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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, guys! Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a fabulous start!

Some eats from today so far”¦


I’m still on a cinnamon bread kick for breakfast. This morning, I spread some almond butter on top and made a big glass of green juice on the side. This morning’s juice blend was honeydew melon, baby spinach, and mint””simple yet delicious!

IMG_9495 (900x675)


Midmorning, I started to get hungry, so I whipped up a quickie Creamsicle Smoothie with a little bit of vanilla protein powder in the mix before heading out to drive to my 38-week doctor’s appointment.

IMG_9502 (675x900)


After my appointment, I was starving and more than ready for lunch, so I made an egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich. It definitely hit the spot. I <3 egg sandwiches in a major way.

IMG_9511 (900x675)

So, I’m sure a lot of you guys have heard of Stitch Fix, right? I’ve raved about it on CNC a number of times in the past, and it’s all the rage in the blog world lately. But, did you know there’s a similar service for guys? Well, actually there are two that I know of”¦ well, that Mal knows of.

After Mal saw how much I loved Stitch Fix, he wanted to get on board with this whole clothing subscription box thing too, so he started researching online. He found Trunk Club and Frank & Oak’s Hunt Club. (<— Referral link for Mal, but if your man signs up, he gets a $25 credit!) Trunk Club sounds absolutely amazing, but it is expensive””like really expensive. We’re talking $200+ for a shirt. Mal loves nice clothing, but not that much. He eventually stumbled upon Hunt Club, which is a lot more affordable. Their tagline is “coolest trends under $50” to give you an idea.

IMG_9514 (900x675)

Hunt Club is a little different from Stitch Fix in that you actually get to select what is sent to you. You log into your account, do some online shopping to pick out the pieces you want to try, and then they are sent directly to you. Like Stitch Fix, you try them on at home, decide what you want to keep, and then send back what you don’t want. Easy as that!

IMG_9515 (675x900)

For his first Hunt Club “crate,” Mal picked two shirts and a pair of shorts. He liked the shorts, but they didn’t fit quite right (it seemed like they ran small) and one of the shirts he picked (below) was a little too “hipster” in person for him. Haha!

IMG_9517 (900x675)

He did, however, end up keeping the shirt below. Doesn’t he look handsome?!

IMG_9518 (675x900)

One out of three isn’t too bad, right? Mal thought Hunt Club was fun, and I’m pretty sure he’s going to do it again. He liked the variety in the clothing and how it encouraged him to try things that weren’t his usual style.

Question of the Day

Do you get any subscription boxes? If so, which ones are your favorite?



  1. I read reviews that the clothes from Hunt Club are for “smaller” framed men. I like the shirt that Mal has on. Very stylish!

  2. Such a great idea for guys! As much as we get stuck on what to wear, so do the fellas. And ps, I LOVE the creamsicle smoothie – just like Olgas!

  3. This is great! My boyfriend always likes when I get my Stitch Fix, mostly just because of the element of surprise. He has commented before about how he wishes there was one for men, so I will have to share this with him!

  4. I love the idea of stitch fix! Have to check it out for sure!
    I get a monthly box from Cairn. ( It’s a box for people who love to be outside, and I’ve got some awesome stuff, water bottles, a hammock, samples of energy bars/gels, and a bunch of other stuff. Love seeing that box on my doorstep!

  5. I’ve actually been bummed more than once that Stitch Fix doesn’t have love for us fellas. Thanks for sharing the info of options for us penis-havers. (sorry to add the word penis to your blog… crap that’s twice!) Too bad it isn’t truly like SF, I’d love to be exposed to new clothing that I didn’t have to pick out myself but gave suggestions on! Hopefully that’s coming next! =)

  6. I just signed up for my first “fix”! It should be here around the beginning of July.. I’m so so excited!!!!

  7. My is a subscription I get. I love that I can be creative & select my own oatmeal flavors and have them delivered right to me. Plus, they’re a local Phoenix company & I love supporting local business.

  8. I don’t subscribe to any boxes but I am a part of Fabletics VIP program which is monthly but I get to pick my outfit or decide if I want to skip that month….so far, I haven’t really been strong enough to skip a month. 😉

  9. I really need to get on this Stitch Fix train. I haven’t bought a new outfit in months! Seems like a really neat idea. Love Mal’s shirt! I’ll have to mention Hunt Club to my husband!

  10. Love the idea!! I’m kind of new to the whole “stitch fix” thing, even for girls. But I’m totally into the idea. Do you find the products to be pricey or are they all pretty reasonable (or varying?)

    Your breakfast sounds awesome!

  11. This is awesome! As soon as I told my fiance about Stitch Fix (before I even tried it), all he wanted to know was whether they worked with guys too. I’ll definitely send him this link and see what he thinks. I had researched it a little and found the Trunk Club one too, but definitely out of our price range.

  12. just commenting to (gently) point out that “truck club” is actually called Trunk Club, and we agree, it is too expensive for us also

  13. I’ve never tried Stitchfix, but it looks awesome and completely addicting.

    Totally random comment: I received my June edition of Real Simple magazine yesterday, and there’s an *adorable* pug on the cover. In my head, I was immediately like “RS & pugs: two of Tina’s favorite things!” haha

  14. I have Birchbox and (thanks to you) Barkbox. Birchbox is ok, the samples are great for your travel bag. My dog Reggie and I both love Barkbox! If I say the word “Barkbox” his ears perk up and he runs to the front door. I plan on subscribing to Stitchfix in the future, just working on slimming down my budget and myself first!

  15. Orange Creamsicle smoothie=Yum, definitely a must try.
    Mal looks super cute, like a little boy on the first day of school :O)

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