Good morning, friends! I have a seriously delicious post-workout snack for you, especially if you like peanut butter! You guys know that eating the right foods after a workout can speed your recovery and boost your energy for your next one, right? Well, peanut butter is a great choice as part of a nutritious, post-workout meal or snack. These No-Bake Peanut Butter Cereal Bars combine peanut butter with oats, Rice Chex cereal, and honey for a…

Hi, guys! It’s late here and I’m exhausted, so I’m going to whiz right through this post and give you the cliff notes from the day. Here goes! Early-morning Rice Chex with my little love. Quinn would much rather eat “on the go” than sit down for a meal. There’s way too much to do and see! This boy never stops moving. Iced coffee for mama! I also finished off the rest of Quinn’s Chex….

Heyyyyy! How’s your week going so far? Our little family has been quite busy with plenty of unpacking, organizing, and shopping. We took a trip to IKEA yesterday and it felt like we bought one of everything there. We also bought a new couch at the first place we looked, which we said we would never do again. Mal and I even reminded each other of this before we entered the store, but, hey, now we have…

Good morning, friends! I enjoyed a fabulous Mother’s Day celebration with my family yesterday! It started, bright and early, pretty much as soon as Quinn woke up. I arrived home late from Mexico the night before and he was already in bed, so I couldn’t wait to see him. Plus, I had some maracas to give him. He loves things that “shake, shake, shake,” so I knew they would be a big hit with him!…

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