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Hello, hello!

After breakfast, I planned to go for a run, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I felt lazy and unmotivated, so I threw on my new Reach the Beach tech shirt with the hope of it psyching me up. (New workout gear is typically instant exercise motivation for me.)

IMG_5113 (750x563)

Even though I was dressed in my workout gear, I still struggled to get started. It rained overnight, so the morning was dreary and cool, which initially didn’t help motivate me, but then I realized it would be great running weather, so I forced myself outside. Once I was standing outside with my sneakers, iPod, and Timex GPS watch, there was no turning back. I pretty much had to run at that point.

IMG_5119 (750x563)

So… today’s run kind of sucked. I didn’t feel great when I started, but I figured once I hit my running sweet spot, I’d be golden and cruise right along. Sadly, I never found it and struggled along for 4 miles. My legs were super tight and just plain old tired, so I wanted to stop and walk a bunch of times, but I just kept pushing my legs forward. When I finished, I was happy that I ran without stopping, but it definitely didn’t feel good while doing it. The bad runs make you appreciate the good ones!

IMG_5122 (750x563)

When Monica stayed with me the other day, we started talking about running and routines. She wakes up and runs first thing in the morning, so her running/training is consistent, which is something I want to do myself. Last summer, I got into a really good grove with regular morning runs (to beat the heat), but since then, I’ve slacked with a consistent running routine.

So, when Runner’s World emailed me about their upcoming Summer Running Streak, I was totally on board. Perfect timing! Here’s what it’s all about: Run at least one mile per day, every day, starting on Memorial Day (Monday, 5/28) and ending on Independence Day (Wednesday, 7/4). That’s 38 consecutive days of running. It’ll be a challenge, but I can do it!

Are you on board for the Summer Running Streak?


After my run, I showered up, ran some (birthday) errands, and then headed to NuVal for a few hours.

On my drive, I stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts for an iced coffee. Sadly, this location wasn’t participating in the $1 Iced Coffee Day, so I paid $2.07 for it. Bummer. It still tasted delicious though. (FYI: The $1 promo is only happening in Rhode Island and Bristol County, Massachusetts. Sorry for the confusion. I guess I didn’t read the fine print on the poster. I blame lack of sleep.)

While at NuVal, I ate lunch, which was chicken salad on top of some salad greens and a smoothie made with frozen banana, chopped kale, vanilla protein powder, and coconut milk.

IMG_5124 (750x563)

Recovery Compression Sock Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway to win a pair of Recovery Compression Socks! Here’s your winner:


I love opensky! I would love to try these socks, as I just ran my second half marathon this weekend and wouldn’t mind a little added recovery. :)

Congrats, Amy! Please email me at with your full name, mailing address, sock size, and color preference.

Mal should be home from school any minute now. I can’t wait to celebrate his birthday with him! I hope he’s as excited as I am!



  1. I’m on board for the streak!

    But really only because I’m already doing my own streak, which started September 1, 2011 and is ending September 1, 2012! Most days it’s easy (anyone can squeeze in one mile, right? It’s only about 10 minutes!) but there have been days when I ran in the dark, in jeans, a few beers deep, and in work shoes… and on Christmas, my sister’s wedding day, and most recently, the day after I ran a full marathon! It was not a pretty run, but it was a run.

    Good luck with the summer streak!

  2. haha!! I just got back from there and wanted to tell everyone it’s not happening in Illinois but you figured that out! I wonder how much Dunkin made off of people going because of your post lol!

  3. That same thing happened to me at DD today–I went in there with my $1 all excited to get coffee and mine was $2.38 in Chicago 🙁 Lame!

  4. I love the idea of a summer running streak! Such good motivation for those days when I’m just not feeling it. And there’s no excuse for not finding time to run at least one mile! And wow, your arms look super impressive (I mean that in a totally non-creepy way), Crossfit is clearly doing its job. 🙂

  5. I’m not on board with the 1 mile each day (since my body does best with alternating runs/rest days), but I’m totally game for the equivalent of a mile a day! 38 miles over those 38 days? Now that’s totally do-able…I’m in!

  6. I did the Holiday Running Streak with Runner’s World in 2011, and loved it, so I am game for this, too 🙂 I actually have races on 5/28 and 7/4 so they will make perfect bookends for me!

  7. That challenge sounds interesting! I just finished C25K a few weeks ago. I’m not running 3 miles yet but I am running for 30 minutes 3 times a week. I’ve never run consecutive days. Any thoughts on what’s better, running a mile a day or 2.5-3 miles multiple days a week?

  8. I felt the same way on 1 of my recent runs. The whole time I was running all I kept thinking was how I didn’t want to be. I am totally on board for the Summer Running Streak. It will be a great help in my motivation to prepare for my first 5K since my injury! Whoop Whoop! 🙂

  9. Wow its $2 for an iced coffee! I always used the coupons they send in the mail so I never know full prices. LoL. So delicious though!

    And I don’t think I will do the mile a day thing. I am starting to train for my first marathon and I don’t want to mess with my schedule! Have fun with it!!

