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Heyyyyyyy! How’s it going? How’s week #2 of the new year going for you?

Here’s another double edition of Monday In Meals! I ended up snapping photos of my meals on Sunday, so I figured I would include them in my weekly Monday In Meals post, so now you can see what I ate on both days with, of course, a few fun family adventures thrown into the mix. Ok, here we go!


We got a pretty big snow storm on Saturday night, so we headed out after breakfast to play in the snow on Sunday morning. I’m usually not a cold weather person (even as a kid I didn’t love playing in the snow), but we all had such a fun time!

Photo Jan 08, 10 22 25 AM

These two… <3


Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Qman’s Cubbies shirt, which is the greatest invention ever. It’s a long-sleeve fleece shirt with mittens attached by zippers. It’s seriously the THE BEST, especially because Quinn likes to take off his mittens and then his hands get cold and he gets upset… yada yada. #toddlerlife You can easily zip the mittens on and off, but it’s the perfect way to keep them on (and not lose them). Cubbies are meant to be worn underneath a winter jacket or snowsuit, but you could totally wear it alone on a warmer winter day with a long-sleeve shirt underneath. If you’re interested in purchasing one, you can get FREE SHIPPING with code CNCFS. I mean, it’s only January. We have a lot of winter still ahead of us!! FYI: Qman owns the 3T size, which fits perfectly.

Photo Jan 08, 10 19 14 AM

sunday in meals jan 8

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with spinach + a chocolate croissant + iced coffee with coconut cream and collagen
  • Lunch: Trader Joe’s Black Bean Pasta (meh, not great) with marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese + a small slice of pizza + roasted veggies
  • Snack: Forager cashewgurt with Gluten-Free Maple Cheerio Granola (recipe coming to CNC soon) + eggnog tea
  • Snack 2: Blueberry goat cheese and crackers with Qman
  • Dinner: Shepherd’s Pie
  • Dessert: Wine —> obsessed with these portion control wine glasses!


Never miss a Monday! I got my sweat on at Salt Shack with a killer workout yesterday morning.


This workout was suppose to be a sprint, and I was cruising along until I hit the Hang Squat Cleans, which, at 65 pounds, are not usually an issue for me, but my legs were not having it. I slowed down quite a bit, but I managed to pick things up for the second half of the workout. I finished strong (with Burpees!!) just over the 12 minute mark.

Photo Jan 09, 10 25 30 AM

Outfit details: Pick-Up Tank Top (favorite ever – $21) // Go-To Capris (own these in 3 different colors – $33) // Uprise Crossback Sports Bra ($29) // Reebok Nano 6.0 

After class, I took a quick shower at the gym and then hit the road for a doctor’s appointment. I packed lunch to go!

Photo Jan 09, 11 05 35 AM

Later that night, I made a comment about how we had some browning bananas that really needed to be used up, so Mal suggested baking banana bread. Best idea ever. We used the Famous Banana Bread recipe from Flour Bakery, which turned out so well! We’ll definitely make it again. Holy yum!


monday in meals jan 9

Question of the Day

Did you love playing in the snow as a kid? What about now?



  1. those chocolate croissants.. Holy yum!! Never heard of Forager yogurt. Is it any good? Also Smoked Butter Scotch flavor is back at Starbucks 🙂

  2. The Cubbies shirt sounds like the best idea ever! My 2.5 year old is constantly losing her mittens.
    Not a fan of playing in the snow, I grew up in CA and even after living here in MI all these years, it’s still not something I want to go out in 😉

  3. Hi Tina, I cant wait to try the Banana Bread! Can you tell me where you get the EggNog Tea? I live on the South Shore and have tried Stop/Shop and Target with no luck! Thanks!

  4. Can’t wait to try the recipe! Did you do any substitutions or follow the exact recipe? I read your post a few days ago about anxiety, I’d love it if you could go more into that on another post, you only touched on it vaguely about worrying about work etc. It’s something that I (and a lot!) of people struggle with, would be nice to read more on it. I just picture you as someone not stressing at night! Also, do you peg yourself with a certain diet? I.e gluten-free, paleo etc?

  5. I’m so glad you shared about Cubbies! My daughter absolutely refuses to keep her mittens on, this is a genius invention.

  6. Monday workouts are so difficult. I actually skipped yesterday morning and made myself go in the evening, and it was hard! I finally go in the groove and had a killer leg workout, but still! As far as snow, when I lived in the south, I thought I LOVED the cold. Now that I’m in DC (we just had our first snowfall this past weekend), I am thinking to myself, “What is this nonsense?!” especially when it comes time to walk the dog. Give. Me. Heat!

  7. I loved playing in the snow as a kid, but then started to hate it as a teenager and into my twenties. I love it, though! That may or may not have something to do with the fact that I’m obsessed with cold weather clothes like boots and sweaters and layers. I also love not sweating my butt off on the subway or when I’m rushing around all day.

  8. I was a big fan of playing in the snow as a kid, but not so much as an adult. It always seems like fun, then you remember all the layers you have to wear and for some reason your hair gets all tangled up too!

  9. Hi Tina,
    Interesting that you didn’t love the black bean pasta on Sunday but ate it again on Monday. Can I ask why? I will do the same but I just hate to waste food. My family doesn’t eat leftovers (weirdos) so even if something isn’t amazing I will re-eat it. Just curious about your reasoning. I love good food so much so eating something I don’t love is always a disappointment.

  10. Snow was a huge part of my childhood: I grew up in northern Michigan. You couldn’t avoid three foot snow banks! It was a blast as a kid and now I enjoy playing in the snow with my son.
    I was waiting for a review of the black bean pasta after spotting it in your shopping haul. Too bad it misses the mark.

  11. I bought forager last week at whole foods and I am in love! It basically tastes like cashew milk in yogurt form. I am also not a fan of that black bean pasta, theres just something funny about it, the brown rice and quinoa pasta is much better!

  12. I am definitely ordering those Cubbies! So tired of wrestling to get mittens on over coat sleeves (or coat sleeves on over mittens). And yes, way too much winter left here in New England! Just curious what Quinn’s “stats” are (height/weight) for the 3T, since kids’ sizes vary so much by company… My son is in between 2T and 3T, and not sure which to order…

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