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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning, friends!

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Thankfully, after yesterday’s hurricane, things are pretty quiet here this morning.

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I’m so grateful that Hurricane Irene didn’t cause any major damage to our area. I’m praying for those who are dealing with the tragic aftermath, especially the folks in Vermont. I heard much of the state is in a lot of trouble right now.


I started my morning with a tasty batch of Protein Pancakes with fresh blueberries and maple syrup drizzled on top.

IMG_0051 (500x375)

Two servings of fruit + 28g of protein in one meal. Love it.

IMG_0046 (500x375)

IMG_0048 (500x375)

I also enjoyed a glass of iced coffee with vanilla soy milk.


IMG_0049 (500x375)

Last Night’s Dinner

Last night’s lasagna dinner tasted delicious, but it sure wasn’t pretty!

I used a recipe for Broccoli and Three-Cheese Lasagna from Real Simple, which was really easy to make, but I sort of messed up the layering. It still turned out pretty well– I mean, Mal ended up eating three huge pieces, so it couldn’t have been that bad!


Success Plan

According to a study by the American Journal of Public Health, people are more active when they focus on how they’ll fit in exercise””like packing their workout gear the night before””rather than why they should do it.

Scheduling my workouts every Sunday for the upcoming week is key to my success with regard to my fitness goals. Carving out time for all of my workouts helps keep me on track and motivated. (I schedule my workouts on my Google Calendar just like I would any other appointment.) Plus, having a plan of attack gets my mind in the “just do it” mentality, which gets my butt in gear and prevents me from skipping a scheduled workout.

With that said, here’s this week’s workout schedule:

  • Sunday: Off
  • Monday: Body Pump + 2-mile run
  • Tuesday: 75-minute Vinyasa yoga class
  • Wednesday: 3-mile run + CNW
  • Thursday: 2-mile run + elliptical
  • Friday: Cardio Combo
  • Saturday: Long run

Question of the Day

What ultimately motivates you to exercise”” the how or the why?

P.S. If you haven’t heard, Carrots ”˜N’ Cake was named as a finalist for this year’s CBS Boston Most Valuable Blogger award in the Health & Fitness category. I would love for you to vote for CNC. It takes just seconds. No sign up required. Thanks, friends!



  1. First of all, Congrats Tina!
    I don’t actually put my workouts on my Google calendar, but I do schedule them in my head…and on a notepad by my bed. I have a similar workout plan during the week for each day since I teach spin classes, and then try to do something fun and outside on the weekends with friends. I set my clothes out the night before each day so that I am ready to go in the morning and don’t change my mind (ie: on swim days…ugh)

  2. I love the idea of scheduling workouts! I too sit down at the beginning of the week and figure out exactly what workouts I will be doing. This is also very beneficial for me to create a meal plan that will sustain me on days when I train harder. As a vegan, it is important to me to make sure I am getting all of the foods I need to fuel my body properly. Like most things in life, preparation is key to a healthy lifestyle!

  3. I think the “why” motivates me. I’m actually fairly consistent with my workouts but I don’t plan out when I’m going to do them until the night before, and usually it’s always the morning so it’s just deciding what time to set my alarm for.

    But I’m very motivated by the “why”–especially now that I’m in peak training for my first marathon in early October!

  4. I also have to schedule my workouts and my rest days so that I’m prepared and know exactly what’s going on so I don’t make excuses. Sometimes the workouts will fluctuate depending on how my body feels, but it’s nice to have a plan!

  5. I think the lasagna looks yummy! Glad to hear the storm wasn’t too bad on your end. I usually schedule my workouts because it makes me feel like it’s an appointment, and I obviously try not to skip out on appointments. It makes me feel like it’s part of my daily routine so it’s not so much of a “chore”

  6. Congrats!! I voted for you 🙂

    I’d say the “why” motivates me in exercising. I think of different fitness goals that I want to achieve and then I love to make them happen.

    But I really like this logic with the “how” and am going to work on that this week.

  7. I posted on a really similar topic this morning when one of my friends, who is a new runner, asked me about staying motivated. Before running and workout out became such a big part of my life, I used to see it as a “why”…I wanted to lose weight and working out was half of the equation. However, as running has become part of how I identify myself, it’s shifted to the “how” question. I can’t imagine not doing some type of workouts regularly, and I already know all of the answers to the why questions. Now I just focus on the how.

  8. I think it’s the ‘why’ that gets me motivated to work out, but the ‘how’ that actually gets me out the door. I generally plan out all my workouts for the week as well. I love the quote, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It’s so true in fitness, as well as nutrition.

