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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Last night, when I was reading Woman’s Health (May 2012), I stumbled upon a short piece about a study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, which reported that “people work harder when their efforts are tracked.” According to the study, when participants knew they were wearing a pedometer, they took 1,500 more steps than when they didn’t think they were being monitored. Interesting, right? Well, the study got me thinking about my own fitness efforts, especially at CrossFit.

IMG_3704 (563x750)

When I’m in a group setting, like at CrossFit, I often push myself harder than I would when I’m exercising alone. I mean, I don’t want to wuss-out on a WOD when other people are watching! Plus, I know my results will be posted on the CrossFit whiteboard. (I know you guys have seen photos of it on CNC in the past!)

IMG_0001 (800x600) (2)

I know some people can’t even fathom having their workout results posted on public display, but I really think CrossFit is onto something with the whiteboard.

The whiteboard is a type of public posting, which is a technique widely studied in the field of Sports Psychology. Public posting is actually a behavioral strategy that has been shown to improve performance. ”˜Public posting has demonstrated robust effects across diverse populations, a variety of settings, and a broad range of behaviors’ (Ward & Carnes, 2002). [source]

Personally, the whiteboard motivates me and improves my performance at CrossFit. I know my results are going to be posted on the board at the end of the WOD for everyone to see, so I push myself during the workouts. I’m actually never embarrassed by my results because I know I tried my hardest during the WOD. If anything, I’m proud to tell my coaches my results so they can write it on the whiteboard. I earned that time/weight, so I’m happy to share those results.


Toward the end of last night’s WOD, for example, I got really tired during the Power Clean and Jerks, but I didn’t want to fly through them and sacrifice my form. But, I also knew my time would be posted on the whiteboard at the end of the WOD, so I pushed myself through the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats, so I could focus on maintaining good form (and take my time) on the Power Clean and Jerks and still finish the WOD with a decent time.


For time:

1 Power Clean and Jerk
1 Round of Cindy
2 Power Clean and Jerk
1 Round of Cindy
3 Power Clean and Jerk
1 Round of Cindy
4 Power Clean and Jerk
1 Round of Cindy
5 Power Clean and Jerk
1 Round of Cindy
6 Power Clean and Jerk
1 Round of Cindy
7 Power Clean and Jerk
1 Round of Cindy
8 Power Clean and Jerk
1 Round of Cindy
9 Power Clean and Jerk
1 Round of Cindy
10 Power Clean and Jerk

“Cindy” = 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats

Rx: (155, 115)
L2: (135, 95)
L1: (95, 65) (Band assisted Pull-ups)

I used 55 pounds for the Power Clean and Jerks, a #2 band of the pull-ups, and finished in 20:29. It was an awesome workout, and I really got my form down on the Power Clean and Jerks.


After CrossFit, Mal and I headed home to shower up and make dinner. On the menu: Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers.

IMG_3676 (750x563)

Instead of ground beef, I used ground turkey, and I nixed the dried apricots from the recipe all together, which didn’t seem to affect the flavor of the dish very much. It was still a really delicious meal!

IMG_3677 (632x750)

While I waited for dinner to cook, I sipped on a protein shake made with vanilla protein powder and almond milk. Last night’s WOD was pretty tough, so I figured my muscles needed some help with their recovery.

IMG_3685 (592x750)

Forty-five minutes later, dinner was served! Mal and I are cheese people, so I added some shredded cheddar on top on the peppers. Delish!

IMG_3686 (750x563)

I guess my protein shake filled me up because I only ended up eating one pepper instead of the two. At least I have some yummy leftovers for lunch today!

IMG_3692 (750x563)

After dinner, I enjoyed a couple of Oatmeal Scotchies. Of course, I had some room in my stomach for cookies!

IMG_3699 (750x563)

Question of the Day

Do you sweat to impress? What do you think about the CrossFit whiteboard? How would you feel about having your results posted publically? Would it motivate you?

