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Hi, friends!

After 3 flights and 20+ hours of travel, Mal and I arrived home late last night. Of course, we were exhausted, but we weren’t so tired we couldn’t pick up Murphy from the dog sitter. Thankfully, she was hanging out at her house with some friends, so she was totally cool with us coming by so late in the evening. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see Murphy’s pug face. I missed him so much!

Murphy pug

Being on Hawaii time and all, it was tough getting out of bed this morning, but Mal and I forced ourselves to carpe diem. Our first order of business: meal planning and grocery shopping. I wasn’t in the mood to do either, but we hardly had any food in our kitchen, so I threw together a quick and EASY meal plan for the week with dishes that don’t require a ton of work. Then, Mal and I headed immediately to the grocery store””we figured we should just get it over with! Ha!

Here’s this week’s meal plan (and game plan):

  • Sunday: Garlic butter shrimp with broccoli and rice (inspired by Romy’s) [cook extra rice for Monday’s dinner]
  • Monday: Roast chicken with sweet potatoes, onions, and leftover rice [save chicken leftovers for Tuesday’s dinner]
  • Tuesday: Avocado chicken salad sandwiches with Sweet Potato Wedges [cook extra SPW for Wednesday’s dinner]
  • Wednesday: Sweet Potato Quesadillas [cut up extra veggies and defrost beef for Thursday’s dinner]
  • Thursday: Tacos 
  • Friday: Tuna-avocado melts
  • Saturday: Out to dinner

And here’s our shopping for the week:

huge grocery shopping

Massive, right? We were out of just about everything, so we needed to fully restock our kitchen.

clean fridge

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite go-to, EASY dinner?

P.S. You still have time to enter my giveaways to win some Oakley sunglasses and Reebok gear. I’ll pick the winners tomorrow morning!

P.P.S. I have a couple of more posts from Oahu to put together, so I’ll have them up early this week. Keep a look out for them!



  1. I LOVE the “I just restocked my fridge” feeling. It’s a mix of accomplishment and excitement! My favorite go-to dinner is probably a TJ’s soup that I can use as a base to add lots of veggies and spiced to. It always turns out delicious, so I must be doing “something” right!

  2. Wow, I’m super impressed with your fully stocked fridge already!
    I’m so lazy after I come back from vacation usually;)
    Mmm…those sweet potato quesadillas sound awesome!

  3. I find that being a vegetarian makes it super easy for quick meals – I just throw together vegetables (fresh or frozen), open a can of organic chick peas, mix in Island Soyaki or other sauce over either Trader Joe’s frozen brown rice medley or a sweet potato, topped with avocado…dinner is served!

  4. My favorite easy dinners are turkey cheeseburgers & roasted sweet potato chunks, turkey chili with beans (takes a bit to cook, but almost no prep), taco salads and sloppy joes & roasted red potato chunks.

  5. Welcome back! Looks like you bought 75-80% produce – excellent!!
    My fave quick meals are tacos, omelets, smoothies, pan-sauteed chicken and veggies.

  6. I love having a kitchen stocked, it makes the week stress free. My go to is easy
    chicken cut up, in chicken broth, with orzo, and spinach. A twist of fresh lemon for a touch of acid when served. I enjoy reading your blog, thanks for all the ideas. 🙂

  7. My go-to “easy” dinner is baked salmon brushed with a glaze of reduced, equal parts soy sauce and maple syrup. Serve it with brown rice and broccoli – yummy and easy!

  8. I love your easy week! My week is always pretty easy too! I spend so much time baking and blogging that I don’t have time for a complicated dinner. Like today. we had veggie pizza’s on Flat Out Bread. Tomorrow will probably be a one chicken dish meal and so on. Love the meals you have for the week. It’s easy, delicious and you made it so simple for each day!

  9. There’s absolutely NOTHING like having a stocked up fridge with all your fave healthy eats!
    My worst nightmare is having an empty fridge, meaning I can’t get creative in the kitchen 🙁 *sadface*

    My ultimate go-to, easy healthy meal is this simple combination: first, I either get quinoa or brown rice, mix in some tinned tuna or salmon, or chicken, and add any veggies I’ve got on hand.
    Perfect combo of veggies, carbs and protein!
    super yummy too 🙂

  10. Anything that can be thrown in the Crock Pot…butternut squash lentil soup, pulled pork and taco chicken chili are favorites! Love when dinner is made before lunch 🙂

  11. Preparing a week plan after just coming out of vacation may be a sort of difficult task for me. For me the easy meal plan is always salads with lots of green leafy vegetables or vegetable soup (delicious only if made by myself).

  12. I wanted to say and almond butter and banana sandwich, but I decided to not embarrass myself. My “easy” dinner of late has been a bowl of Amy’s veggie soup and a baked sweet potato topped with a fried egg.

    Welcome home!

  13. Welcome back, Tina! I’m happy to read that you and Mal had a great time, and that you’re now happily reunited with Murphy!

    I just have to say that seeing those packaged bananas makes me really sad. Bananas (and many other fruits and veggies) already come perfectly packaged by mother nature. To add additional packaging just adds more waste to our landfills. I personally avoid extra packaging like the plague.

  14. Eggs are my go to because they are so quick and easy but mixing ground turkey and tomato sauce and putting it over spaghetti squash is another quick meal to make that will last several days.

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