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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, guys! I hope you’re having a fabulous Tuesday! :mrgreen:


As expected, today’s WOD was a good one:

For time:

2000 meter run
2000 meter row

Ever since the Boilermaker 15K, I haven’t run very much (that race kicked my butt), so I was psyched to get out there and run today. The run was only 1.25 miles, so I really pushed myself for the entire distance and finished at 8:20, which was an average pace of (holy crap) 6:40. I spent about 10 seconds catching my breath and strapping my feet into the rower before starting the 2000 meter row. The row was tough, and I felt awful for most of it, but I managed to pick up my pace for the final 250 meters. I finished the row in 9:21 and the WOD in 17:41.

Once I finished the WOD, I felt kind of bummed because I realized that I wussed out on the row. I had a nice and steady pace for most of it, but I know I could have pushed myself harder. On the run, I was able to overcome that “uncomfortable” feeling (when you’re completely exhausted and just want to stop) and push past it. I have a lot more experience with running, so I know what my body can handle and how to push through that feeling when I need to. Rowing, however, is still pretty new to me, so as soon as I felt that “uncomfortable” feeling, I babied myself and slowed down instead of toughening up and just doing it. I guess that drive comes with experience? All I know is next time I row at CrossFit, I’m not going to be a wuss!

How do you motivate yourself to push through that “uncomfortable” feeling? Do you think it’s easier to push past it when you’re familiar with the exercise/sport or does it not matter for you?

After CrossFit, I ran a bunch of errands, which included buying Murphy more dog food.


And picking up a couple of boxes of Birthday Cake Oreos for tomorrow’s giveaway on Trading Up Downtown. Yummm”¦ I know you want to win some! Winking smile

IMG_8894 (750x563)


Today’s lunch was an open-face BLT. We only had three slices of bread (leftover from the mini club sandwiches at our party), so Mal got two and I got one.

IMG_8904 (750x563)

On the side: raw veggies.

IMG_8907 (750x563)

With sweet roasted red hummus.

IMG_8898 (750x563)

With lunch, I also finished drinking a protein shake.

IMG_8906 (563x750)

Toward the end of the meal, Mal broke out our jar of Teddie Peanut Butter.

IMG_8908 (563x750)

So I dipped a few celery sticks in it. Delish!

IMG_8910 (750x563)

Of course, the pug wasn’t far from the peanut butter action.

IMG_8911 (563x750)

After lunch, I had a quick phone interview and then Mal and I headed out to tackle our newest house project.

On the drive, we stopped to buy a couple of iced coffees. He got Dunkin’ Donuts; I got Marylou’s (obviously). Thankfully, they’re right across the street from one another, so we didn’t need to travel far. I went with a White Russian iced coffee, which really did taste like a White Russian (minus the booze, of course).

IMG_8917 (563x750)

Are you wondering what our newest house project is all about? We’re re-doing our bathroom this weekend! Woohoo!

Our bathroom is easily the worst/most outdated room in our whole house. The sink alone drives me crazy””no matter how much I scrub it, it just never looks clean. Plus, our toilet is two-toned. The toilet itself is beige and the seat is white. Ugg-ly. Mal and I tried to spruce up our bathroom by painting the walls back in September, but it didn’t really help. So, this time, we’re going all out and replacing the floor, vanity/sink, and toilet.


So, this afternoon, Mal and I checked out the usual home improvement stores (Home Depot & Lowes) and then visited a small tile place that a friend suggested. The folks there were super helpful and let us take samples home to try in our bathroom.

IMG_8956 (563x750)

The contenders:

IMG_8957 (563x750)

The finalists:

IMG_8960 (750x563)

We ended up ordering the tile on the right, which should arrive on Friday. Now that we have the tile picked out, the rest of our decisions will (hopefully) be a piece of cake.


After spending the majority of the afternoon shopping for bathroom stuff, I was absolutely starving. There was no way I could wait until dinner to eat something, so I made a whole wheat wrap with honey, sliced apple, and Brie cheese inside. Holy yum x 10.