P.S. Pug lovers, this is ADORABLE: Pug Alphabet!



  1. I definitely sweat to impress though. Sometimes I think it’s a downfall of mine. Right now I’m doing CrossFit and it’s with a group of all men. It’s hard for me to compare myself to them because they’re doing SO MUCH more than me so I find myself skimping on the weight or effort because I have no one to compete with. Often, a weight that I think is impossible, is something that I can absolutely do when one of the guys is yelling at me “push push push”. I wish I could push myself and be as confident in myself as other people were in me! Also, I should be able to motivate myself without another female in the group…but sometimes it’s hard.

  2. Since I started CrossFit in March I have only posted my time on the whiteboard a few times. I am thinking of bringing a notebook to class with me so I can keep the numbers to myself. I like my box but sometimes I feel intimated by all the people doing the performance workouts. I know that we all start at the beginning but it’s hard sometimes when you are the only one doing the Fitness workout. Some days I kick butt at my WOD, other days not so much.

    1. We don’t have the choice at our box. Our coaches write all of our names on the whiteboard when we start the WOD, so we have to give them our results before we leave. I also have a mini notebook that I keep at our box to keep track of all of my workouts. It’s really helpful and motivating! 🙂

  3. I guess I keep myself accountable in the form of dailymile- but I definitely don’t feel like I am showing off. There are so many people that are faster than me but I do like the encouragement from people who “get it”. People who don’t exercise in my daily life don’t want to talk about running etc.

  4. I prefer to workout on my own. I find when I workout in a group setting, I tend to compare myself to others and am never satisfied with my own performance. However, it was also really nice to have the group setting give off such high energy when I would feel sluggish – which helped push me through those workouts. But overall it’s more medatative to me to be alone. 🙂

  5. I don’t do CrossFit but I find my focus and attention is far better in a class atmosphere, so I guess I definitely ‘sweat to impress’. I’m fine working out at home but to really push myself, I like having the motivation of others around me!

  6. My blog keeps me in line with my workouts for sure. I probably wouldn’t…no I KNOW I wouldn’t push myself or have that much motivation without a blog. It’s like I think my followers actually read every WOD I do in detail (I know they don’t haha because I don’t with others). But it still holds me accountable in some way!

  7. Yay that’s my pug alphabet! I’ve been a long time reader of your blog (and a fan of Murphy) so I’m thrilled to see it mentioned on your site! Running + pugs = happiness!

      1. @FitPhilanthropist: I always secretly thought my pug smelled like Fritos/Doritos around her feet when she got sleepy but thought it was just me being crazy. I later confirmed that this was a common pug thing (and now I know a lot of other breeds have this too) with other pug owners. It’s weird, but I love it!

        1. @Funaek: I think I read somewhere once that there’s a kind of bacteria that’s present on dog paws that gives it the Frito smell. I have an Alaskan Klee Kai and she definitely smells like Fritos!

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  9. That workout looks awesome! I’m going to try it later this week…

    This blog post came at a great time for me: I had a bad WOD at my box last night…and I didn’t write my time up on the board. I was nervous all day for the workout, and it was really hard…and I feel like I could have pushed myself harder, but my brain got the better of me because I wasn’t feeling as strong as I thought that I would…Thanks for sharing this– it’s helped me put things in perspective.

  10. I definitely sweat to impress (hence my blog). It’s another form of accountability for me when I’m not feeling quite like a workout.

    P.S. LOVE the pug alphabet! Coincidentally, we joke that my pug’s feet smell like warm Fritos, and the alphabet mentions that!

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  12. Those stuffed peppers look yum!

    As for the question, I don’t sweat to impress but I do work harder when I track things. My blog friends who have been around a while make fun at me for all the graphs and charts I make. I love them! I love seeing results that way! So when I’m charting and graphing, I work a bit harder. For example, I have a FitBit and I know that I want a certain number of steps or calories at the end of the day! If I didn’t have it on, then how would I know the difference?!

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