This post is sponsored by Silk. Remember the single-serving recipe for brownie batter that I mentioned the other day? Well, here it is! And, trust me, it’s a good one. I make it ALL the time now. I love enjoying this Ooey-Gooey Brownie Batter after dinner as a way to satisfy my sweet tooth without going overboard on calories and sugar. It’s also perfect as a pre- or post-workout snack since it incorporates a good mix of protein, carbs, and…

Good morning, friends! I enjoyed a fabulous Mother’s Day celebration with my family yesterday! It started, bright and early, pretty much as soon as Quinn woke up. I arrived home late from Mexico the night before and he was already in bed, so I couldn’t wait to see him. Plus, I had some maracas to give him. He loves things that “shake, shake, shake,” so I knew they would be a big hit with him!…

I really love spending a night in with my hubby! I used to be such a go-out-and-party type of gal, but now, I look forward to relaxing at home in my PJs. My, oh, my, how things have changed!  Our evening at home started with a round of cocktails. For me: a POMTINI; for him: a Miller Lite. Check out the chandelier-effect (a la Kath) in my martini! The “bartender” didn’t follow the POMTINI recipe exactly…

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