  10. Hey Tina,

    Nice arms! Hope mine will look like that one day (soon)! I am in Connecticut and I wasn’t sure if the Dunks here would be running that promotion, but the one I went to after working out today was. Yay! Thanks for the heads up.


  11. this summer run streak is just what i need! I just graduated from college, and have zero motivation to do much of anything haha its perfect! and i am one of the lucky ones benefiting from $1 iced coffee day! going out for my second soon =)

  12. What a fun idea! If I weren’t training for something I’d do it (I need days off + I teach). But good luck!

    Hey-and nice arms! P.s. every run can’t be great, or else we wouldn’t appreciate ’em. Hah. Have FUN tonight!!

  13. I’m on board! Convinced my sister too, she said she’ll give a valiant effort lol she’s not much of a runner…yet.

  14. I had a not great run today, too. I just couldn’t get my legs moving! I don’t have an excuse (like a relay!) like you do, though 🙂

    My body does not like running every day, but maybe I’ll do 2 miles every other day…does that count? 🙂

  15. Good job pushing yourself to run! I think you look great 🙂 I wasn’t feeling it all week but tried every day to do it and so far so good.

    I honestly think the hardest part is getting my butt out the door lol!

  16. Hey Tina! I’m in the market for a running watch. Something that’s reliable and not too expensive. What type do you use? Are you happy with it and do you have any other suggestions!

    Thanks!! 🙂

    P.S happy birthday to Mal!

  17. I definitely keep up regular running by going in the mornings, not in the evenings. By the end of the day I’m tired and unmotivated. In the afternoons, people are awake and eager to hang out, go shopping, etc…at 6 am, no one is awake, no shops are open, and no one expects you to be anywhere. No distractions!

  18. Sorry that your run wasn’t the best, but my former running coach would always tell us ‘All sunshine makes desert’. Accept the bad runs, and appreciate the good ones 🙂

  19. I love that idea of a run streak– it kind of perfectly coincides with most of my summer vacation, which makes it easier since I can then run in the morning when I always have motivation. I just may be on board! I also love the t-shirt– getting dressed to exercise is often the hardest part for me!

  20. Tina, I hate to say it but I think you are overexercising and it’s not sending a good message to your readers. Take a break every once in a while – it’ll send out a much healther vibe.

    1. I disagree. Exercising for an hour a day (or less) most days of the week is not overexercising. Maybe it is for you, but not for me.

  21. I saw the summer run streak over on the Fitfluential running fb group! I’m pretty pumped and very curious if I can finally get in a 75+ mile month (which I’ve come so close to…but have been just out of reach for one reason or another) 🙂

  22. OMG the running streak challenge sounds good!
    Maybe I’ll start it 2 days early and make it a complete 40 days of running! Thanks for the idea, Tina!

  23. Thanks for sharing your “bad” runs! Makes me feel ten times better for the days I wake up and don’t want to run myself, or else go and feel like it was a terrible idea most of the way through!

  24. I’m in!!!!! that challenge sounds GREAT!!!!! I’l do it here in Costa Rica, even though we don’t celebrate ANY of the holidays 😛 haha

  25. You know, it’s funny. I used to be extremely regimented about when I worked out. I’d be up at 4:29 each morning, get a workout in, be out showered and off to work. However, one morning my husband encouraged me to stay back and enjoy the warm sheets….who can say no to a hunk asking you that?! Not I! Anyways, turns out that I’m SO MUCH BETTER AND HAPPIER when I’m not super strict about when I get out there. It’s all about negotition with yourself and knowing what you need to get done during the day, but if I make myself go in the morning sometimes it would just be a “well just get there and try something..better than nothing”. Instead now if I don’t go in the morning, I spend all day making myself see the great in the workout and it’s fantastic! it really helps me listen to my body better and I’ve had the best time with my relaxed schedule!

    Hope this doesn’t make you question anything…just a different POV!

  26. I was bummed about the DD mishap too. Oh well, it still hit the spot!

    I’m in for the RW challenge. I’m a exercise first thing in the morning type of person at least 3x/week. On the other days I have to do it after work. The thought of squeezing in a workout and being to work by 7 a.m. isn’t happening!

  27. I am total game for the Summer Running Streak. Ill probably run more than 1 mile a day. I was in a running rut for about a month until one day I had enough ! Now I am signed up for my very first half marathon in september and my first 10k in july! Good luck with it! I always like to run in the afternoon after I end classes or if I have a busy day in the morning! 🙂

  28. I convinced a guy at work to go to dunkin to get a few of us $1 iced coffees. He came back with the coffees, but it was not the deal we were hoping for! Still delicious!

  29. I had my own running streak challenge between Thanksgiving and Christmas (+ one or two days) this past year. I enjoyed it, but I ended up taking most of January off to recover from a stress reaction in my calf. So there’s that. I’d still be tempted to do the RW streak, but I’m beginning my training for NYC marathon in July and need to be very careful about staying healthy. I’m running Run to Remember this weekend… See you there!

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