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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning! Hope your Thursday is off to a fabulous start!


As you can see, last night’s dinner was a good one! I practically licked my bowl clean. Dinner was Creamy Avocado and Spinach Chicken Pasta from paleOMG.

IMG_9777 (750x563)

The recipe called for spaghetti squash, but instead I used up a couple of random boxes of pasta from our cabinets.

IMG_9772 (563x750)

The dish was super easy to prepare and turned out great. I will definitely make it again””next time with shredded Parmesan on top. Mmm!


I ate dinner fairly early (5:30 pm), so a few hours later, I was hungry again. I broke out the leftover avocado and spinach sauce/dip (it’s really thick) from dinner and some Jalapeno Jack Pretzel Crisps to snack on.

IMG_9780 (563x750)


On Twitter last night, my friend Clare asked me if I have ever made my “Oatmeal” Minus the Oats in the microwave. (She was looking for something Paleo she could make at work.) I had never tried (I’m worried it’d explode and make a mess), so I suggested making it the night before and eating it cold the next day. I actually had never tried this either, so I whipped up a batch last night to see how it would work. I had an almost-empty peanut butter jar (obviously – when don’t I?), so, after I made my “Oatmeal” Minus the Oats, I stored in there overnight in the fridge. The result: delicious! I think I might like the cold variety more than the hot stuff!

IMG_9794 (563x750)


After breakfast, I headed to CrossFit to do 5-3-1 before the 9:00 AM class. My friend Whit was there early too, so we worked together on chest press and then did the WOD.



9 Wallballs
9 Pendlay Rows
9 Bar Facing Burpees

Rx: (135, 95)
L2: (95, 65)
L1: (75, 55)
BEG: (65, 45)

Score = Total completed rounds + any extra reps

In 18 minutes, I finished 10 rounds + 3 reps and used 65 pounds (Level 2) for the Pendlay Rows. I was a sweaty, exhausted mess by the end. Good WOD.


When I got home from CrossFit, I made a protein shake with vanilla fitmixer protein powder, iced coffee, and almond milk.

IMG_9804 (563x750)

Recently, I’ve received a number of questions asking what kinds of supplements I take on a regular basis, so here a quick summary.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor or Registered Dietitian. I take these supplements and they work for me. Please consult a medical professional before adding any of them to your diet.

Daily, I take:

*Please talk to your doctor before you start taking iron supplements. Getting too much of it can be really dangerous. I don’t normally take iron supplements, but after my second colitis flare, my doctor suggested taking them (again) to help with the deficiency in my body and (holy insane amount of) hair loss.

IMG_9797 (750x563)

Additionally, a few times a week, I add a few shakes of Portobello Mushroom Powder to my meals for a little extra Vitamin D in my diet. (Portobello Mushroom Powder? Say what? Wondering what the heck it’s all about? Here’s my post with an explanation.)

IMG_9799 (563x750)

**Edited to add**

I also take probiotics. I totally forgot! When I was feeling (literally) crappy, I took them religiously every single day. Now that I’m feeling better, I seem to forget, which I know is really bad.

My doctor recommended VSL#3 to help manage my ulcerative colitis. After blogging about it, the company actually sent me some free samples, which was awesome. The VSL#3 seems to be working. I’ve been flare-free since February!

And, finally, I use BCAAs before and during my workouts and drink protein shakes after my workouts to recover/refuel/repair my muscles.

IMG_9806 (750x563)

A few of you guys asked if I’ve noticed any changes since I started taking BCAAs, and I have to admit, I haven’t noticed anything””yet.

I first started using BCAAs at the beginning of July, but not very consistently. I kept forgetting about them, and I would just fill my water bottle with water for workouts. In the past couple of weeks, however, I’ve used them for just about every workout (before and during). I think they’ve maybe sped up my recovery time post-workout, but it’s still hard to tell if I’ve made any muscle/strength gains. I plan to keep taking them, so I’ll be sure to keep you guys in the loop about my progress in the coming months.

Question of the Day

Do you take supplements? If so, which ones? If not, why not?

P.S. I just read about this neat runner-dog service in Runner’s World the other day and just wanted to share. Jogs for Dogs connects runners and dogs to run together. (Yes, I already signed up.)



