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Plans for dinner changed a few times tonight. According to my meal plan, chicken was on the menu. I bought a whole chicken with leftovers in mind, but I just wasn’t in the mood to cook it or eat it.

I haven’t cooked a whole chicken since Mal and I first moved in together back in 2006. I made Engagement Chicken after reading about it in Glamour magazine. I know, I’m totally one of those girls, but I figured it couldn’t hurt and the recipe sounded pretty tasty! 😉 In fact, the meal turned out so well, I forgot to turn off the oven… for 12 hours! 😯 Somehow, I didn’t blow up the house and I was engaged 4 months later. True story!! 😀


Once I nixed chicken for dinner, I suggested Quiznos since I had a bunch of coupons and it’s right down the street.


Or so I thought!?!

Apparently, “Unchained Pizza” moved into Quiznos’ old home. Wicked bummer. So, Mal suggested sushi and we drove off to our favorite take-out place.


While Mal went to order sushi, Murphy and I waited in the car and had a little fun snapping photos. Well, I had fun. He was much more interested in the people walking by on the street.

Concerned + playful.


Distracted + mysterious.






A little while later, Mal returned to the car with sushi and wine. He read my mind! 😉


I love the wine that Mal picked out. It has all of the things that I like about white wine– and it only cost $11.99 for the bottle! 😉

Dürnberf Grüner Veltliner: Herbal notes typical of the variety, along with distinct minerality and fine white pepper. The palate is juicy and crisp. The characteristic freshness and fruit of the Falkensteiner terroir is impressive – as is the  animated elegance.


I’ve been obsessed with dry, mineral-y white wines lately.


For dinner, Mal picked three maki rolls for us to share.


Spicy Tuna, New California (made with shrimp), and cucumber.



After dinner, I satisfied my sweet tooth with a Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Scone. It was yummy, but I’m sort of getting sick of them. There’s still one more left in the batch. Maybe I can incorporate it into my oatmeal tomorrow morning? Suggestions welcomed!

Enjoy the evening, guys! 😀



  1. lol, I love the engagement chicken story. I still think it is funny that so many women have tried and been successful. Then again, I bet where it didn’t work, they didn’t want to share.

  2. Sushi always trumps everything for me. 😉

    I’ve heard about the engagement chicken before. I need to try that. The BF is taking too long. 😉

  3. Sushi and wine nights are my absolute favorite, my boyfriend and I used to have them every Sunday, but now with football (and beer and wings) we nudged it over to Monday 😉

  4. Sushi how i love thee…let me count the ways! I love how well Mal knows you that he can read your mind about getting wine, and pick out rolls for you both. I’m way too much of a control freak to not want to browse the menu myself.
    I’m loving your posts lately Tina!

  5. Aw, I love the use of Engagement Chicken. I am that girl too and love it!

    Sushi always makes for an awesome dinner, especially when white wine is involved!

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