Support Now, Party Later!

Support now, party later!

The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation New England Chapter’s signature fundraiser, A Night in White for the Cure, will be on August 6. Even though the event is postponed, the organization still needs your support now to keep patient programs running and research funded. A cure is in our lifetime — help us get there!

WHY IBD? 3 million Americans have IBD, myself included. If you’ve followed my health journey for any amount of time, you know it hasn’t been easy. And that path is often difficult for IBD patients. 

As you can imagine, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everything the Foundation has built is now
at risk. The need for education and support in the Crohn’s and colitis community has skyrocketed, a 500% increase. Simultaneously, the Foundation is experiencing an all-time low in funding. This is by far the greatest challenge the Foundation has faced in its 50-year history. The financial impact of this pandemic has been tremendous.

In recognition of this critical need, a generous donor has offered to match every contribution to the Foundation up to a total of $1 million by May 15. Every dollar donated before May 15 is worth double. The deadline is just days away, so please consider donating today! 

5 Reasons to Support the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation

  1. Someone you love has IBD: 3 million Americans live with IBD and that number grows by as many as 70,000 new diagnoses each year.
  2. Your donations fund important research. The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation has invested more than $350 million into research.
  3. Your donations directly impact patient outcomes.
  4. The Foundation is the leader in IBD breakthroughs in environmental triggers, genetics, and the microbiome.
  5. We have fun! Our events bring together our community and we have a great time doing it. 

Every dollar brings us closer to a cure and no donation is too small. If you’re able to donate, please visit my fundraising page. Thank you!

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