Sun Porch Progress: The Final Product

At the end of March, I wrote a post that chronicled the progress made on our sun porch from when Mal and I first moved into our house. Basically, it went a little like this:

Hey, it only took us 8 months to get it together. It could have been worse, right?

Here’s the final product, which is so much nicer than the semi-done photos that I posted in March!

IMG_2812 (500x333)

New cushion from HomeGoods. (I just wasn’t feeling the striped one that I originally picked out.)

IMG_2813 (500x333)

Rug also from HomeGoods.

IMG_2815 (500x333)

Yellow side tables! Hooray!

IMG_2814 (500x333)

Simple accessories gathered from other parts of the house.

IMG_2821 (500x333)_MG_2825 (500x333)


IMG_2837 (500x333)

I’m so happy with the final product. It’s a great space to sit, relax and enjoy a cocktail!



  1. I love your porch! It’s so cute! I really like that new cushion! It’s very pretty! Looks like a relaxing place to sit! 🙂

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