The Best Sports Bras for Nursing Moms

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Since Quinn was born (5 years ago now!), both my real life and internet friends have asked me about the best sports bras for nursing moms. Of course, I realize sports bras aren’t the ideal undergarment for nursing a baby, but life happens and sometimes you need to feed your little one right before, during, or after a workout. (Hey, it’s just a tiny bit of sweat, right?) The best sports bras for nursing moms mentioned below are all-around awesome when it comes to support, comfort, and, well, easy access when you need it.

I know it’s been a little awhile since I nursed Quinn, but these sports bras continue to be some of my favorites (particularly for running), which means they definitely have some longevity when it comes to my exercise wardrobe. I wore a number of them when I was pregnant and still continue to wear them today. With that, here are the best sports bras for nursing moms!

The best sports bras for nursing moms

The best sports bra for nursing moms:

SYROKAN Women’s Front Adjustable Lightly Padded Wirefree Racerback High Impact Sports Bra – Once my beloved Brooks Juno Bra was discontinued, I was on the hunt for a substitute – this is an exact dupe! It’s perfect for high-impact activities and running because it’s a sports bra that basically has it all — plenty of support, shape (no uni-boob), full coverage (no crazy cleavage), soft-padded keyhole back closure for proper fit, and adjustable straps that completely un-Velcro when you need it. And I love that it’s a racerback to go with all of my tank tops.

Fiona Sports Bra – The Fiona is similar to the Juno, but it’s not a racerback. I’m a big tank top person, so I often picked my Juno over my Fiona. The Fiona is still an awesome sports bra for nursing because it has front-adjustable straps that completely unhook with the same molded, lightweight cups for a natural shape and lots of support. It just depends which style you like better. They’re both great sports bras for nursing!

Maia Sports Bra – This sports bra has some serious coverage. It’s quite generous and covers a good portion of the chest. The support is almost like two-in-one since there’s molded cups to maintain shape and underwire to support each breast individually. Once again, there are adjustable straps and a soft-padded back closure for a great fit and plenty of comfort for fuller-cupped women. It’s also for sale on Zappos, so be sure to take advantage of the free shipping both ways!

Rebound Racer – This is a new-to-me sports bra, but I was pleasantly surprised by the style and fit because it was so comfortable and supportive. But what set this sports bra apart as a nursing sports bra (or just a really customizable one) is the front-adjustable straps. They stay nice and flat again the chest, and I know they’re not going anywhere!

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Mamas: What’s your favorite sports bra for breastfeeding?

P.S. Here are even more sports bra recommendations for busty women!

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This blog post was originally published on September 20, 2016. It was updated and republished on July 5, 2019. 

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