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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! Greetings from Long Beach, California!

Ok, first things first: check out the sweetness of my hotel room!

IMG_7947 (640x480)

_MG_8943 (426x640)_MG_8936 (640x426)

IMG_7948 (640x480)

_MG_8957 (640x426)

_MG_8942 (640x426)

_MG_8944 (640x426)

IMG_7949 (640x480)IMG_7951 (480x640)

Love it! I {heart} fancy hotels.

I am so psyched to be here! A huge, massive, enormous THANK YOU to GNC and REEBOK for sponsoring me! They’re covering my travel, accommodations, and ticket to the CrossFit Games. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a blog trip ever. The CrossFit Games! Ahhhhhhhhh! I seriously cannot wait!


On the plane, I started to feel really sleepy, so I ordered a cup of coffee with milk as a little afternoon pick-me-up. Unfortunately, I didn’t really like it (it was weak and watery), so I only drank a few sips.

IMG_7936 (480x640)

When I got off the plane at LAX, I walked right by a Starbucks, so I popped in for an iced coffee with soy milk and a banana. (I’m starting to think I could live off a diet of solely nut butter, bananas, and iced coffee. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t consume all three.)

IMG_7938 (480x640)

I finished my iced coffee in a matter of minutes. It pretty much took me the time to walk from Starbucks to outside to ground transportation to drink the entire thing. But, I felt much better after I did!

IMG_7946 (480x640)

Since we’re on the topic of coffee, I’m going to respond to a question that receive quite frequently from readers, which is: What kind of sweetener do you use in your iced coffee? The short answer is nothing (of course, not including the deliciousness of Marylou’s Peanut Butter Wonderful iced coffee, which includes hot chocolate). When I get regular iced coffee or pour my morning glass at home, I don’t use sugar, Splenda, Stevia, Truvia, agave, etc. The only thing I add to my iced coffee is a big splash (1/4 cup-ish) of almond milk, coconut milk, or soy milk, which is why I go crazy over flavored coffees. If I get a good one, I don’t need the extra sweetness””just a little creaminess from the milk goes a long way in a dessert-y coffee. (FYI: I’m not a fan of flavored syrups in coffee. They’re just too sweet for me.)

With that said, I haven’t always been sweetener-free with my iced coffee. Back in the day before I started CNC, I used Splenda. I actually used Splenda for many years, but then I switched to agave for a more natural sweetener. Over time, I started to use less and less agave in my iced coffee. Eventually, I stopped using agave all together and only added vanilla-flavored soy milk to my iced coffee. Now, I just use unsweetened milk (almond, coconut, or soy). Basically, I took baby steps to reduce the sweetness, so I never felt deprived. I really love the taste of iced coffee, which is why it took me so long to wean myself off of sweeteners, but it was worth it in the end.

Ok, back to my recap!


Once I got settled in my hotel room, I made up a Travel WOD to do. I just moved aside the furniture and got my sweat on!

The Burpees + Squat Jumps were killer! I actually stopped a couple of times during the Squat Jumps to rest my legs””they were burning so bad! I finished the WOD in a little over 13 minutes. If you want more of a workout, do the WOD two times in a row.

Once I finished the WOD, I showered up and then met Monica for a walk along the water and dinner.

IMG_7957 (480x640)

IMG_7958 (640x480)

IMG_7956 (640x480)

IMG_7969 (480x640)

We walked and talked for about 45 minutes.

IMG_7963 (640x480)

We met a cat.

IMG_7968 (640x480)

And we didn’t go fishing.

IMG_7970 (640x480)

Toward the end of our walk, it started to rain, so we popped into the Yard House for a drink.

IMG_7976 (640x480)

I ordered a Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat, which tasted like orange juice mixed with beer. I think I liked it. The first few sips were sort of strange, but then it grew on me. I’ve been loving fruity beers lately!

IMG_7974 (480x640)


Monica and I wanted to eat dinner at the Yard House, but the wait was super long and we were starving, so we headed next door to Tequila Jack’s for dinner.

IMG_7981 (480x640)

As soon as our server placed chips and salsa on the table in front of us, I dug right in. I ate them so fast, it took me a few minutes to register how mindlessly I was eating them. Once I realized, I stopped and waited for my dinner to come, so I didn’t fill up.

IMG_7979 (640x480)

For dinner, I ordered the Carne Asada, which was a steak burrito with cheese, green tomatillo sauce, and black beans. Delish! I dominated it and left dinner feeling satisfied””maybe even a tad stuffed.

IMG_7983 (640x480)

Good times with Monica!

IMG_7984 (640x480)

I’ve been awake since 5:05 AM (EST), so I am absolutely exhausted. Heading to bed immediately. Good night! Big day tomorrow! YESSS!

