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Ok, I know it’s Monday, but it sure feels like a Sunday! Plus, pretty much everything I’ve done today has been your typical Sunday stuff: sleeping late, eating a pancake breakfast, cleaning the house, doing laundry, and getting ready for the work week. Don’t you think every weekend should be a 3-day weekend for just this reason? I always need a day to get my life back together after having fun all weekend!


I started my day with a batch of yummy pancakes with banana slices and Vermont maple syrup from Howmars Farm.



I topped my pancakes with plenty of maple syrup. Delicious! 😀


I also drank a glass of iced coffee with soy milk, but apparently, I never snapped a photo. Oh well. You’ve seen it before, right? 😉


For lunch, I threw together a big salad topped with Athenos feta.


I also drizzled a little Creamy Asiago Cheese dressing on my salad. I don’t usually like salad dressing, but Mal has been raving about this one for about a week now. I’m glad that I gave it a try because it was awesome with the feta crumbles– cheesy, but light!



I’m heading out for a power walk next.

See ya! 😎

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  1. I agree, we all need that extra day to organize ourselves after a fun weekend. 😀 Now, to get the rest of the world to see it our way…hmm…

    Your pancakes look delish! I’m currently *obsessed* with maple syrup. Yum!

  2. I’m definitely going to give the dressing a try. I’m not typically a dressing person but realized that when people come over they like something on their salads. 🙂

    Good for you going out in this heat. Kork went outside for 2 minutes and was at the back door begging to come back in.

  3. I’ve been using Annie’s Goddess Dressing because my Mom gave me a bottle (she didn’t like it) and I LOVE it! I’ll definitely buy it again, although it’s a bit high calorie for salad dressing 🙁

  4. That maple syrup looks wonderful and the tin is too cute. I have never tried pure maple syrup, just use sf syrup occasionally. Today definitely feels like a Sunday. Like you, I am doing my Sunday ritual as well.

  5. Gotta love the Vermont maple syrup! I felt like today was very much like a Sunday too – no classes for me! Phew, the 3 day weekends make it hard to get back to work! But any excuse to have some pancakes is great 😉

  6. Oh my goodness, maple syrup! I need to get me some of that real stuff ASAP. I want pancakes 🙁 A 3-day weekend is good, no? Too bad I’m in China and don’t get it 😉


  7. All day today I’ve thought it was Sunday! But I do love having a three-day weekend. Makes the rest of the week nice and short. 😀

  8. Maple syrup is one of the best things in the world… I’m so sad that I can’t fit it into my student budget right now! Woe is me…

  9. My husband’s company did Friday off instead of Monday. It would have been so much better for it to be Monday! Then we could have actually stayed up to watch fireworks last night!

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