  1. Iron for hair loss? I went vegan about 6 months ago and suddenly I’ve noticed more hair coming out in my brush, hands, clothes… everywhere. Perhaps the issue! lol. Thanks!

    For supplements I take glucosamine/chondrotin for joints (bad knee) and a multi.

    1. @Taylor @ liftingrevolution: As a sometimes vegan/flexitarian I get a lot of my iron from cast iron skillets. I use to be “borderline” anemic in my high school years and haven’t had an issue since I’ve been using them (about 5 years now).

  2. I take magnesium and a pro-biotic. Magnesium is supposed to help with sugar cravings…Also, I love protein powder in smoothies. That’s my favorite way to enjoy it and I really like Spirulina or Sun Warrior!

  3. What about Adora discs for Calcium? I started taking them (and I thought I heard about them on your website first?) What a delicious way to get the calcium I need. 🙂

  4. Vitamin D is a must for me. Living in Glasgow, I don’t get a lot of sunshine, especially in the winter. I’ve had a severe deficiency before, so I always take a high potency supplement. It totally keeps me from being exhausted to the point of not being able to function!

    I used to take magnesium and B50 complex to help with my headaches, but I found that they did nothing at all, so I stopped spending the extra money on them.

  5. That pasta looks wonderful!

    I don’t take supplements. I talked with several different docs & dieticians and they all took a look at my food journals and said I’m getting my nutrients through the food I eat which is ideal to them. I’m not against them, I’ve just never noticed any change except bad ones in the uh…’exit’ department no matter what kinds I took. I’ll likely do some calcium supplements when I get a little older just to help keep my bones supported.

  6. I’ve taken lots of BCAA’s before, in both pill and powder form, and even during my hardest workouts I’ve never felt like they truly worked in helping to keep me less sore. However, L-Glutemine (spelling) is supposed to work really well for sore muscle!

  7. I take:
    -Multivitamin because I figure they can’t hurt, even if I eat healthy foods
    -Vit D because my level was only 8 (should be 30 or higher)
    -Magnesium for multiple reasons
    -Acidophilus for digestive health (I’d probably skip this if I liked yogurt)
    -Melatonin when I go to bed because I work 3rd shift, which interferes with melatonin production & the supplement helps me sleep

  8. I take a gummy vitamin, folic acid, and vitamin D in the mornings and then a probiotic and magnesium supplement in the evening (they are supposed to be on an empty stomach, so i do it like 30 minutes before bed….when I remember).

  9. I actually take BCAAs as well, but I prefer them in the pill form. I take them with right after a workout with water. I didn’t like the flavor of the fruit punch BCAAs so I wouldn’t drink them during the workout either. I prefer just straight water during a workout.

  10. I’m very interested in learning more about a Fish Oil (Omega 3) supplement–but every time I research it, I become overwhelmed. I want to make sure I’m getting a quality supplement, but there are so many options out there. Any recommendations are appreciated!

  11. Hmmm I feel I take so much haha I use a vegan protein powder… but vitamins wise I take a veg multi vitamin, biotin, probiotics, and the occasional psyllium husk

  12. Wowee, that pasta sauce sounds amazing! Can’t wait to try that one out. I take a multi-vitamin, omega 3s (through flaxseed oil pills), and a calcium chew every once in awhile if I feel like I haven’t gotten enough that day. I also use whey protein powder a few times a week in my smoothies and various other things!

  13. i think hearing what supplements people take is so interesting. i take a multivitamin, iron & vitamin d (cause i tested low in both of these). i’m about to start probiotics. my protein powder is full of bcaa, which i’ve taken for years & like. wish i could take fish oil, but it makes my hair come out in gobs!

  14. I take fish oil pills and vitamin D usually, but I’ve been really lazy about it for the past few months. 😛 I figure I get enough vitamin D from the sun in the summers and I’ve been eating sushi like crazy, so I think that covers my omega 3 needs. 😉

  15. I started taking Bcaa’s about a month ago… Fruit punch flavor. Drink it on the way to crossfit and during the workout. I’ve definitely felt like its helped with my recovery time and I’ve had less soreness. Two tiny scoops, cost effective and the container lasts months!

  16. I tried “Oatmeal” Minus the Oats for the first time this morning and they were AMAZING!! I was so surprised by the texture but it was still really good, especially with lots of sunbutter on top!

