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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

My iPhone is slowly starting to kick the bucket. It’s mostly the home button that causes issues (it takes me about 3-10 tries to get it to work), but my phone is also starting to have some connectivity issues. The cell phone service at our house is terrible, so AT&T gave us a MicroCell awhile back (because we threatened to switch to Verizon), which has made all the difference, but now my phone randomly drops it, which, obviously, is super annoying when you’re trying to talk to someone. (Sorry, Jen!)


Anyway, long story short, my contract is up for renewal, which means I can get a new phone at a reduced price, so now I’m trying to figure out which one I want to buy.


Mal has the Samsung Galaxy S3, which he loves, so I’m seriously considering getting that one, but it’s kind of big, so I’m not sure if it’d be annoying on runs. I also really like the Nokia Lumia 920 because it has a sweet camera, which I know I would use a lot, but it doesn’t have Pandora or WordPress in the app store yet. Boo. And, of course, I’m still thinking about the iPhone 5 because I love all things Apple, but I’ve “been there, done that” with the iPhone, so I kind of want to see what else is out there.


This morning’s breakfast was a Sweet Breakfast Scramble with sweet potato and almond butter in the mix. I also drank a glass of iced decaf Milky Way coffee with boring old almond milk in it. I drank my iced coffee with eggnog all weekend, so I really missed it this morning. I think I need to buy more today. ”˜Tis the season!


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  • Monday: 2-mile (pug) walk
  • Tuesday: CrossFit
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  • Thursday: CrossFit
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Question of the Day

What type of cell phone do you own? Do you like it?



  1. I got the iPhone 5 because it just happened to be released when I was due an upgrade. I was able to upgrade for free and was able to get a 32GB one, which was a huge upgrade from the 16GB one. I always have free space now and plenty of room for apps I may not have been able to have had on my iPhone 4. The only thing that I’ve noticed is that the battery life isn’t as great as the 4, but that may just be an anomaly. It does charge really fast, so I try to make sure I have my cable with me if I am going to be out longer than a few hours.

  2. Samsung galaxy S3!! 🙂

    Weight comparison:
    iPhone 4: 137g
    iPhone 5: 112g
    SgIII: 133g

    so, the Galaxy weighs less than your current iPhone and more than the new one. The phone is bigger … but it’s all screen, so it’s not a bad tradeoff. I thought the larger size would annoy me (I had an iPhone S3 before I switched to Galaxy S2 & then S3) but it turns out it doesn’t. It just looks a lot bigger. Plus I <3 Android and how it doesn't try to control everything I do.

  3. I have the samsung Galaxy S3 and I LOVE it, I switched from the iphone 4. I use it when I run and workout and although the screen is bigger it’s much thinner than the iphone and I like it better.

  4. I have the S3 and I love it! I just got it a few weeks ago and the battery lasts forever! I love everything about it really, and when I was shopping for a new phone I compared the specs to the iPhone5 and the S3 blows it out of the water in every way! Get it!

  5. To fix the home button issue in the meantime, open one of the Apple apps (like the stocks app) and hold down the home button until the Voice control comes on. Im not sure exactly what it does, but it works!

  6. I have the iPhone 5 and like it, but the map app is horrible. Yesterday it tried to send me 7 miles down the street when I could clearly see my destination (book store) right in front of me. Stupid Siri. Ha! So if you use that app, I’d recommend going with a droid. My husband has the Galaxy S3 and he loves it.

  7. I have an iPhone 4S…..my dad always gets the new one right away and despite being 30 years old and otherwise self sufficient, I always line up for his leftovers! 😉

    (In my deffense, I did purchase the iPhone 3GS for myself in 2009…but my 4 and 4S upgrades were all my Dad…I can’t wait until the 5S or 6 comes out! 😉 )

    I am an apple girl through and through. I have never liked any of the android phones I have tried out (phones of my friends and family)….they just never seem as intuitive. I also hate phones that are bigger than the iPhone….I like to tuck it into my spibelt or pocket…I don’t want the bulk. I have no interest in ever trading in my iPhone and if I did, I know I would miss iMessage right away. It lets me and BFF who lives in Tokyo text constantly for free just like if she was still here. No other free text app has never worked as reliably.

