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Good morning, friends! Happy Monday!


I started my day with two Van waffles with Teddie peanut butter and sliced banana on top. Dee-lish! Peanut butter and banana rocks my world.


While I ate my breakfast, Murphy watched Mal make his lunch (Mal’s lunch not Murphy’s lunch. Murphy doesn’t go to school. Although, I think he might really like it), which was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Apparently, the thought of peanut butter made Murphy’s mouth water, so when he came over to sit with me once Mal finished, there was a big, long string of drool hanging from his mouth (Murphy’s mouth, not Mal’s). Haha! Poor Murph.


I guess the pug was really in the mood for peanut butter this morning, so I gave him the leftover jar. (We go through peanut butter like it’s our job in this house.)


Even as the leader of the P.A.M.C., I hope Murphy was able to enjoy the start of his Monday morning.


Once I finished eating my breakfast, I poured myself a glass of iced coffee with almond milk. I like drinking water with breakfast to rehydrate myself after sleeping for 8-ish hours, so I often wait until after breakfast to get my iced coffee on.

IMG_0316 (600x450)

When I took my first sip of iced coffee, I literally said out loud: “Damn, that’s good.” Mal asked me what I was talking about, and I told him my iced coffee was especially tasty this morning. We make two pots of iced coffee””regular and decaf””so he was curious what I had going on in my decaf pot.

Well, local friends, you might be interested to hear this”¦ the Colombian Supremo decaf coffee from the Simply Enjoy line at Stop & Shop is really delicious””and cheap! The package says it’s a medium body coffee, but I brew it strong for iced coffee, and it’s awesome. It reminds me of “New York City” coffee.

IMG_0319 (450x600)

The reason I say “New York City” is because some of the best coffee I’ve ever drank was there.

ninth street espresso

I always get a little extra excited when I visit NYC””obviously because I get to see Bailey, but also because I get to have really amazing coffee. I love Ninth Street Espresso and Stumptown.

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Question of the Day

Who makes the BEST coffee?

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