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Hi, guys! Good morning!

If you caught me on Instagram Stories yesterday, I shared a brief anti-candida diet update. I was actually kind of nervous to talk about my experience so far because it had only been 5 days, and I didn’t want to jinx myself. But I’m happy to report that my GI symptoms have improved immensely.

This is definitely TMI, but my ulcerative colitis symptoms included tons of cramping, multiple trips to the bathroom per day, and seeing lots of blood and mucus in my stool. Basically, I was in a full-on flare in recent weeks. Just 5 days into the diet, my symptoms have done a complete 180, which is absolutely incredible. I know it’s only been a couple of days and anything can happen (nothing is ever straight-forward with an autoimmune disease), but I really, really hope things continue to improve!

When trying to eliminate candida, you can experience all kinds of “die-off” and “detox” symptoms. I had a couple of headaches over the weekend, which really could be from anything, including the LDN that I’m taking. But then on Sunday night, my stomach broke out in a rash, which is most definitely a symptoms of the body struggling with candida. Crazy, right? It went away overnight, but I’m definitely a believer in this candida stuff!

Related: I’ve been getting so many questions about what to eat on an anti-candida diet, so I created this meal plan + prep guide (includes recipes and grocery list) to give you some ideas. I hope it helps!

Anti-Candida Meal Plan + Prep Guide

Mr. Murphy was feeling so much better, but then he had a “fun” weekend at our dog sitter’s house, and he’s back on pain meds. Whomp whomp. The poor dog. I hate seeing him in pain. 🙁

I got my latest Stitch Fix in the mail last week (perfect timing with the start of the Fall season), and I wanted to share it with you as you guys seem to dig these try-on videos. Plus, they’re fun for me to make! I linked up each item I received in this fix – either the original Stitch Fix item or a more affordable version.


[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”s7XuvZGc” upload-date=”2019-10-07T18:21:41.000Z” name=”October Stitch Fix Try-On” description=”October Stitch Fix Try-On”]


RAILS Hunter Plaid Shirt, $158

I’m kind of obsessed with this flannel. I looove the dark red color, and it’s super soft – but it’s $158 which is kind of crazy for a flannel shirt in my opinion. I found something similar at Gap for $48, so I may go that route. What do ya think? Is $158 a little absurd for a flannel top?

Threads 4 Thought Women’s Solid High Waisted Legging

I am also obsessed with these leggings (pictured above)! Threads for Thought uses recycled plastic to make some of their products, which is awesome. Plus, these are only $24 (!) which are a lot more affordable than I thought they’d be. They have a nice high waist and are super soft. You can find them on Amazon! If you buy anything from this post, buy these leggings. You will not be disappointed!

AFKOXKi Women’s Utility Military Jacket Vest with Pockets

This lightweight unity vest is seriously the perfect item for all things Fall! I love it a whole lot and can see myself layering it with sweaters. The one I received in my fix is the Stitch Fix brand for $78, but I found a similar version on Amazon, of course, linked above.

Blooming Jelly Womens Long Sleeve T Shirts Striped Crew Neck Elbow Patch Casual Tee Tops

I have a thing for stripes (seriously, I have so many striped pieces in my closet), so this sweater is totally my style. I love that it has cute elbow patches, and it would be versatile to use for several different outfits. I found a nearly identical top on Amazon for much cheaper, linked above!

Cowl Neck Tulip Hem Long Sleeve Pullover Top

I love this cowl neck pullover with the tulip hem. What sold me on it is the beautiful Fall color. I think it looks good with my hair and skin tone, and I can see myself wearing this with leggings while I’m working from home/running errands/doing the mom thing!

New to Stitch Fix? Get $25 off your first fix using my link



  1. Yeah!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooooooooo happy you are seeing some relief!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for keeping us posted on your journey. You never know the positive impact you have and it is greatly appreciated. Hopefully Murph will feel better soon too! BTW, very envious of your abs…………..

  2. Soooo happy to hear your elimination diet is helping you feel better! I wanted to comment when you were getting beaten up over your “good news” but didn’t, so I will now. I think people who’ve never been desperate are not in a position to truly understand why someone would try almost anything to feel better! I’ve been there and if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that food is medicine but everyone’s medicine is DIFFERENT. I’m 52, just now discovering the foods that make me feel good and horrible. Not surprisingly, the foods I’m allergic to are also migraine triggers. Seems obvious, but no doctor ever helped me make the connection. However, they were happy to prescribe migraine medication with drastic side effects. I understand desperation. No judgment here, only best wishes that you feel better. PS…love and respect my doctors, and have seen many over the last 15 years. They all helped with different pieces of the puzzle which was my poor health, but I had to put the pieces together. That’s what curious, responsible, informed people do.

    1. I’m so glad you are feeling better. It really comes down to figuring out what works best for you. I mean, YOU know yourself better than any doctor, but, of course, it’s important to have doctors that support you and help you with that journey.

    2. Hey! I suffer from migraines too and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing what foods trigger your headaches? I’m always curious to hear about other peoples triggers that may hopefully help me identify any that may cause mine! Thanks so much!

  3. I’m wondering if you found a good website for info on candida. Some websites say drink kombucha others say don’t. I see that some “shopping lists” vary as well. Are you mostly trying to stay away from sugar, alcohol, and grains (only asking b/c I’m confused where to begin myself)? They seem to be the big hitters…Any insight you have is appreciated. Best of luck with your journey!

  4. I have a Rails flannel shirt and I love it– I got it during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for cheaper than Stitch Fix (maybe around $95). They are pricey, but the quality is amazing and the fit is perfect- not too loose, but fitted enough to have shape. If you are apprehensive about paying $150, I suggest periodically checking Nordstrom for markdowns (sometimes they randomly go on sale) or waiting until the Anniversary sale/half yearly sale.

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