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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Mine was super low-key, and it was awesome. Sometimes, those are the best kinds of weekends because they leave you energized instead of exhausted. I actually have a lot going on in the coming weeks, so I definitely appreciated the downtime. My fall is going to be absolutely nuts””more on that later!

porch hang with Murph and Mal


I spent Friday evening on our sun porch with Mal and Murphy.

photo (14)

We opened a bottle of wine (Mal and me… pugs don’t drink alcohol) and just hung out.

photo (12)

For hours.

photo (13)

It was a nice, relaxing evening.

IMG_4660 (600x450)

The three of us just have fun together!

IMG_4668 (600x450)


We all woke up bright and early on Saturday morning.

photo (8)

CrossFit was on the agenda and we totally got our butts kicked by “Black Hawk Down.”

photo (11)

Mal and I were also named “Beasts of the Month” by our CrossFit box!

CrossFit 781 BOM

Woohoo! We were pumped””still are!

photo (16)

After CrossFit, I picked up my computer, which is totally fine. Hooray! It’s almost like nothing ever happened!

skull desktop

I wonder what the computer guys thought of the skull photo on my desktop? Ha! A few months ago, Mal took a picture of the skull and put it on my computer when I was out-of-town (he is so clever), but I haven’t changed it because it just makes me happy. The computer guys probably thought I was so weird.

On my way home from the computer repair shop, I stopped by Whole Foods to grab lunch. I was starving, and I knew we had nothing exciting to eat in the house.

photo (10)

I ate my lunch on the porch with Mal. Meanwhile, the pug went to town on his new Nayla bone.

photo (2)

Once he chews his Naylas into a shiv, we take them away (for our safety) and give him a new one.

photo (9)

We watched the Oregon football game on Saturday afternoon. Mal is a huge fan, so we made sure to properly prepare for the game. (FYI: Mal’s sister went to U of O and a lot of his family lives in Oregon. Mal’s dad also grew up in Medford, Oregon, so we’re fans.)

Ready for the Oregon game

After the game, Mal and I had planned to have a date night and go out for dinner, but we nixed our plan and stayed in instead. We eventually ventured out to The Yogurt Bar for some froyo.

The Yogurt Bar Weymouth

I knew this place would be trouble. It’s a 5-minute 2-minute drive from our house (we are never moving), so Mal and I go there quite a lot. It’s self-serve and the flavors frequently change. Last week, there was “Salted Caramel” and “Chocolate-Covered Pretzel” and this week there was “Candy Bar Cupcake” and “Chocolate Cinnamon Roll.” Um, yea, this place is incredible.

photo (6)

photo (15)


Mal and I went to bed early on Saturday night and slept late-ish on Sunday morning, so we woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Mal went to Open Gym while I made breakfast (sliced banana sautéed in coconut oil with applesauce, blueberries, and almond butter), blogged, meal planned, went grocery shopping, and then cleaned the house.

photo (5)

At 1:00 PM, Mal and I sat down to watch the Patriots game. As you probably remember, I’m not much of a football fan, but I promised Mal I’d give it a chance this year.

photo (3)

I made it until halftime before I got bored, but I learned a few players’ names, positions, and numbers, so maybe things will get better next week? I’m not giving up yet!

photo (4)

Murphy feels the same way about football that I do.

Murphy loves football.

While watching the game, this commercial totally cracked me up:


Marylou’s Coffee Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway to win a pound of white chocolate chip coffee from Marylou’s! Here’s your winner:

Shannon B.

I love pumpkin spice! So glad it’s now fall. 🙂

Congrats, Shannon! Please email me at with your full name and mailing address to claim your prize!

Questions of the Day

Do you like football?

What commercial cracks you up? (I also love those AT&T commercials with the little kids!)



  1. I have loved your blog for a while and read it all the time but I had no idea you were Duck fans! Now, I love your blog even more!! I grew up in Oregon and live in Grants Pass. Go Ducks!

    Glad you had a relaxing weekend. It sounds great!

  2. You look SO happy in that first photo – I love it! I was watching football last night with my guy (I like football a lot but still usually multi-task during games unless the Broncos are playing) and that “Hump Day” commercial came on. I started totally cracking up. Have you seen the football commercial with the quinoa burgers? Also hilarious.

  3. Who doesn’t love Hump Day? It’s practically a given that someone will quote that ad. Love it!

    I like watching football with other people if watching football means not doing much except being a lazy couch potato who pages through magazines and snacks on snacky football type food. 🙂 Sometimes it’s fun to have it on as background noise too if I’m doing stuff around the house.

  4. Congrats to Shannon B.! Now I am off to order lots of wonderful coffee from I have been dreaming about the white chocolate chip flavor all weekend. ;P

  5. Hahahaha I love that Geico commerical! Hump Daaaay! Lol

    I’m a huge football fan…I’ve been a 49er fan since I was a kid. I’m really hoping they go all the way this year.

  6. what a fun weekend, low key is def always good for me! My husband is a huge football fan so I try to be lol!

  7. I hate football, BUT are you talking about the Yogurt Bar in Chelsea? Specifically, the one in the Market Basket parking lot? If so, I just moved to Eastie and now shop there regularly and have been dying to try that froyo place!

  8. Where did you get the pillows on your sun porch? I have that same rug in my bedroom and I’m looking for pillows to go with!

  9. Must be a Pug thing with the Nylabones because Alouysius does the same thing with his and we have a rule that once it becomes so sharp that it pierces (our) flesh, it’s got to go. ‘Course, we have to keep a large stash on hand at all times because The Pug is a compulsive chewer!

  10. Love football! College (The University of Alabama, Roll Tide) and NFL (NE Patriots). Odd combinations, I know. Southern girl loves the New England team!

    Those Nyla bones are dangerous! I get them for our dog, Dag because she chews up the ropes in about a day. But once she has chewed the Nyla bone for awhile, it can be used as a weapon. We had to ban them as outside toys only!

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