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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hello! I’m off to New York City this morning! Woohoo!


On the agenda for dinner last night: Annie’s Mac & Cheese! YUM!

IMG_4001 (563x750)

In the mix: chunked chicken breast and roasted broccoli.

IMG_4012 (563x750)


IMG_4016 (750x563)

During dinner, Mal and I heard a knock at our front door. It was the cable guy trying to sell us an upgrade. Murphy freaked out (he gets super excited when people come to our house), so I grabbed him and went inside while Mal stayed on the front porch to chat with the cable guy.

About 15 minutes passed, and I could hear the cable guy going on and on about different bundle and channel options. I knew Mal and I probably didn’t want to upgrade our cable, so I started to wonder if I should “save” Mal from the conversation. We’ve been in situations like this before, especially with sales people, but we’re both too nice to end the conversation, so we listen and listen and listen even though we’re not really interested.

IMG_4022 (563x750)

A long time ago, Mal and I made up a “signal” for getting us out of these sticky situations. When one of us wants to be “saved” from a conversation or we just want to escape an awkward situation, like “let’s get out of here,” we’ll casually give our ear a little tug and make eye contact with the other person. We don’t use it very often, but it’s a great way to communicate if we need it.


I have a long morning ahead with travel to New York City, so I made sure to have a filling breakfast. I ate an egg and cheese sandwich with an orange on the side.

IMG_4026 (750x563)

See ya in NYC!

Question of the Day

What’s your code for “save me” or “let’s get out of here”?



  1. My boyfriend and I used to always say something about cookies when we wanted out of an awkward situation. “Did you try those cookies?” or “How about we get some cookies later?”

    The only problem is that I tend to talk about cookies a lot in general, so it all got a bit confusing, plus people started to think it was some sort of codeword for nookie!

  2. when my friend and i used to go dancing at the club, if we weren’t into a guy who was dancing with us, we had a code move. we’d put our arm up in the air and make the “okay” symbol with our fingers. looked just like a normal thing you’d do if you’re boogeying down, and then my friend could just say, “come to the bathroom with me!” or “let’s go get water!”

  3. My only code is when I can’t remember someone’s name. My hubs is supposed to introduce himself then to get their name. He has yet to catch on though I’ve explained it a million times 🙂

  4. When my husband and I first got married, we totally had something like this worked out. We talked about it and came up with a code word. This is going to sound hilarious but it has been so long since we have had to use it that I have no idea what the code word is!! I think we need to have another discussion don’t ya think? lol

  5. See, I’m even too nice for that!! I feel terrible doing that because I’m afraid it’s just way too obvious. I also end up feeling really bad because these people are trying really hard to make a living, and although I don’t agree with the method and never say yes, it always tugs at my heart strings a bit and I always end up walking away feeling sad for saying no! But the truth is, if I wanted an upgrade I would look up the bundles online and make the call… no need to come knocking!

  6. That mac and cheese looks AMAZING! ahhh I haven’t had that in ages! With a couple of my best friends, we can just look at each other for a second and know, it’s time to move! Haha. Have a safe trip!

  7. I need a signal. I’m such a wuss. On the other hand, my husband can refuse anyone without any twang of guilt. He got rid of the pest control salesman last night in about 50 seconds flat. He’s my hero. haha

  8. We don’t have one! But should. Great idea! haha Usually my husband answers the doors and he can be fairly direct in saying no.

  9. That is awesome that you guys have a secret signal. And that you secretly snapped a photo behind cable guy’s back.
    In other news, thought you might be interested in my post this morning which is a spreadsheet comparing Whole Foods and Harris Teeter prices. Yep, I did that!

  10. That is funny because whenever I am listening to someone talk I ALWAYS play with one of my earrings and people have asked me if it’s a signal!! Nope, just a wierd habit…

  11. I’m totally that person who listens to the whole sales schpeal too! I feel so bad turning them down!!

    When my fiance and I get in situations like that though, one of us will usually mouth or quietly say “On y va?” which means “Let’s go” in French. Even though my fiance doesnt speak a lick of French, he’s heard me say it enough times that he knows what it means. And luckily, most other people don’t!

  12. Those situations are always tough. I feel so bad cutting sales people off because I know they’re not trying to be annoying (I mean its their job) but I know that I’m not interested and will be wasting both of our time. A signal is absolutely perfect for that type of situation!

    Have fun in NYC 🙂

  13. I love that you guys have a secret code like that! Too adorable!! Although, now if anyone meets you when you’re with Mal and you do that, we’re all gonna know what’s happening! lol

  14. That’s awesome! We, I guess, don’t care about cutting people off. We’re just blunt and say “I’m not interested.” I am glad I married someone who can do that, or else I’d go nuts. Hah.

  15. mmm that bowl of macaroni and cheese looks fabulous! Oh man- people coming door to door are so annoying. I always hide (unless its the girl scouts ;)).

  16. Hey!

    I was wondering what type of bread you use on your sandwiches?? It looks tasty and I’d like to mix it up from my whole wheat bread every once in a while!


  17. Ha! Now your friends who read your blog are gonna say, “did you just do the save me signal?!” 😉 My boyfriend and I have a code phrase to let the other know, get me outta here! We randomly mention that we are craving macaroni and cheese. 😉 the one time I used it, it completely went over his head and simply said, “Me too!” I can’t wait to read your tweets from NY! Safe travels 🙂

  18. Hey Tina! Have fun @ Blogger meetup in NYC! Quick question- my husband and I are going to NYC for our 1-yr wedding anniversary this September (he has never been to NYC!) and I am wondering if you (or others that live/know NYC) could recommend a few hotels? We would like to stay close enough to run to central park and don’t want to be a in a touristy section like Times Square…any recommendations? Thank you!!

  19. Why do the salespeople always seem to come by RIGHT smack in the middle of dinner- never 5 minutes after! So annoying. I don’t have a secret signal and am pretty good at leaving the convo if I need to, but there are def times that would come in sooooooo handy! Have fun in nyc!

  20. Haha, to funny. But, no we have no ” save me” sign. Never even thought of one till you mentioned it.
    We actually use the same mac and cheese brand , just we have the GF style. It looked yummy I will need to try mixing things into it.
    Safe trip 🙂

  21. Aha! Seth and I definitely need a system like that! We’re both a little shy and don’t like saying “no” to people, so that sounds like the perfect solution.

  22. I remember when I lived at home, my parents had a way of getting out of door-to-door sales — They would go to the back bedroom where they had a second phone line, and call the stuck parent. “You have a phone call!”

    When my husband and I moved in together, I did that move to him, and he told me, “Tell them I’ll call them back!” He finally figured out the system! LOL

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