IMG_8961 (750x563)

After shoving that snack into my face eating that snack, I’m still hungry, so I’m going to start making dinner. FEED ME!

Enjoy the evening, friends!



  1. I’ve always wanted to try Teddie butter 🙂 As far as pushing yourself, It’s much easier to do when you’re comfortable in the sport. For me, that’s running. However, I can’t handle one step class because they make me uncomfortable!

  2. I used to have that “uncomfortable” feeling when I first started running. It was really hard, I was tired, or slow or running out of steam. Learning pacing and telling myself it was all mental helped. I’d do little tricks in my mind “I’ll run to the end of the street, then I can walk” etc etc and by the time I got to the end of the block I felt like I could keep going.

  3. Oo renovations are fun! While you’re at it, think about lighting too- a simple new fixture or bracket can make the lighting in the room so much warmer. Can’t wait to see the finished room!

  4. I hate that “I wussed out” feeling. I always want a do over when I realize I did that. Luckily, with CrossFit there is always another WOD! Lesson learned for next time. I love home improvement projects. If they weren’t so expensive and tiring I’d do them more often!

  5. That looks like a super tough WOD! 2K row is the worst so combine it with a run and I’d cry! I struggle too with pushing myself through WOD’s! It can be so difficult to push through that uncomfortable feeling and just numb yourself to what you are doing! It’s something I work on every day! When it comes to completing reps, I take it piece by piece…for example for 21 reps get to 11 you’re halfway through, 15 you’ve only got 6 reps left…then your unbroken! Easy to say…harder to do!

  6. I will be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed when I walked into Marylous. The iced coffee was good (a bit too sweet even unsweetened for me but good) but I was definitely overwhelmed by all of the options.

    Trying to move back to the Boston area this fall and hoping for more iced coffee in my future tho… 😉

  7. That’s an interesting observation I have never thought of before. Now that I do think about it, maybe the reason running is easier for me than say spinning or swimming isn’t because “I am more used to it” only, but really I am more familiar with the the knowledge that I WILL get through it.
    Thanks for the revelation haha!

  8. I need to keep an eye out for that Teddie peanut butter…I usually go with the Kraft Natural version and it’s just ok.

    I always make sure I have music with me – I just put on a really motivating song and turn it up and it helps me push through whatever workout I’m struggling with; whether it’s a run or a hard lifting session.

  9. Ah I recognize that feeling ‘I could’ve done better’! Great job on both run and row! I much rather run than row and I’m working hard to get 500m row under 2min in my WODs.

    Love the tile you guys picked! Hope the bathroom project will be a speedy one. Just think of finished product….:)

      1. When I ordered coffee from them last month I believe I got a bag of white russian coffee as part of the monthly special (with a bag of choc/caramel coffee) but just checked their webpage and did not see that flavor listed. I have a lot of coffee – will have to go through the pantry when I get home from work to double check.

  10. I myself am a rower, have been for years so the thought of an erg workout is not scary to me and I know what I am capable of and how hard to push myself. but running, that is a whole different can of worms. I have never run more than 4 miles, so I don’t know what it feels like later, or if I really can go further. Comfort is key.

    Now you know you can do it, so next time you can push yourself. Every 500M do a “power 10” of 10 really hard strong pulls driving with the legs, it helps.

  11. Haha I’d love to win some birthday cake oreos but they sure wouldn’t make me feel good since I’m gluten intolerant… I’ll keep out of that giveaway! And I like the tile you picked, haha I thought at first you’d have us vote and that’s the one I would have picked!

  12. omg. awesome run!!!! what a fantastic pace!! i keep myself from wussing out by thinking to myself — i’ve already gone through all this work/pain — why would i waste it now? because I know I’ll just have to go back and do it again if i slack. lol. it usually works.

