That Friday Feeling

I’ve had that Friday feeling all day long. I’m pooped from working hard all week and now I just want to relax and unwind, ya know? But, now my weekend is finally here! Wahoo! :mrgreen:


On my way to work this morning, I stop by Dunkin’ Donuts to grab an iced coffee. I usually ask for “milk and sugar” when I order my iced coffee, but lately, the D&D people have been out of control with the amount of sugar they add to my iced coffee. So, today, I asked for “light sugar,” but that’s not what I got! Look how much sugar is at the bottom of my cup! It’s like I asked for “extra sugar.” Jeez, Louise! I still drank it, of course. 😉



For lunch, I packed a homemade salad, which was topped with angel hair pasta and sliced almonds.



I also treated myself to a chocolate glazed donut for Cookie Friday! :mrgreen:


I also enjoyed some hot tea with my donut. I LOVE this Hot Cinnamon Spice tea from Harney & Sons.


It reminds me of a fireball, but much sweeter. Mmm!


My Desk

I’m sort of surprised that I never showed you guys my new workspace at NuVal. When I first started, I had a cube downstairs in the building, but just before the holidays, I moved upstairs to a new space. I like this desk a lot better. Check it out!


My “happy place” is a photo of my favorite guys.


At my desk, I drink lots of water and hot tea.


And, my decorations are a Dunkin’ Donuts calendar with coupons and a print of my favorite reminder.

IMG_4711.JPG IMG_4713.JPG


When I arrived home, I whipped up a batch of “baked” instant oatmeal using apple-cinnamon instant oats and some chopped walnuts. I usually don’t like the apple-cinnamon flavor, but I liked it this way.


Mypressi TWIST Contest

Thanks to everyone who entered! OpenSky received more than 1,000 entries! Holy moly! 😯

Without further ado, here is your winner:! Congrats!

OpenSky will contact the winner and everyone else will receive a 10% off coupon for anything in my store, including the Mypressi TWIST. Happy shopping!

Mal just got home, so we’re talking Murph for a long walk before our Cheesecake Party!

Later! 😎


  1. Beautiful Salad. That’s what I had for lunch as well… topped with some roasted veggies yum! I miss DD.. since i moved away from MA.. didn’t have it in GA and not in TX.

    Have fun at your Cheesecake party

  2. Your desk looks so neat and stylish unless mine which is usually a mess.
    The salad’s looking delicious. May i ask what kind of dressing are you using. I find it always difficult to top my salad with a healthy or light dressing and usually end up using creamy yoghurt types…not so good i know.

  3. I LOVE Harney and Sons tea! I once bought a tin from Starbucks (despite it’s crazy price tag) and cherished every sip from every bad 🙂

    I feel like I’ve been waiting for Friday to come for months now, even though it’s only been a week!

  4. That’s an amazing picture of your boys – I love it!

    I ordered the “keep calm and drink coffee” print after seeing the site on your blog, and now it is hanging in our kitchen above the coffee makers! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  5. That’s the one thing that kills me about DD. I always just ask for the skim milk then add my sweetener on my own. I can’t take my coffee too sweet anymore!

  6. Your workspace looks great, I need to decorate mine a bit more. Most Dunkin’s use a sugar dispenser, the machine’s “spit out” 2 sugars for small, 3 for medium, 4 for large. They also have the ability to do a single sugar. Dairy is the same by the way. I managed there in college…fun times 🙂

  7. Welcome back! I thought there was something wrong with my computer last night.
    Happy blog anniversary!!! I have been reading for over a year now and enjoy every post. You are inspiring, flawed, and totally awesome. Keep on being you 🙂
    Happy Friday!

  8. Wow, that’s a HELL of a lot of sugar they put in there! What are they thinking??

    Your desk is so clean, I love it! I can’t stand papers strewn all over my desk and everything out of place. A clean desk = a clean mind for me. 🙂

    Happy Friday!

  9. Cheesecake Party? I’m so excited right now. Im not a cake person, but can’t resist cheesecake!

    Also, your desk is ridiculously clean – how on earth do you manage that? Bravo!

  10. If you ask for melted sugar it won’t gather all down the bottom like that. They put the dugar in first, the hot coffee, swish it around then make the drink. I think there is a term for it, but I guess just say “melt the sugar”?

  11. The hot cinnamon spice tea is the best! I drink at least two cups a day at work… so yummy! They come in really pretty tins at Barnes and Noble (the only place I’ve been able to find them in person).

  12. i have ALWAYS loved dunkin donuts coffee until recently when i started noticing my coffee would look and taste like it was MILK. i started asking for “just a little bit of milk” however like your lite sugar, i got and keep getting the opposite!

  13. I love reading your blog and am real excited to win your contest! Do you mind blocking out part of my email address so I don’t get a bunch of spam? Thanks!

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