  9. Definitely the “how”. I’ve learned to also schedule my workouts for the upcoming week on Sundays and put them on my iPhone calendar. And if I’m going to a class I always pack my workout clothes the night before so I don’t forget them or decided I don’t have time to get them together in the morning.

    I don’t know…that lasagna looks pretty to me! 😉

  10. How plans work much better for me. Knowing WHAT I will be doing.. makes me get it done for sure!!! I always manage the when.. but I feel more obligated to complete the workout if I have already written it out in a schedule

  11. The why definitely motivates me more. I schedule my workouts for each day weeks in advance based on a training plan that I am using. Losing more than 50 pounds this year and keeping it off is what ultimately motivates me to workout. I also just love the feeling of accomplishment when I am done.

  12. It’s so interesting that you bring up that question today because I’ve been thinking about that lately. My absolute passion is running marathons and I recently got some bad news about my knee and the possibility of not running for awhile. I realized that training for a race–the why–actually keeps me logging my workouts all week long. It also has another perk: when I’m training I don’t think at all about “losing weight”, but rather what my fitness goals are for running. When I’m not training I tend to think more about my weight and that’s not a happy mindset :-/

  13. Just restocked my Kodiak Cake supply from your OpenSky deal this morning. Your pancakes are telling me I made a good decision! 🙂 Thanks for the offer.

  14. Your lasagne looks delicious!! I totally schedule my workouts just like everything else. Even if the schedule gets switched around having a base sched to work from gives me exactly, something to work from and helps me actually get workouts in.

  15. Having a schedule not only gives me the opportunity to be excited about what’s coming, but also holds me more responsible. It’s so easy to get lazy and just do the bare minimum when I show up at the gym unprepared. That said, sometimes my best work outs come when I throw away everything I had planned and just do whatever my body feels like doing that day!

  16. I need to start planning my workouts for the week in advance – that’s such a good idea. I end up doing the same thing back to back if I don’t plan ahead or I forget to throw ina rest day, which is bad.

  17. This was a really helpful post. I’m running my first marathon in 4 weeks (eeek) and so far the longest run I’ve been on is 15 miles. I’m starting to freak out a little because I’m letting other things get in the way of my running (moving, new job, etc.). Your blog reminds me I have to be proactive if I want to make this big run happen. Thanks Tina!

  18. Congrats on becoming a finalist- that’s awesome!

    I don’t usually plan out my workouts other than trying to do 45 min of cardio and every two days 30 min with the addition of some weight training… I really would like to start doing some yoga and pilates classes but feel so funny whenever I’m in the class- I’m very flexible but I have no rhythm… I know it’s not like dance, but I feel like I get offbeat 😛

  19. Congratulations on the nomination – just submitted my vote:) I don’t lay out any specific workout plan for the week but am consistent with going to the gym each day and being as active as I can, from walking my dog to heading to my yoga studio. I think for me it’s how great I feel after any kind of workout and how strong I feel as a result. Knowing that I’m taking the time for my health, both mental and physical, is something I look forward to every day. By the way, nice job on the lasagna!

  20. I workout everymorning and rest on Sundays. The habit and routine don’t allow for lack of motivation! What I do need to work on is including more variety and using different muscle groups.

  21. honestly, both! i figure out how w/ my work schedule, then do what i need to do…lay out clothes, pack bags, whatever. and i love to eat sweets beyond the norm and i love to sweat, so there’s the why.

  22. I find I’m most successful when I don’t have to think about workouts at all – when it’s a routine that I follow, whether that means always going to a class on Monday, for a run on Tuesday, etc. Anytime I let myself start thinking about the routine is when my lazy alter-ego starts negotiating!

  23. Glad you were ok in the storm! I thought it wasn’t that bad here either!

    I just wrote a blog like a week ago about motivation and how to work out and eat right. Basically, you just do it (my motto was “it’s not an option”). You just make the decision and then its not why or when to work out but you just go work out, no choice!

  24. That Lasagna really does look awesome! YUM I need to try that.
    When I plan my workout I need to lay out all my clothes the night before. Then when I wake up (typically by alarm) I need to consciously tell myself: DON’T THINK! As soon as I start thinking I rationalize how I can blow off this workout and make it up later (probably not really). But if I just put myself on auto-pilot I”m good to go and happier for it when the workout is done 🙂

  25. I voted for you because I LOVE your blog and try to read it every time I get a chance. I hope you win. I personally plan to use my one vote per category per day to vote for you several times ;0)

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