    As far as supplements go I take B12 and fish oil daily.

  17. i’ll have to try cold non-oats! could be interesting for sure. i eat the occasional scoop of protein powder, but usually stick to just good food to keep me going. aka chocolate milk, bread, and bananas…a runner’s dream

  18. I use BCAAs before my workouts (the BSN brand has 10g per serving)…main thing for me is quicker recovery and less muscle fatigue during my workout. This brand actually has 125% of your RDA of Vitamin D per serving so might be worth trying! I also take Chelated Zinc and a herbal mixture for digestion.

  19. Thank you so much for posting this! I am trying to figure out what works best for me and this really helps. I take a multi, calcium, but I am trying to find the best protein supplement to help with recovery. Thanks again!

  20. I am addicted to oatmeal minus the oats. 🙂
    I actually only eat half the recipe in a serving, so I typically save the second half for the next day. I’ve never eaten them cold (though I’m sure I would love that!) but I always reheat for about 1-2 minutes in the microwave and they are still just as delicious. The texture does change a tad (less fluffy), but it’s still delicious.

  21. Congrats on being flare-up free since February! I take a lot of vitamins daily (cleared by my doctor of course) including a multivitamin, fish oil, evening primrose oil, vitamin D, and a calcium-magnesium supplement. I love supplements!

  22. There was a really interesting article recently in Nature about the molecular mechanisms behind colitis flare ups. Basically it all boiled down to the good bacteria/bad bacteria ratio in the belly and that was linked the the quantity/quality of antimicrobial peptides people can produce in their guts. So your probiotic supplements are probably helping!

  23. My “fourth meal” of the day is all supplements these days; probiotics, digestive enzymes, l-glutamine, and on and on. Mushroom powder… that’s new to me!

  24. how exactly do you prepare your oatmeal minus the oats? I made it once and it was so….eggy..? lol..and so the cold version you just stir in raw egg whites? ….thank you for linking that pasta recipe…looks really good!
    and super happy for you that the flare-ups are under control!

  25. I usually take D, B-complex, probiotics and baby aspirin (a Dr. Oz recommendation) but recently I’ve added immune boosting supplements to the mix. Recently my husband got a summer flu after a couple of weeks of overtraining. After doing a little reading I learned that long runs/races/hard workouts temporarily lowers immune function, so I figure that while I’m marathon training and especially immediately before and after races, I’ll take extra immune boosting herbs (astragalus, andrographis, Andrew Weil’s immune boosting formula, and elderberry) to hopefully help keep me cold/flu free. If I feel something coming on I add in the homepathic Oscillococcinum. Also, for adrenal support during training I take ashwaganda, rhodiola rosea and cordyceps, which all support a healthy response to stress.

    I’m curious to learn more about the portobella mushroom powder!

  26. I’m actually eating the spinach and avacodo pasta right now I made it on monday after I saw your post for your weekly menu and i love it. I’m trying to slowly wing my way into the paleo diet (just can’t kick greek yogurt or oatmeal yet) so I did it with the spaghetti squash.

  27. does anyone else get sick from multivitamins? my womens one a days used to always make me naseous, weather i took them on an empty or full stomach. one day it finally just made me vomit after taking with soup and crackers, so i stopped taking it. the gummy kind don’t do this to me.

  28. I take a women’s multi, fish oil, calcium, vitamin C/cranberry, and pre/post vacations (or any stretch of eating poorly and/or drinking to excess) – dandelion root. And protein shakes post workout 🙂

  29. My GI specialist put me on VSL#3 earlier this summer after numerous digestive issues and tests 🙁 I really think VSL is helping though! I also take Glutamine for intestinal health and that seems to also be benefiting the tum-tum!

  30. I am an avid user of Advocare products. Dr Oz actually has their Omega supplement on his show recently as one of two products that has exactly what it says it does in it. I take their BCAA supplement and I have seen results big time with it. So for me, BCAA’s have been a huge change for my body!

  31. Thanks for putting a disclaimer about supplements in this post! You’re right; totally should check with a doctor before adding any to your diet — with some vitamins and minerals, too much can be a bad thing! It was the most interesting think I learned in my latest Nutrition class, and now I’m constantly telling people to lay off the 1000% Vitamin-Whatever pills 🙂

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