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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good news: I’m making progress with my sugar habit! :mrgreen:

I realize that something like this doesn’t happen overnight, but I’m starting to figure out what’s going on with my cravings and how to best deal with them. If you ask me, that’s some sweet progress!

So, I think that my sugar cravings are more emotional than physical. I definitely experience physical sugar cravings and feel like a crazy person until I get my fix, but I’ve noticed if I don’t give in right away, it’s much easier to deal (like waiting until after dinner to treat myself ). Plus, if I’m busy or distracted, the cravings aren’t as strong.


I started my day with a bowl of Greek yogurt with fresh raspberries and Peanut Butter Puffins on top.

_MG_6794 (640x426)

Clearly, this meal had sugar in it, but the protein from the Greek yogurt filled me up and satisfied me. (Again, if someone offered me a cupcake, I probably would have eaten it, but the urge to seek out a sugary food wasn’t powerful.)

_MG_6805 (640x426)

I also enjoyed a glass of iced coffee with breakfast.

After making a coffee connection with my sugar cravings, I’ve reduced the amount of iced coffee that I drink in the morning and it seems to help. However, I’m not sure if the coffee/caffeine encourages my cravings or if it’s all in my head. All I know is that not spending the majority of the morning sipping away on iced coffee has made dealing with my sugar cravings much easier for me.

_MG_6813 (426x640)

After breakfast, I went grocery shopping and ran some errands with Mal, so sugar never once crossed my mind (just like Thursday morning), which is why I think that my cravings are more emotional. (Perhaps related to stress/anxiety or boredom?)


Lunch was a romaine salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, green bell pepper, parsnip chips, and balsamic vinegar.

IMG_0008 (640x480)

Parsnip chips + balsamic vinegar are so delicious together!

IMG_0020 (480x640)

On the side, I had a toasted whole wheat English muffin with almond butter spread on top.

IMG_0012 (640x480)
IMG_0013 (640x480)IMG_0018 (640x480)

I ate the salad first and saved the (sweet) English muffin for last, which seemed to ”˜trick’ my taste buds into thinking it was dessert. I guess it worked because I didn’t crave sugar at all after eating my lunch.


After lunch, Mal and I visited our long, lost friends, Dave and Marie. (In case you’re wondering, they are alive and well!) We stayed at their house for a few hours and caught up while watching the Patriots game.

I had zero sugar cravings while hanging out with our friends, but I snacked on a few cheddar cheese twists while there.


Just before dinner, my stomach started to grumble, so I took the edge off my hunger by eating a SOYJOY bar. No sugar cravings followed because I knew dinner was right around the corner.

_MG_6817 (640x426)


Tonight’s dinner was something special! Mal suggested barbeque chicken sandwiches, so he went all out selecting the ingredients at Whole Foods this morning. He picked up a bottle of Homestyle Meals Smoked Chipotle BBQ Sauce and some Iggy’s rolls.

_MG_6822 (640x426)_MG_6826 (640x426)

I dreamed about these rolls all day long.

_MG_6828 (640x426)

The end result was out of this world! Everything about this sandwich ruled. Best barbeque chicken sandwich ever.

_MG_6836 (640x426)

To make the barbeque chicken, I just baked two chicken breasts in the oven, chopped them up, and added a lot (like, half a bottle) of barbeque sauce.

_MG_6846 (640x426)

On the side, I had some roasted broccoli.

_MG_6855 (640x426)

After dinner, I (sort of) satisfied my sweet tooth with four pieces of milk chocolate and a mug of Eggnogg’n tea. As I write this post, I still want to eat more chocolate, but I hope that brushing my teeth with stop the craving. The post-dinner sugar cravings/expectations are still the most difficult for me to manage.  

_MG_6864 (640x426)_MG_6549 (640x426)

Slow and steady progress.

Good night!



  1. I wanted to add that I still think you can eat a lot more. Your breakfast and lunch are quite light in calories (to me). Lots of room for bulk for such an active person (both mentally and physically).

  2. It’s post-dinner when my sugar cravings are out of control too. I usually have about four sweet snacks (at least) every night! I should probably try some of your mind-tricks on myself…

  3. You are doing so awesome keeping those cravings at bay! My cravings are a lot like yours (sugary and raging), so I can imagine how hard it is. I love your determination. Very encouraging!

  4. Hey Tina!

    I have been reading your blog for a while now and have to say it is my favorite!! I am the same way with sugar cravings….when I am at home all day by myself I get bored and crave sugar/ snack , but if I am running errands all day I am never hungry… its hard to stay at home all day by yourself!!

  5. Nice work on your progress! I’m wondering, are you opposed to decaf coffee? I keep decaf cold-pressed on hand because I like the taste more than the caffeine punch. It also means I can drink it at night which I’m a fan of. Just a thought. Or maybe half-caff?

    Keep it up!

  6. Your chicken sandwich looks amazing (and easy)! My biggest challenge is time particularly when it come to lunch. This could be done easily and looks very filling. I love it 🙂
    Tanks Tina

  7. you are so inspiring me with your no sugar pledge! i am definitely using your strategies to tackle my own sugar issues, and will probably use it for my clean eating challenge in feb.