  8. I am an Apple fan all the way! I just love everything they put out! I hate that you’ve been having issues with your phone, though. My boyfriend and brother have the iPhone 5 and they love it. I’m a tad jealous.

  9. I cannot stand the Droid operating system and I really like how streamlined everything is on the iPhone so I’ve got the iPhone 4 now and one day, I will upgrade to the 5. Holding off for now! If AT&T Service is bad in your area, would it be worth switching to Verizon if they have better coverage?

      1. @Tina: you will end up paying more, but the cell service as well as the customer service can’t be topped. Anytime I’ve had a problem they’ve fixed it. I had AT&T for a while and couldn’t stand their service. Calls were always dropped and they couldn’t fix it for me. My husband just switched from tmobile when I got him an iPhone and he is always saying how worth it it was to switch.

  10. My IT guy boyfriend just gave up his iPhone for the new Nokia Lumia 920 and loves it. The camera really IS amazing (i have an iPhone and it’s strides better than the iPhone camera). The interface with live tiles takes some getting used to an I think the phone is physically too large, I would drop it all the time because it’s just too big for my hands however, with that said, the screen is beautiful, bright and clear and you can see it better in direct sunlight than the iPhone. Also the wireless charger you can get for it is pretty cool too. I say it’s worth trying for 30 days or whatever the time period is you can use it and still return it if you don’t like it.

  11. I have had the Samsung S3 for about a month now and I love love love it! It is a little bigger than you would be used to but I love that the screen is big enough to be versatile for many apps and I don’t mind it during my workouts 🙂

    1. Good to know! The screen size definitely worries me, but maybe it won’t bother me on my runs at all. I should borrow Mal’s phone to test it out.

  12. I have that MicroCell too because I get NO service at home – but AT&T made me pay $170 for it >:( If we move the TV stand, I have to connect my phone (iPhone 4) to it all over again. Although I can’t really recommend a different phone, I would say switch to Verizon if you can. And maybe take a sledgehammer to the MicroCell…

  13. I have the same dilemma with my iphone! I took it to the apple store, and they showed me that I have to quit all the running programs periodically to make the button work better. So, double tap the button (if you can get it to work) and then press and hold one of the icons that pops up at the bottom, then click the little delete symbol. It makes it run a bit better.
    As for a new phone, I’m between the Galaxy Note and the iPhone 5… hmph.

  14. Get the iPhone 5. I’ve had Androids, and once I switched to iPhone I understood within the first day why I could never go back. I just used my own upgrade yesterday to get the 5 and it is fast and awesome so far.

  15. I went to the iPhone 5 from the 4 and its an incredible difference – lightning fast and Siri is really convenient. Also there is a big learning curve going to Droid – my husband used to have one and just went iPhone and he can’t believe how much simpler it is to use. And he was totally anti Apple before!

  16. There is a “floating” home button you can add to your home screen..at least you can on the 4s. Go to settings–general—accessibility—–scroll to the bottom and then to “assistive touch” click on. Your floating home button should be there.

  17. I came to iPhone after being a droid user and I will never go back. The thing with trying new phones is it’s going to be hard to top the iPhone. I know it’s tempting, but be strong lol.

  18. I have the iPhone 4 and {mostly} love it! The only thing that drives me crazy about it is that sometimes by 3G will disappear for no reason and then my internet runs suuuuuper slow. I think it may just be a Verizon issue but still, annoying.

  19. Perfect timing for this post, my contract is up and I’m getting a new phone while home over break. Currently have a droid and I have had some virus issues with it, one of the main reasons I’m leaning towards the iPhone.