  13. I definitely do better with being uncomfortable and pushing through it when I’m in a comfy sport — but it’s a good reminder that we should probably push ourselves to do new things! That’s what I like about crossfit — it is BROAD! 🙂 I’m not a good rower, but you can’t learn these things overnight. Keep at it! 😀

  14. 9:21 for a 2000m erg is really quite good for a non-rower! A good Division I woman rower might pull a 7:00-7:15, though an average rower pulls around an 7:30-8:00 I’d say. You’re well on your way! Keep good form 🙂

  15. One thing I always say to my RPM’ers during a really tough part in the climb is “to get comfortable being uncomfortable.” It’s not supposed to feel good in the moment but just remember how good it will feel when you’ve accomplished it.

  16. I always try to move past the “uncomfortable” feeling by thinking to myself, ‘this is my body changing, this is what I set out to do.’ Being pregnant and doing bar method at home I think, “I have to hold this pose, I can’t give up on this because I can’t give up on contractions.’ It usually works for me.

  17. I would have picked the tiles on the right as well.

    I just love a soft cheese like brie with apples. Delish! when I’m watching the calories I use Laughing Cow lite spread on apple slices. Have you tried that? not quite as decadent as the brie but pretty darn good.

  18. I hate the uncomfortable feeling! I ‘panic’ i guess. When it starts to hurt (the good hurt..) or it just becomes too difficult. I try to just concentrate on my breathing and ‘get out of my head’ so to speak.

    Def like the tiles to the right better too! Great choice!

  19. Oh…the bathroom…that gives me shivers…LOL! I have literally just finished my bathroom at home, last week. Big Job, took 4 weeks! I had a spare toilet in my outside laundry but for the shower, I had a porta shower (like a port a loo but a shower) in my driveway as to heavy to get over my fence plus it is the middle of winter here. We had to totally gutter our bathroom & start from scratch, out with the old retro green & blue to the new chocolate browns & whites. We did however invest in heated flooring which is not very expensive as an alternate to heated towel rails, love love love it (so does my labrador). All the hard work & late nights my hubby invested in it was totally worth it though…! Good luck with the project…we are about to start the next…the office!

  20. This post is so timely. I just got back from a group ride where I spent most of the time completely uncomfortable. Like you, I’ve learned how to overcome that feeling during running. But cycling is still new to me so I definitely want to give up every time it starts to hurt. Today I pushed through a little bit more than usual but it still bums me out that my immediate reaction is to give up. I just need to suck it up! I think it might just take experience maybe??

  21. I HATE that uncomfortable feeling, and it actually happened to me today! I consider myself more of a runner and today was a Cross Training day. While going through my first of three sets on the stationary bike I started getting really tired and was thinking about cutting my work out early. Then, one of my current favorite songs, Rhianna “Where Have You Been” came on, and IT WAS ON!!! I was able to push through the end of my workout and felt much better. To get through those “uncomfortable feelings” I either find a more motivating song, or give myself a little verbal push and state as loudly as I can that, “I am stronger than this work out!!!” or “You Got This”!!! Really, whatever I’m feeling in that moment…

    P.S.- Your apple wrap looks delicious! going to have to try it 🙂

  22. I love DIY projects. They seem so daunting when deciding where to start, but once you’re in it I think it’s fun 🙂 don’t even get me started on Brie with honey and apples…I am lactose intolerant and do not eat dairy and still think its ridiculously delicious. Yummmmm

  23. My husband and I are contemplating a bathroom project too. We have carpet in our master bathroom…..the shame. The one on the right was my fav too.
    I’m definitely able to push myself better on a workout I’m more familiar with. You’ll know what to expect next time with the rows and I’m sure you’ll do much better.

  24. We just renovated our kitchen and discovered that stone remnant yards (for real stone vanities) are your best friend, also overstock.con is great for tile. Fixtures can be easily found for much cheaper on-line.

  25. One trick I use is based on a complement my sister gave me once – YOU are sooo strong!!! So now whenever I’m struggling, I mentally remind myself that I am strong and can muscle through it! 🙂

  26. I read this post last night and when I woke up for my run this morning and hit that “uncomfortable feeling” I pushed through it and felt great afterwards. Its easier for me to push through on a run though than crossfit… but tonight at crossfit I am going to push myself real hard.
    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

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