Question of the Day

How do you take your coffee/iced coffee?



  1. The hotel looks gorgeous. How exciting! Hope you have a blast!

    I put 1 stevia and sometimes a splash of unsweet vanilla AM in my coffee but I love flavored ones also so some of them don’t need anything.

  2. great hotel!
    Cannot do burpees. seriously–10 is my limit and i’m cooked. i don’t think my body is designed to bounce down, out, in and back up. LOL!

    what other move would you suggest in it’s place?

  3. I don’t drink coffee (iced or otherwise – can’t stand the flavour of coffee) so I guess that means I don’t have to worry about extra sweeteners!

    The chips at the beginning of a meal at a Mexican restaurant is always my downfall, especially if my table gets guacamole as well. Gets me every time — I’m usually starting to get full by the time my entree arrives!

  4. What are the hand release pushups – are we talking push up, let hands go, etc.? Eeekk! Also, what are Hollow Rocks? I am so jealous, that hotel room looks AAAAmazing!! That bed looks wonderful too. Have a great time!!! Are the crossfit games being televised??????

    1. oops i just re-read your post- the milk is unsweetened.. u can disregard my comment.. sorry about that.

  5. I haven’t yet made it California, but that looks like a very Cali-esque room! Thats awesome that GNC and Reebok sponsored all of your accommodations. I always try to get a coffee on the plane too, but they always disappoint. Have fun tomorrow at the Crossfit games! I look forward to seeing some great pictures, and hopefully some answers to your questions to the athletes- crossing my fingers for you that you get to talk to some of them!

  6. Up until a few weeks ago I was using the “evil” (according to my life coach) nutrasweet. I switched to stevia and I’d like to wean myself off of it. I agree that it’s important to do a little at the time.

  7. Love that hotel room!

    I take my coffee black, or with half and half. No sweetener! Except… occasionally, if I happen to be in a place with those turbinado brown sugar cubes, i take the single sugar cube, dip it in the coffee so it soaks it up.. and (making sure that nobody is looking), eat it. Yes, straight up sugar with a little bit of coffee. Weakness!

  8. I remember reading that you don’t use any sweeteners in your coffee and thought I would try it. It turned out I really liked the taste of the coffee itself especially if it’s strong or flavored. One my my friends introduced me to Panara Bread’s Hazelnut coffee…it delicious.

  9. Coffee question if you have the time…I just got my order from Marylou’s and am cold brewing as I type…I went ahead and did each flavor separately (almond/white choc chip) but wasn’t sure if I needed to. Did you mix the two flavors together when you brewed yours? Hope you are having a great time !

  10. Soooo jealous of this trip you’re on! Can’t wait to hear more about all the greatness you’re getting into this weekend. My sister would be ultra jealous of you right now. She’s a crazy crossfit competitor and is like the size of my pinky. It’s nuts!

  11. My mom used to live in long beached and loved being able to just walk to the beach every day – I can’t even imagine! Have fun at the crossfit games!

  12. Your hotel looks AMAZING! Have so much fun!! Like you, I used to use Splenda as my sweetener of choice constantly. I switched to Truvia and ever since, I actually can drink my coffee black or with milk and so sugar at all. It is true that you start to realize how little sweetness you actually really need. However, at Starbucks, I do still enjoy a SF vanilla iced coffee every now and again. I keep reading about your Mary Lou’s… I went there once when I lived in Boston but totally didn’t realize how amazing it was and ordered a plain iced coffee, ha.

  13. Wow look at that hotel room!!! Enjoy! And good on you with no sweeteners in coffee. I can’t handle the bitterness without a little, something to work on.

  14. Thanks for this workout! Just did it this morning because Saturday mornings at my gym are insane. Those burpees took FOREVER! SO HARD! Certainly didn’t finish in 13 minutes, but felt great at the end! Thanks, and have a great time out in California!

  15. Ho…Ly…SHIT! I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and I actually work at Tequila Jack’s! It’s a total shame I wasn’t working when you came in! But I love it when people discover Long Beach, it’s a pretty sweet town. If you come to Tequila Jack’s again, get the grilled Mahi fish tacos, they’re my favorite!

  16. I generally do hot coffee with warm soy or almond milk but after going back east last week, my love for iced coffee (with a little soy milk) was revitalized! I can’t get enough. I don’t put any sugar in my coffee; I just take it as is with a little non-dairy milk.

    Also, nut butter, banana and coffee must be incorporated into my breakfast in some way each morning. The day I didn’t have a banana, I was SO thrown off and confused. Who knew it could affect me so much?

  17. What hotel is that?! I’m in San Diego right now and making my way up to LA and haven’t booked a hotel yet 🙂

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