  8. I have major after dinner sugar cravings and the holidays have NOT helped. I am so excited to get back into my eating routine. I find that brushing my teeth and having tea helps. I also find that dark chocolate is way better than milk chocolate for sugar cravings. At first you may really want the milk, but the dark is more satisfying (for me, at least). Good luck!

  9. I’ve been a long time reader, but guilty of being shy and never commenting! 🙂 I actually got a Keurig for Xmas which has forced me to only drink 1 cup of coffee every morning. Before when I would brew a pot each morning, I would EASILY drink 3-4 cups…. just because it made sense to brew a bunch at once, plus my roommate and I tend to be addicts and encourage the habit on one another. 🙂 Anyway, cutting down to that one cup has made a HUGE difference in my sugar cravings throughout the day, plus my hunger at night! Keep it up, as someone from personal experience, it HELPS!

    OH and I’ll be thinkin’ good thoughts when you run the marathon in a few weeks – I live in Phoenix! 🙂

  10. I have sugar cravings, especially when I am stressed. Waiting to treat myself sometimes helps me out, but when I do eat something sweet, I make sure that I have raw nuts within half an hour to reduce the acidic environment in my mouth. I prefer slivered almonds or raw walnuts. If you eat cheese it has the same effects. Both nuts and cheese have bone building benefits and will help your dental health. I only say this because I am assuming you’re watching your sugar intake due to the cavities you recently discovered. Don’t worry, I’ve been there with 4 cavities as well. so I know how you feel. Also a trick that my dentist told me is to floss before you brush your teeth to break up the plaque. And if you want to go a little further after flossing, brush your teeth dry (without water) for a few seconds then brush as normal with paste and water. All of these should reduce plaque in your teeth. Hope this helps!

  11. I agree with Caronae! Tina, you should try having dark chocolate as an after dinner treat (50% dark and more). I found that when keeping dark chocolate at my office desk, I only reach for it when I REALLY crave chocolate or a little dessert – not when I emotionally feel like sweets! And I noticed that every time I am craving milk chocolate like mad, it was because I was stressed out or bored.
    (not that I banned milk chocolate completely but it helps to tame your sweet tooth!)
    You go, girl! 🙂

  12. My sugar cravings are always in the afternoon. Mine are definitely a result of boredom. If I’m busy, I don’t even think about it.

  13. Apologies in advance if this comes across as in any way rude, because that’s honestly not my intention: but do you really have to limit your sugar intake? I tend to think that eating sweets and treats, even several every day, is really only a problem if a person’s diet is nutritionally inadequate otherwise, if they’re dangerously overweight, or have an illness like diabetes. You eat less sweets than a lot of people, you’re a very thin woman, physically active, as far as I’m aware you have no serious illness, and the rest of your diet is extremely healthful. You don’t lack for fruit and vegetables, protein, carbs or fats; you seem to eat a very balanced, well-portioned diet. And you have a sweet tooth. Does it really matter if you also eat sweets? Again, no offence intended at all. I love your blog and your style of writing. I’m just a little curious as to why you have to try to deny yourself when a few treats each day don’t seem to be doing you all that much harm and clearly bring extra moments of pleasure to your day, which I always think is as important for mental health as physical.

      1. I did miss that post! Thanks for sharing the link. Cavities, mood swings and skin breakouts would be enough reason for me to make dietary changes as well. It’s when I see people cutting out sweets for no other reason than it’s the thing to do on the blogs at the moment, when they’re not exactly sitting on the couch with their face stuck in a pint of ice cream all day anyway, that it seems a bit crazy to me! Good luck with the continued changes, and I agree with the advice that it often works well to keep the sweets for after dinner. I usually do that too, just because that way you can sit back and relax and enjoy them while you watch TV or read.

  14. I just did a 5 day cleanse and I really believe that cutting out my coffee in the morning was the biggest part of cutting my sugar cravings. I just found that replacing it with something nutritious and more filling started my day out so much better.

  15. good job on your progress. I am the same way as you but right now my sugar craving has become out of control. Christmas ,candy, cake, cookies, birthday, it never ends. Eliminating as much sugar is a great idea.

  16. I felt like the queen of all sugar over the holidays. My sweet tooth has gotten out of control as well, so it helps me a lot seeing what has been working for you 🙂 Good job on getting to the bottom of those cravings!

  17. I feel you on the sugar addiction. I used to have a huge one but I kicked it for about a year. With the holidays though, it seems like my addiction is back! Good luck figuring it out! I’ll be traveling the road with you

  18. Sounds like you are getting a handle on those cravings. The one thing I notice is that if I eat something sweet for breakfast I will crave sweets that day. If I eat something a little more savory I don’t seem to crave sweets as much. I allow myself one “treat” each day and I try to keep it to a 150 to 200 calorie treat. I normally eat it at night once the kids go to bed so that I can enjoy it and not feel like I’m just woofing down my one and only treat for the day. Eating it earlier would probably be better but at least I’m not eating a high calorie dessert.

  19. The sugar cravings could be intensified by your marathon training. I experienced this too! I was craving carbs and sugar continuously – especially deeper in my training. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You are very active and eat healthy MOST of the time. That’s the key anyway. Love your blog – thanks for sharing your struggles. I’ve been there, sister!

  20. Every single meal here looks amazing. I have an issue with sugar too! I’ve learned that you CAN gradually decrease sugar cravings and learn to be satisfied with less sugar. It takes several weeks though.

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