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Sorry I went MIA yesterday. I ended up having a jam-packed Saturday, so I never had a chance to sit down to blog. I’m sure you understand how it goes with busy Saturdays!


My morning started with a massive bowl of banana oatmeal made with hemp milk, egg whites, ground flaxseed meal, and a scoop of Teddie peanut butter. Delicious and satisfying as always.

IMG_0132 (800x600)


After breakfast, Mal and I headed out for a workout. It was “Bring a Friend to CrossFit Day” at our box!

IMG_0134 (800x600)

I brought my blog friend Mary to the class. The two of us tried to plan a run together over the holidays, but it just never happened, so I invited her to join me for “Bring a Friend to CrossFit Day”. (I think she liked it!) The class was packed! We had over 30 people!

IMG_0136 (800x600)

Yesterday’s WOD was a partner workout, so Mary and I teamed up and dominated. We had one of the highest scores of the day (389)””and we didn’t “cook the books” like Mal’s team!

WOD: “Two’s Company”

150 Meter Run

As Many Abmat Sit-ups as Possible

150 Meter Run

As Many Push-ups as Possible

150 Meter Run

As Many Burpees as Possible

150 Meter Run

As Many Air Squats as Possible

150 Meter Run

As Many Medball Slams as Possible

150 Meter Run

As Many Walking Lunges as Possible

Score = total reps

Here’s how the WOD worked: one person ran while the other person did as many reps as possible. So, Mary started by doing the 150 meter run while I did as many sit-ups as possible. When she finished, she tagged me and then I headed outside to run while she did sit-ups. When we both completed the runs and sit-ups, we moved onto push-ups and so on.

Our score was determined by counting both of our reps completed on each of the exercises for a total score. The WOD wasn’t timed, so, if you’re Mal and his partner, this meant going slowly on the 150 meter runs, so the other person could rack up as many reps as possible. Their score was 570 while most people’s scores were in 300’s! I knew something was up when I blew by Mal on the sprints! Ha!


On the way home from CrossFit, Mal and I stopped at Marylou’s for iced coffees. I ordered a Peanut Butter Wonderful. Delish!

IMG_0139 (600x800)

We enjoyed our iced coffees while we cleaned the house, threw in some laundry, and someone registered for their Level 1 CrossFit certification. I’ll give you three clues who it is:

  1. It’s not me.
  2. It’s someone who needs a summer job.
  3. It’s someone totally in love with CrossFit (even more so than me).

Yep! Mal wants to teach CrossFit classes this summer at our box, so he’s getting his Level 1 certification this spring. How’s that for the perfect summer job?!


Mal and I were running late to meet our hometown friends for a get-together, so we grabbed Subway for a quick lunch. I ordered a 6” ham sandwich with lots of veggies and honey mustard.

IMG_0141 (800x600)

At our friends’ house, I drank a couple of big (22-ounce) beers: Rogue Dead Guy Ale.

IMG_0142 (800x600)

And a Long Trail Coffee Stout, which was wicked good. It had strong, bold flavors of espresso, but it wasn’t overkill or artificial-tasting. It also packed a serious punch with 8% alcohol!

IMG_0150 (600x800)IMG_0147 (600x800)

I also munched on a bunch of cheese and crackers while we played a fun game called “The Game of Things.”

IMG_0146 (800x600)

We had a big group of people playing the game, so we were all having a good time and laughing a lot. Before I knew it, I drank both of my beers! Oops! I was having such a blast, I didn’t realize how quickly I was chugging them down. Thank goodness Mal was driving to our next get-together!

IMG_0149 (800x600)

The next stop of the day was at my sister’s house for dinner with my cousins and their significant others. I wasn’t planning to drink anything else, but then my sister offered me a Shipyard Applehead Ale, which I’ve really wanted to try. My thoughts about it: meh. Not that good.

At first sip, the Applehead sort of reminded of Harpoon’s Winter Warmer, which I like a lot, but the more I drank it, the more I disliked it. The cinnamon-apple flavor was much too sweet for me, and it totally overpowered the beer. In fact, it didn’t even taste like beer. It was just some weird apple-flavored beverage to me. Oh, well. Shipyard still makes a zillion awesome beers. I just won’t be buying their Applehead anytime soon.

IMG_0153 (800x600)

I also snacked on a bunch of tortilla chips with black bean and corn salsa.

IMG_0155 (800x600)

IMG_0159 (800x600)


For dinner, my sister and her husband made a delicious chicken and steak fajita dinner.

IMG_0161 (600x800)

With all the fixings!

IMG_0164 (800x600)


IMG_0167 (800x600)

Treats for Murph and Batman!

IMG_0173 (600x800)

After dinner, I enjoyed a couple of sugar cookies for dessert.

IMG_0170 (800x600)

Mal and I didn’t get home until almost midnight last night, so I face-planted into bed as soon as I walked in the door. Good times! It was a super Saturday!

How was your Saturday?



  1. Sounds like a fun day. Fajita dinners are always the best in my opinion. We spent our Saturday relaxing… went to see Chronicle at the movies (thought it was very weird…would not pay to see it again… but thats just me!), ate lunch at chickfila, home to take a nap, did a little shopping + errands and made a yummy dinner of Pad Thai. 🙂 Great Saturday on our end as well!

  2. I have a question: when you do runs in CrossFit, do you run inside the box or is there an area for running outside? I’m just picturing a bunch of people trying not to run into each other in that smallish space 🙂

  3. Sounds like a great Saturday….and good for Mal for getting his certification! I was a total lazy bum yesterday, but I ended the day by going out for dinner and seeing a local production of Little Women, so that was good.

  4. Oatmeal question…….what do you begin with (raw oats, cooked conventionally?) Trying to transition away from processed cereal and would like to know how you prepare your almost daily bowl of oatmeal. Thanks!

  5. What a busy day {full of beer}!! You talking about Cross Fit all the time really makes me want to try it out. I keep waiting for a GroupOn for one of my local Cross Fits! 🙂

  6. I wish there was a Marylou’s in my area! Iced coffee is my fave- peanut butter iced coffee would be the cherry on top!

    Speaking of summer, since I’m so busy this semester, I have decided to do cross fit over the summer holiday after following your cross-fittin’ journey! Can’t wait.

  7. Happy long weekend! Congrats to Mal for deciding to become a CrossFit instructor. That’ll be so fun. The black bean and corn salsa looks EXACTLY like the stuff my mom makes. 🙂 I sometimes eat it not as a dip, but as a salad it’s so good.

  8. I perked up when I saw that ya’ll played The Game of Things! I played it last night for the first time at my birthday party and was surprisingly good at it!

  9. Wow! Your Saturday looked super fun and filled with good food and good company. My Saturday also had back-to-back parties (baby shower and friend’s birthday).
    I love how Batman and Murphy sit so nicely for the food! So cute!

  10. It always makes me laugh when you say wicked because I’m betting you have an accent yet I have no idea! I just think of my Boston friend saying “art department” when she answered the phone at work.

  11. Thanks Tina, I can’t wait to go back! Although I am having trouble walking today…regretting sticking out that wall squat for so long 🙂

  12. I am a little OBSESSED with your sister’s navy and white placemats. I know it’s a little weird to be so taken with placemats, but I just am and I now need to buy them. Do you have any idea where she got them?

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