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Last week, some blog friends and I sampled cupcakes from the new Sweet location in Harvard Square. And, boy, was it a special event! :mrgreen: From the second you walk into the store to the second you walk out, Sweet provides you with a fun and “sweet” experience! 

Sweet’s decor is cutesy and minimalist at the same time. It sort of reminded me of an upscale boutique with its bright lighting, pretty accessories, and fresh flowers, but the walls are covered with a funky, graphic pink, brown, and white pattern, and the furniture reminded me of something you would find at Ikea with its pristine white acrylic tables and chairs. It’s a great space to enjoy your cupcake!

Cool stuff from the Sweet website:

All of the frostings, fillings and batters are freshly prepared from scratch and from the highest quality ingredients available. All of our cupcakes are baked each morning in the Sweet kitchen. Sweet cupcakes do not contain trans fats or stabilizers and are best enjoyed on the day that they are purchased.

The Sweet cupcake menu includes ready-to-eat cupcakes (“The Daily Sweet”), which are your “typical” flavors: dark chocolate, karat cake, red velvet, cappuccino, Boston cream pie, and their “sweet cake” (vanilla bean cake with buttercream frosting). 

In addition, the menu includes seasonal specialty flavors and limited edition cupcakes. 

Sweet also serves-up Frosting Shots, which are tiny containers of frosting minus the cupcake! Perfect for when ya need a frosting fix! 😉

Also on the menu for your canine friends: Pupcakes! Pupcakes are made with a batter of applesauce and oatmeal. I hear some humans like them, too!  

In preparation for our “field trip,” I contacted Sweet to see if they would arrange a cupcake tasting for a group of food bloggers, and they were more than happy to coordinate! When we arrived, we were presented with a DOZEN full-sized cupcakes to try! Holy cupcake heaven! 

Inside box #1 (l-r): red velvet, Boston cream, and organic karat cupcakes.  

Inside box #2 (l-r): flourless chocolate, chocolate carmel, sweet cake, lemon, chocolate coconut, and dark chocolate. For full descriptions of the cupcakes, check out Sweet’s daily, seasonal, and specialty menus

Vegan friends: Sweet has a chocolate cake with frosting cupcake that is 100% vegan available on Mondays. 

I thought about describing each of the different cupcakes that I tried, but honestly, I would rave on and on about how much I loved all of them. I mean, they’re cupcakes and they’re my favorite food! What do you expect? 😉

Highlights from the tasting: the organic karat cupcake was heaven and I loved the frosting on the red velvet cupcake! Both cupcakes were to die for!

Having four food bloggers worked out nicely for the Sweet tasting because we were able to easily divide the cupcakes into quarters for a small taste. We didn’t ended up trying all of the cupcake flavors (we were stuffed), so we ended up taking cupcakes home to enjoy later.


My only (tiny) gripe about Sweet is that the prices were a tad on the expensive side ($3.25/cupcake). I am, however, willing to pay top dollar for really good frosting (and almond butter), so I’ll definitely be back! 

Thanks, Sweet! We had a wonderful time! 



  1. The prices are worth it for the creativity and effort they use. Wow! I want to try them all, especially the Boston Creme. My boyfriend would go nuts for the frosting shots, since he buys tubs of frosting to eat! And pupcakes — how adorable!!!

  2. Wow!! Those cupcakes look so good. “Sweet” sounds like a good comparision to our West Coast “Sprinkles Cupcakes.” The amount of frosting piled on those cupcakes is crazy!

  3. Those cupcakes look simply divine! I would get in so much trouble in that bakery. I am such an indecisive person I would not know where to start!

  4. I have been meaning to try Sweet! I read about the Boston location and I’m so glad they opened a second location in Cambridge (near my house – that could be dangerous). I may have to take a walk there this weekend! Thanks for your review.

    PS – This is my first time commenting but I’ve been reading for a while and love your blog. Keep up the great work!

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. Sweet is RIGHT! That looks AMAZINGGGGGG! Gotta love bein’ a food blogger too =)

    And Frosting Shots? Umm, were those made specifically for ME!? It’s the only part of the cupcake I eat. No cake part, just the frosting. YUM!

  6. Holy heck $3.25?? The fancy shmancy cupcakes here in Pittsburgh are $2.50 and I thought that was pricey! But hey, if it’s worth it, it’s worth it. 🙂

  7. My sweet lord those look amazing! I’ve been known to shovel out up to $5.00 for a cupcake and those look like they would be no exception!

  8. WOW those look amazing and I love how much frosting is on there. I am a TOTAL frosting girl…so I’d probably get a cupcake and a frosting shot for later LOL.

    I’ve never had a “gourmet” cupcake from one of those trendy shops. How sad is that? 🙂

  9. That is a tad expensive, but sometimes you just have to say to hell with it:)

    I LOVE cupcakes and I LOVE the fact that you can go in and buy ONE cupcake and leave. Not forced to buy alot at a time…

  10. That looks like an awesome little shop! I’ll take a few of the choclate ones, please!

    I keep waiting for cupcakes to catch on in Spokane, but alas, I’ve yet to see a bakery actually make cupcakes for individual sale – let alone specialize in them! Hope you enjoyed yours, I’ll settle for getting my cupcakes vicariously through your posts.

  11. sweet might be my favorite place in the WHOLE world! it’s almost embarrassing to say that i used to go at least once a week with a group of my friends. we even walked there on marathon monday to get their specialty marathon cupcakes! so jealous/glad you got to try them all out, i’m so addicted to the red velvet and karat cake that i haven’t even tried any others!

  12. Frosting shots?? I would be in so much trouble if that place was near me! Cake material is just a conveyor for the best part – the frosting!

  13. With all the cupcake rage lately that is hands down one of the cutest and most well-done looking bakeries I have seen yet! Pupcakes? Frosting shots? Original, and I LOVE it. I’m in Boston in August for a wedding, and will definitely have to put that on my list of places to go!

  14. That is such a great idea for a blogger event. If you have any tips on how to contact place to set up events please shoot me an email. I’d love to set up a similar event in NYC!

  15. My best friend used to work at their original location (Mass Ave), she took me there a couple times…YUM! I love that they sell mini-cupcakes, they are the perfect little sweet treat! I am going to have to try one of the chocolate w/ coconut frosting ones next time I come to visit!

  16. Cupcakes sure seem to be popular now. I’ve never been to a cupcakery (is that what they are called?). I don’t know if we even have one in Victoria. Perhaps when I’m back in the “big city” I can try out some fancy cupcakes that hopefully are as good as they ones you have there!

  17. Whoa!!!! I am drooling from the cupcake goodness in those pictures. I wish we had a Sweet bakery in MN 🙁 I also love that they have frosting shots… what a great idea 😉

  18. If you liked Sweet, you should try Boston’s ORIGINAL cupcake shop – Kickass Cupcakes, in Davis Square! They’ve got an AMAZING variety, and a vegan cupcake that they change daily (and yes, pupcakes too!).

  19. oh my goodness, your post is making me drool! fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it…) i live in NYC so gourmet cupcakes from magnolia, crumbs, buttercup bakeshop, etc. are all close at hand. i think i might need one today. perhaps it will be a new tradition – cupcake friday! 🙂

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