Sunday Stuff

I’m having a nice little Sunday over here! :mrgreen:

My morning started with delicious Peanut Pancakes with maple syrup drizzled on top. I used this recipe for the pancakes, but substituted peanut flour for the all-purpose flour. I had no idea that peanut flour was such a great source of protein and fiber! Cool! 😀


The Peanut Pancakes tasted pretty good, especially with maple syrup, which gave them a sweet, dessert-like peanut flavor. The texture, however, was much more dense than pancakes made with all-purpose flour. These were thin, flat, and chewy– basically, the exact opposite of the original recipe’s cake-like pancakes. I liked the Peanut Pancakes, especially for their stellar nutritional profile, but, taste-wise, I prefer light, fluffy pancakes.


After breakfast, I headed out for a quick 45-minute elliptical workout at the gym, followed by a detour to Starbucks for iced soy lattes.


We ran out of homemade iced coffee this morning, so Mal and I couldn’t get a “proper” start to our day until we had our daily dose of java.


A little while later, Mal and I ran (er, walked) some errands with Murphy.


We figured that we could kill two birds with one stone if we took the pug for his long walk while running errands around town at the same time.


IMG_9233.JPG IMG_9237.JPG

IMG_9288.JPG IMG_9336.JPG


IMG_9248.JPG IMG_9258.JPG



We made a number of stops during our travels, including the bank, CVS, the convenience store, and sub shop.




Murphy waited patiently outside each of them.




Mal and I thought about going out for dinner tonight, but now that we have “supplies” for the evening, we’re staying in. A Netflix movie and dinner are on the agenda for tonight.

I just finished eating lunch, but it’s time to start thinking about dinner already!


  1. I frequent quincy / wollaston. (My bf’s family must live RIGHT down the street from you guys!) If you walked past St Ann’s (Catholic church on Hancock St) around 2:30 I was there for a wedding. 🙂

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