  20. I’m an iPhone girl all the way. Yes, mine tends to get glitchty by the end of a 2 year run, but I get a new phone every 2 years so that’s fine with me. I just love the camera on it, how easy it is to use and connect to my computer, I can group message with my whole family and many friends who have iPhones, and all the apps. And I’m familiar with it, haha so I don’t want to change!

  21. I have an iphone, which although I love, I run the battery out so quickly! Plus, mine has gotten a bit sticky too and doesnt always work. Think ill probably upgrade to the iphone 5 when my boyfriend does- too annoying to have different chargers!

  22. I have the same issue too, my home button is sticking and I’m ready for an upgrade. These comments are helpful – so glad you posted about this today! Keep us posted on what you pick. I’m an apple girl … to the core (pun intended). 😉 Hope you love whatever you choose!! – M

  23. I vote stick with the iPhone and get the 5. i have the 4s and love it, totally worth it. But then again I have not played around with the Galaxy (the only other phone I would consider…)

  24. Despite my love for all things apple, I bought an htc one s with tmobile (our contract is pretty sweet. It includes 2 lines with unlimited everything plus the ability to use our Internet on our computers = save on not having to pay for Comcast/knology all for $150 a month with tax). Kevin traded in his phone for the same galaxy as Mal and he is in LOVE with it. He swears its the best phone he has had to date!

    Egg nog is ridiculous in coffee!!!!! Mmmmmm!

      1. @Tina: you know you could always get a phone and have it for that 15/30 day trial period that most contracts have, then if you don’t like it, switch it out for another…….just a thought. 🙂

  25. Random Question: Just read your book last week and LOVED IT! I am a fitness enthusiast (manage a gym and train clients etc., etc.) and love everything food and fitness. I was wondering if you have any health/fitness/wellness book recommendations. Just like to know what others are reading!

  26. Ughh I have the same home button issue – what a little annoyance right? I’ve never heard of anyone else having this problem so I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one. I’ve had an issue with pretty much every cell phone I’ve ever had (think I might use it too much!) so I’m sure when I get a new one, I’ll wind up going with yet another iPhone.

  27. I have a Galaxy S2, which is super similar to the Galaxy S3 that Mal has. I love it! Best phone I’ve ever bought. I thought the size would be an issue, especially since I hate carrying purses and prefer to keep my phone in my pocket, but it fits into almost all of my jean pants. Wahoo! 🙂 And I have dropped it numerous times, and aside from a scratch, it still works perfect!

  28. I’m hands-down an Apple fan (I even worked for the company for 3 years) – ha! So for me there really isn’t any other option besides an iPhone. I understand a lot of people have raved about a few other smart phones but I don’t think I have any reason to switch phones besides upgrading to newer versions of the iPhone as I’ve been happy with it and when I’ve had issues with it, the Genius Bar always helps me out.

  29. I have an iPhone 4, so I am partial to the iPhone. My husband has the Samsung Galaxy S3 as well and loves it. I like the size of the iPhone and the options on it that the Samsung doesn’t. Good luck!

  30. I don’t know much about phones. I have a Galaxy (no clue which version) as does my sister. Hers has a light on the back that she can use as a flash for her camera and I WISH mine had that. So that’s my only tip… Get one with a flash. 🙂

  31. I have the iphone 4s, which looks like what you currently have? I just love apple products, if mostly for the look and feel. The user interface just makes me happy and I have yet to have problems with it. I would honestly get this phone again when I’m up for a new phone in a year. I’m hoping the 5 will be cheap by then. I mostly LOVE my camera and I’m amazed by the quality. My bf has the Galaxy S3 too, and he’s constantly saying how much better it is, but I still think my camera is better in a side by side comparison : )

    Of course, the phone I had before this was a pink Razr flip phone. Yup, I’m not even kidding!

  32. I’ve had my iPhone 4 for a while and like it. I used to have a Blackberry and before that, a flip-phone 🙂 It was pink so I called it my Barbie Phone.
    I’ve been happy with Sprint for about 15 years.

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