctantly saved one for him. He at it on the car ride home and wants to go online and buy them now!

  27. Am I too late? Buy a cheesehead hat!! I bought one for my nephew this past Christmas. We were in Wisconsin two years ago and he loved it then! Go cheese! Go Wisconsin!

    What is Maryland known for? Black-eyed Susans? Steeple-chasing? Sailing? Jousting is our state sport…That’s all I know!

  28. I live about a mile away from where you were!!!! I love living in Milwaukee, the lakefront is awesome and lots of yummy bars and restaurants.

  29. I’m a Wisconsin girl through and through. You picked the perfect place for a meal on beautiful Cathedral Square. Hope you enjoyed your stay and yes you better buy a cheesehat!

  30. I fly Delta for their cookies as well! I love those things!
    I’m from MN – we’re known for our snow. MinneSNOWta! It was so true and very unfortunate this year. 🙁

  31. Glad you had a good time in Milwaukee – I live here! How amazing is that bread from Louise’s?? I think I need a visit there soon!

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