Summer Run Streak

Hello, hello!

After breakfast, I planned to go for a run, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I felt lazy and unmotivated, so I threw on my new Reach the Beach tech shirt with the hope of it psyching me up. (New workout gear is typically instant exercise motivation for me.)

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Even though I was dressed in my workout gear, I still struggled to get started. It rained overnight, so the morning was dreary and cool, which initially didn’t help motivate me, but then I realized it would be great running weather, so I forced myself outside. Once I was standing outside with my sneakers, iPod, and Timex GPS watch, there was no turning back. I pretty much had to run at that point.

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So… today’s run kind of sucked. I didn’t feel great when I started, but I figured once I hit my running sweet spot, I’d be golden and cruise right along. Sadly, I never found it and struggled along for 4 miles. My legs were super tight and just plain old tired, so I wanted to stop and walk a bunch of times, but I just kept pushing my legs forward. When I finished, I was happy that I ran without stopping, but it definitely didn’t feel good while doing it. The bad runs make you appreciate the good ones!

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When Monica stayed with me the other day, we started talking about running and routines. She wakes up and runs first thing in the morning, so her running/training is consistent, which is something I want to do myself. Last summer, I got into a really good grove with regular morning runs (to beat the heat), but since then, I’ve slacked with a consistent running routine.

So, when Runner’s World emailed me about their upcoming Summer Running Streak, I was totally on board. Perfect timing! Here’s what it’s all about: Run at least one mile per day, every day, starting on Memorial Day (Monday, 5/28) and ending on Independence Day (Wednesday, 7/4). That’s 38 consecutive days of running. It’ll be a challenge, but I can do it!

Are you on board for the Summer Running Streak?


After my run, I showered up, ran some (birthday) errands, and then headed to NuVal for a few hours.

On my drive, I stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts for an iced coffee. Sadly, this location wasn’t participating in the $1 Iced Coffee Day, so I paid $2.07 for it. Bummer. It still tasted delicious though. (FYI: The $1 promo is only happening in Rhode Island and Bristol County, Massachusetts. Sorry for the confusion. I guess I didn’t read the fine print on the poster. I blame lack of sleep.)

While at NuVal, I ate lunch, which was chicken salad on top of some salad greens and a smoothie made with frozen banana, chopped kale, vanilla protein powder, and coconut milk.

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Recovery Compression Sock Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway to win a pair of Recovery Compression Socks! Here’s your winner:


I love opensky! I would love to try these socks, as I just ran my second half marathon this weekend and wouldn’t mind a little added recovery. :)

Congrats, Amy! Please email me at with your full name, mailing address, sock size, and color preference.

Mal should be home from school any minute now. I can’t wait to celebrate his birthday with him! I hope he’s as excited as I am!


  1. I find morning exercise works best for me because my motivation is at its highest! Also because I go as soon as I’m up, I don’t give my self any time to make excuses…in other words, I start working out before my brain has time to protest ;)!

  2. I hate those crappy runs where you just can’t get into it. It sounds silly, but they always make me doubt myself as a runner. 😛 But the runners high I get from the good runs more than makes up for it!

    Good luck with the running streak – that will be great motivation to run! 😀

  3. Can we make a Carrots N Cake Summer Running Streak Challenge somehow?! Something to keep us all motivated and working towards something (aka hold me accountable to actually follow through) lol. I dont know how to format it but I am definitely up to help brainstorm and come up with something cool!

  4. OK, looks like I’ll be the fist to say it: holy crap those arms!! Looks like cross-fit is worth it!! 🙂

    good luck with the summer running streak!

  5. I’m definitely in but I actually already started a few days ago I’m training for my first half marathon which is november 4th the ladys speed stick half marathon in scottsdale Arizona

  6. I started my official Half Marathon Training today … I am tired of my excuses … and ran 3 miles as per my plan … started too late and it was too hot … my pace was not good and I could not wait to get it over with … but I knew that I would find an excuse later on … so I did it … I did not know about the Summer Running Streak … I will try!

  7. Blerg! I didn’t read about this fun summer running streak until Memorial Day night–I already exercised today (not running) and it is too late to go out for even a mile. Does it still count if I begin on 5/29 and go until 7/5?

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