Ok, this post title is a little misleading. I probably should have called it: “What I Ate Wednesday {I Eat A Lot When I Feed a Tiny Human Multiple Times a Day}.” Basically, it’s just a post about what I ate yesterday. It’s not based on what a breastfeeding mother should eat or anything like that. Personally, I just try to eat a variety of (mostly healthy) foods everyday. Ok, here we go! 3:30 AM…

Good morning! Thanks for all of your hair dryer recommendations. You guys rule! Here’s another peek into our new day in the life! 1:30 AM: Mal comes home from his softball game and hanging out with the guys. Murphy, our guard dog, hears him. He doesn’t bark, but he jumps off the bed and annoyingly whines and scratches at the bedroom door, so I wake up. Mal and I hangout and chat for a bit….

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