Stay On Track With Homemade Snack Boxes

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I’m ALL about snack boxes lately because they make healthy eating EASY. I love snacks, but I often find myself mindlessly reaching for whatever I’m craving at the moment. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with giving into cravings from time-to-time, but I’d end up diving into a box of cereal and basically eating my way out.

Now that we’ve started putting together snack boxes at the beginning of the week, my snack habits have been much more on point. With a snack box, waiting in the fridge, perfectly labeled and ready to go, I always have a nutritious and well-balanced option available to me. I can’t even explain how much these little boxes have improved my eating habits in recent weeks, so I wanted to share some of my favorite combos and how to put them together for the best ever grab-and-go snack!


Ok, let’s start with some of my favorite combos:


  • (1) Egg Boiled Whole
  • (1) Deli Turkey (2 oz)
  • (1) Babybell Cheese
  • (4) Celery – STALK
  • (1) Nut Butter – TBSP
  • (1) Salt & Pepper (pinch)


  • (0.25) Nuts – CUP
  • (0.5) Pineapple, grape, mango – CUP
  • (0.5) Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries – CUP
  • (0.5) Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt – CUP
  • (0.5) Cinnamon – TEASPOON


  • (1) Bell Pepper (Medium, Color of Choice)
  • (0.33) Hummus (Any Flavor) – CUP
  • (1) Pita Chips – CUP
  • (1) Babybell Cheese

FYI: Just enter these into MyFitnessPal as a recipe, using your favorite brands/varieties!


Once I get all of my snack boxes organized, it’s time to label them! I like using the Brother P-Touch Label Maker to help me easily organize the contents of our refrigerator– making it easier and faster to find things when you need them. I love being able to just grab and go! The labels also prevent Mal from taking my snack boxes for lunch, which has definitely happened on more than one occasion. Now there’s no confusion about which containers are leftovers for lunch versus snack boxes!


The labels are also great because they’re super durable. They’re water-resistant, temperature-resistant, and fade-resistant, which means they go from the fridge to the dishwasher and back again without any issues. It’s a huge time-saver because I’m not re-making labels, and I can reuse the containers again and again. Related: These labels are perfect for drawing attention to food allergies/dietary restrictions, like if you’re labeling cookies for school, and they contain nuts, gluten, etc.


The Brother P-Touch Label Maker is really cool because you can totally customize your labels. It give you the choice of 14 fonts, 97 frames, and more than 600 symbols. AND there’s a variety of colors, sizes, and types of TZe tape sure to match your needs. It’s so easy to add your own personal touch to items for yourself or others.


From labeling file folders and food containers to gift wrapping and scrapbooking, there are endless options for the Brother P-Touch Label Maker. It really does help our family organize our busy lives, especially with regard to food prep and healthy eating. To purchase the P-Touch Label Maker, click here.


Questions of the Day

What’s your favorite snack box combo?

What needs labeling in your house?


  1. LOVE this!! i’m all about the snacks (working at a desk for 9 hours gets pretty boring), but i’d much rather reach for a homemade box of whole & healthy foods than grabbing the chips or candy from our office pantry. thanks for sharing your go-to combos – I’m going to make these for next week with a hard-boiled egg, nuts, bell pepper, and a babybel cheese 🙂

  2. I really love this idea of snack boxes! The options are endless and they seem like a great way to provide nutrition and also appease hunger throughout the day. Some of my favorite snack options are: fresh fruit, Greek yogurt mixed with maple syrup, dried or fresh fruit, veggies and hummus or cottage cheese.

  3. omg I got one of those label makers recently to label all my hiking stuff with my phone number. I kept reading all these posts on a hiking FB page about people who lost or found something, and none of it was ever labeled. Now all my stuff has my phone number on it, and the labels will not disintegrate in the snow or rain.

    it might be my favorite new toy.

  4. I think my favorite snack box would be the fruit and nut or the protein! I have a monstrous sweet tooth, so the fruit and nut would be perfect for those times when I’d rather reach for Raisinettes or something not so healthy. The protein box would be perfect for when I’m at school with my kiddos. It would tide me over until my real lunch, and it would help me to hit my protein without relying on a shake or bar.

  5. Oh, I need that labeler! My son’s items for daycare need to be labeled. I use to have premade name stickers but I ran out and have been too lazy to order more! And with a second on the way this would continue to be useful!

    I made my 29 month old a snack box for lunch yesterday to send to day care (for the first time, he typically has what they offer for lunch). I put in it olives, cucumbers, carrots, dressing for dipping, yogurt covered raisins, a stoney field yogurt, and some Late July cheese and crackers. His teachers said they’ve never seen him so into his lunch before! I was so happy to hear that so I’m even more motivated now to make him more of these!

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